Dana White Says Nick Diaz Blowing Off UFC 158 Countdown; Diaz Camp Responds

February 17, 2013
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Nick Diaz UFC 129UFC president Dana White knew what he was in for when he signed Nick Diaz to fight Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 on March 16 in Montreal.

In a perfect world, the Stocktonian bad boy, returning from a yearlong suspension after testing positive for marijuana metabolites, would meet his promotional obligations with at least half the vigor with which he trains and fights. But White knew that wasn’t even a remote possibility.

Nick Diaz shows up for fights… he fights his ass off. He’s not a big fan of pre-fight promotion, but you have to do it,” White said in early January, knowing full well that the best he could hope for is dragging Diaz kicking and screaming to at least some of his promotional obligations along the way.

The subject of Diaz came up, off handedly, again on Saturday night in London when White met with reporters following UFC on Fuel TV 7 and was asked about fighters that would make interesting video blogs, in the vein of the ones the outspoken UFC president has a huge audience for on YouTube.

Of course, everyone immediately thought Diaz would make interesting vlogs.

“Nick Diaz would be an interesting Countdown show, too,” White shot back sarcastically, “if we could get him to show up for those.

“Imagine how good his Countdown show would be. You think his video blog would be great? How about if he had a professionally shot, by professionals, the best in the business, the best at cutting and producing features on athletes. Imagine how (expletive) good that would be.”

The Countdown shows are a UFC promotional staple used to drive interest in upcoming fights.

Many critics of the UFC using its Primetime series to promote the upcoming UFC 157 headliner between Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche commented that Primetime should have been reserved for St-Pierre and Diaz.

Primetime is a much more intensive, three-week, behind-the-scenes documentary of the UFC’s marquee fighters to promote some of its biggest bouts.

In a perfect world, Primetime would be a perfect fit for a bout the caliber of St-Pierre vs. Diaz, but the UFC hasn’t event been able to keep Diaz on track for Countdown, which doesn’t require as much of a time commitment as does Primetime, where cameras follow the fighters around 24/7 for three weeks.

“First we gotta get him to show up for the (expletive) interviews and then we can do it. How many has he missed, four? Three. He’s missed three,” White revealed.

“So we’ve got a crew rolling around Stockton not doing a (expletive) thing. It costs us a lot of money and we can’t properly sell the fight or Nick Diaz.”

White was able to at least get Diaz to the kick-off press conference in Montreal, which drums up initial interest and jump starts ticket sales.

But he knew that it wouldn’t be smooth sailing. It never is when Diaz is involved.

Diaz blew his first shot at St-Pierre in late 2011 when he no-showed a press conference, sending White into a white-hot rage that resulted in him pulling Diaz out of the fight.

White’s not concerned that Diaz will do the same for the fight. Fighting, not promoting, is his passion. As White said back in January, Diaz “fights his ass off.”

When the Diaz camp learned of White’s assertion that the fighter had missed three Countdown interviews, they insisted that Diaz did not blow off the interviews, he simply didn’t know about them.

“Dana is mistaken. There is no ‘crew rolling around Stockton’ and Nick did not ‘miss’ three interviews,” Jonathan Tweedale, a lawyer with the Nick Diaz camp, told MMAWeekly.com on Sunday.

“In fact, several earlier dates were arranged without Nick’s knowledge and with no notice to Nick. When Nick learned what had happened, I assisted him in arranging a date and time directly (Thursday, Feb. 14). Nick arrived early and was in good spirits at that Feb. 14 date – the one and only date he knew about in advance.

“Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.”

Diaz started the promotional game off on the right foot with the UFC 158 kickoff press conference, but it was destined to be a bit of bumpy ride at some point, although now, it seems, things are back on track and we’re headed for a Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz showdown at UFC 158… and even a Countdown show along the way.

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  • Madmmax

    This crap pisses me off. Diaz loses a fight, gets suspended for marihuana and gets awarded a tittle fight with a big payoff. Meanwhile other there are other guys winning their fights and doing what they are supposed to do and keep getting passed on. Dana’s gotta get off this guys nut. Hope Diaz finds a way to screw this fight up so we could all finally move on…

    • Scotty_O

      Cry us a river Madmmax, life’s not fair, get over it.

      And enjoy the fight, because you know you’re going to watch it.

      • Madmmax

        Yeah, Ill prob catch it online the next day. No interested in watching st pierre take him down for 5 rds. Too predictable of a fight. You Diaz fans just can’t let go though

        • Scotty_O

          Got it all wrong man, you’re talking to a GSP fan here. I’ve been looking forward to this fight for years now. And even if you’re not a fan of this main even, it’s a pretty sick card for the welterweights. So flip your pillow over to the dry side and take this card for what it is, an awesome card!

          Remember, things could be worse too, it could be headlined by Rhonda Rousey.

