Despite UFC Lobbying Efforts, France Upholds Ban on Mixed Martial Arts

July 22, 2013
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UFC Octagon LogoDon’t expect to see the UFC in France any time soon, as the French Sports ministry has confirmed its ban on mixed martial arts, according to a report by ESPN.

They love the suffering of the cyclists in the Alps during the Tour de France, but not the fisticuffs between fighters in a cage.

The UFC has long been working towards holding an event in France, but they first have to overcome political hurdles that block MMA sanctioning in the country.

Mixed martial arts has been accepted, if not legalized, in most major markets around the globe, but there are still pockets of dissent. Surprisingly, New York is still a major holdout in the United States.

France has been on the UFC’s radar for global growth, but it looks like the country is going the New York route for the time being.

“The policy … has not changed and remains clear. The practice of MMA is not allowed and its events/shows are not permitted,” the French ministry confirmed in the ESPN report.

The ministry’s stance was welcomed by, Carole Bretteville, the presideof the Women’s Committee for Federation Francaise du Sport d’Entreprise.

“I was appalled to find out how UFC was lobbying in France, especially when (told) how UFC has tolerated derogatory statements and attitudes against women,” she said. “We cannot allow such an organization to destroy all the work we have done to promote equality through French sports.”

The UFC has continued to forge ahead in other countries, most notably launching production for The Ultimate Fighter: China.

On an independent level, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation has also continued to gain steam across the globe, boasting 21 members, including France.

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  • Gary Fredericks

    Oh well…

  • wolfman13mma

    wait, what?

    They are pushing for equality with women’s MMA. The UFC including a women’s division has done more for WMMA in a year than the last ten…

  • A person

    Sucks to be a French mma fan.

  • bajafox

    Le pansies

  • grashopper

    Where and who

  • Mark McDowall

    France is a shiznits hole anyways…unless your within 200 yards of the Eiffel Tower its a dirty, disgusting city full of rude people…

    • JohnyBohny

      France is not a city. Educate yourself before you put down others…

      • Mark McDowall

        You got me there. But I have been to Paris at least a half dozen times and it is exactly how I described it. Outside of there it has some nice areas…but Paris is garbage.

        So speaking from experience isn’t really putting people down when your speaking from experience.

        • JohnyBohny

          Fair enough. But the way you describe Paris could also be said about a half dozen American cities. Let’s leave it at that. In the end, it’s up to them to decide what sports they’d like to support. It’s not our business to impose our interests on them. It is too bad however for the French MMA fans and of course the athletes. Their loss…

          • Mark McDowall

            Very true. I used to live in one of those cities lol. Funny thing is though that France has had a long history of martial arts…Bruce Lee spent alot of time there learning Savate which is widely used in MMA.

  • Timothy Malone

    This shows how stupid people are:

    “I was appalled to find out how UFC was lobbying in France, especially when (told) how UFC has tolerated derogatory statements and attitudes against women,” she said. “We cannot allow such an organization to destroy all the work we have done to promote equality through French sports.”

    You didn’t ban the UFC, you banned the entire sport, you jackass. Even if you dont like that organization and everyone in it, you prevent local French promotions from holding their own events, WMMA included.

  • al57

    France is nothing but a collection of fruit flavored weak wimps smelling of perfume and wearing lace panties. Not one man in all of France.

    • Gabriel

      I’m pretty sure Lebanner would love to hear that, btw I’m french and i fight at an amateur level in Belgium sometimes. Are you really that retarded or are you just being a complete douche?

      • horace

        There is not one set of testicles in all of France as France is devoid of men. Like Gabriel is a man’s name? French are fairies.

        • Bucket of Chicken

          Spoken like someone who has never had a woman touch him in his life.

  • Mike mckinney

    Dang, I came to this article just to make fun of France and now there’s not even a point. Everyone beat me to it. Oh well. One more location that won’t be stealing events from good areas like SoCal and Vegas…

  • Mike mckinney

    This might actually be a good thing for the people who want mma in New York.
    No one wants to be confused with the French. New York might pass mma just to seperate themselves from having anything in common. Dana should just stand up during a hearing in NY and ask, “do you want to be like the French?” Mma would get passed in seconds.

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    So how they’re running french MMA promotions like 100% Fight or Urban Boxing?

    • Timothy Malone

      MMA is illegal in France but you are allowed to do “Pancrase.” Pancrase’s modern rules are the same as MMA but they go by the original rules, which are basically MMA without ground strikes.

  • robc

    Must be the UFC’s use of ring girls… Heaven forbid you have women in bikini’s on PPV. Let’s set aside the fact that the porn industry is both legal and thriving in France. In fact prostitution in and of itself is not illegal in France. So it’s ok for a woman to do porn and sell her body but not ok for women to fight under a sanctioned body of rules in France? At least New York is all about the corrupt unions blocking the UFC due to a money grab (pretty much a description of all modern day unions). France is all about women’s rights? At least they are consistent in their hypocracy…