          • Sir_Roy

            I just want to make clear that I am so stealing the “flip your pillow over to the dry side” quip. I laughed aloud at that one. Nice.

            I agree … this fight is more than worth its weight in PPV despite the naysayers.

            Can’t wait.

    • Why does it piss u off!!?? Do YOU pay to watch pressers? YOU pay to watch fights..and he is a highly skilled fighter who comes to fight and put on a show every time! Not play party -cake or lay n pray like a lot of these bozos! That’s why fans like him….and Dana..cause he makes a lot of $ on a guy who FIGHTS

      • Advance*

        Maybe because all of the other fighters are doing their job and this headcase ends up wasting a lot of people’s time. Most of us wouldn’t have a job to go back to if we were half as unreliable as Diaz. And after all the BS this guy is still getting rewarded with a title shot coming off a loss

        • Jitsutim

          You’re an idiot. When you are that good, the game folds for you. You don’t see floyd mayweather bitching down to people levels, They bitch to him. They need him more than he needs them, his strikeforce time showed he doesn’t really care where he fights.

          • Advance*

            Haha they need him more than he needs them? It’s not even worth pointing out how dumb that is because you’re obviously not thinking before you type

          • shereko

            Thats a moronic statement… UFC doesn’t need one particular fighter, comparing Strikefarce is ridiculous as well. Nobody is bigger than the game… The pressers are to promote the fight, if he’s so important than he has ppv stipulations in his contract and would be in his best interest to go… Ohh thats right because they would never pull him off a fight, oops they have before

          • justin_e

            He wasn’t good enough to WIN a title shot. So the game isn’t folding for him cuz of that. It’s folding for him cuz he is a personality and an exciting fighter. I don’t even put him in the top 5.

          • bobcoy

            Are you as dumb as you type ? Or is this Caesar Gracie?? Nate??? Lol. Same difference. Lol

    • johnson

      People like you who are all pissed off want to see him lose, thats good marketing.

    • Johnny Lopes

      Yeah other fighters been winning fights but Nick has earned his shot over the years, you must be lookin at his W/L you needa watch his fighters, Nick got robbed by atleast 4 decisions in UFC/Strikeforce, Dana knows that cause he actually watches the kid fight… why you in a hurry to see Johnny Hendrix lose to GSP

    • Oscar Sanchez

      shut up what do u have invested that this affects your life so much ?
      get over it and if you dont want to watch it don’t buy it , for me it’s been years wanting to see diaz fight gsp . hendrics or who ever u want to say needs the tittle fights only been around what a yr . i love it i hope diaz pulls it off

      • Madmmax

        I have nothing invested. Just don’t think this mental midget Diaz deserves the fight. Hope that long wait was worth it for you

  • Ron

    Give Nick Diaz some consideration, its been a while he’s not fighting and hes fighting GSP no less. Of course he needs some time to prepare without interruptions, nick has problems fighting coming from long breaks just like what happened when he fought coming from suspension which he nearly lost that fight due to ring rust. Anyway I just think that this fight has been promoted enough for so long and most fans are already excited for this fight.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Don’t worry he won’t show on fight night either. This idiot can’t think on his feet which is why he doesn’t like interviews…not thinking on his feet against Condit and surely will not against the Champ…go ride a bike homie!

      • Darin

        Exactly. Diaz would love us to think he doesn’t do the promotional obligations because he’s just too damn cool for that silliness. The truth is, every time a mic is put in front of him he reinforces his image as a half-retarded thug. His communication skills consist of an angry smirk and his middle finger.

    • adam1848

      I agree. I think Dana should just write something into all fighters contracts about what is expected in terms of pre-fight promotion, and if you don’t do it, you get docked 10-20% of your purse, simple as that. Dana can stop worrying about it, and Nick can look at it as something that is optional. If he wants to make money, he plays the game…if not, he can do his thing. I don’t think sitting in front of cameras and talking to the press should be obligatory in order to compete in any sport, I just think you should be docked pay if you don’t follow through with your contractual obligations. Let the man fight…if he doesn’t want to be a poster boy, who cares? Not making weight is disrespectful to the sport. Taking TRT is disrespectful. Failing two drug tests is disrespectful. Not showing up for a dumb ass press conference where you get asked the same mindless questions and regurgitate the same generic answer every single time really doesn’t bother me personally.

      • Only comment on here that hit the mark…Great post Bro.

        • adam1848

          Thanks man.

          • shereko

            Let me add this if you two are done spooning… Its not a street fight, its a sport. Like every sport there are promotional obligations. They also have pay per view percentages built in and fringe fans wanna see more about the main event before they drop $55 also the media that regurgitates the same questions over and over are the same ones that bring more visibility to the sport which equates to more interest and more money. None of the fighters like the dog and pony show, GSP said he hated it prior to his last fight but its part of the job. 10-20% then should go to the other fighter then since they would have to carry the weight on the promo side. But very good point, it is much less damaging than the other issues you listed

          • jarjarbrinks

            If it isn’t a contractual obligation, then it isn’t and obligation. Simple as that.

          • shereko

            Do you know that its not???

    • Mark McDowall

      Problem is he did this before when he was given the fight against GSP. Part of being a big boy and doing what the UFC pays these guys to do is publicize the fight. Diaz has diagnosed anxiety disorders, hence his medical marijuana card, and distaste for being at press conferences.

      I love how everytime a Ceaser Gracie fighter has issues with something, its never their fault. The gave the same excuse last time Nick was given a fight with GSP. I find it hard to believe that they are the ONLY people that the UFC forgets to tell these important things too. I could see it happening once, but 3 times recently and however many missed events last time? Time to think up some new excuses Ceaser.

      • Ron Couden

        It worked out for him before actually. He instead got to fight BJ Penn, and GSP ended up bowing out with a bum knee.

        • Mark McDowall

          Yeah but an over the hill BJ Penn or a main event fight with GSP…not really sure how that works out for the better.

  • If I were dana and nick missed any pre fight interviews Id cut his dumb ass. Put hendricks in. If your going to fight in the top level of mma and get paid all this money after failing your second drug test and all the other bs he pulled…shit I would give him the middle finger and say your done. Plenty of other fighters who respect mma, ufc and the fans more than Nick Diaz.

    • Deviant Lucidity

      Theres a reason why Dana White is Dana White and you are Luke Urevig. You obviously haven’t seen Nick Diaz in action. He lost to the Judges in his last fight, not Condit. He got popped for marijuana metabilites, but in my opinion, that stuff slows you down and does not enhance performance. Yeah, there are plenty of fighters who respect mma, but most of them are gatekeeper type fighters – not contenders. I agree his actions are questionable, but the man is paid to fight and thats what he does.

      • I mean I guess…but there is more than just showing up to fight as a ufc fighter. I have watched all his fights plenty of times, one of my top ten is a nick diaz fight. Def not dissing his mma skills I’m dissing his professionalism. Simple as that.

    • johnson

      You seem pretty pissed about it, I bet you watch the fight so you can see him lose. That’s a reason to keep him around right there.

  • tyrone

    His motive is hes hoping dana “anderson silvas punkboy “white scraps the fight altogether, cause he knows Gsp gonna destroy him

    • orville

      destroy him? what is this the joke of the day. gsp can’t destroy anybody. He’s proved it! Nick Diaz isn’t that 18,19, and 20 yr old we saw in the ufc before.

      • Sir_Roy

        “Destroy” does not necessarily equal “finish”.

        Dominating someone for 5 rounds on the feet and on the mat is, however, definite pawnage IMHO.

  • tyrone

    Barao better watch out anderson “the hider “silva is on his way south in weight to avoid chris “the spider crusher weidman “.silvas latest announcement is hes dropping down to welterweight. Motive =fear of weidman! Dana has a chicken roosting up in the ufc and its a.silva!

    • Well “The Hider” was kind of funny, I’ll give you that. But what does this fictional statement have anything to do with this article? And look at Silvas resume he has fought everyone including guys in a higher division. He never turned down the fight with Weidman, that fight is most certainly going to happen. Theres no way Silva could expect to not fight him after asking for a ten fight extension on his contract.

      • kennybro

        don’t feed the troll. you’re better than that.

        • 😉 These “trolls” just irk me. Guess that’s the point of being a troll though lol. GSP/Diaz who do you got? And what do you think of these antics by Nick?

          • kennybro

            I take it our feelings are mutual. Lets make love

          • CombatScienceMMA

            Yes yes a thousand times yes

  • Nate D.

    The guy is such an unprofessional, unthankful jackass. I can’t wait for St Pierre to beat right out of the UFC.

  • Nate D.

    The guy is such an unprofessional, unthankful jackass. I can’t wait for St Pierre to beat him right out of the UFC.

    • 309

      you mean hug him out of the UFC?

      • Sir_Roy

        Right. Not the kind of ‘hug’ I’d ever like to experience. But each his own.

  • Nate D.

    Nick D. is such an unprofessional, unthankful, little jackass. I can’t wait for St Pierre to beat him right out of the UFC for good. Let Nickie D go enter a mountain bike race or a triatholon with his permanent frowning ugly mug.

    • Advance*

      I hate when Dana or other people say that Nick always shows up to fight. So do all the other fighters that actually fulfill their commitments and do any promotion that the UFC asks of them. He’s also complained about money a lot for somebody that supposedly only cares about fighting

      • tomas__86

        who care’s about responsibility and fulfilling commitments? You watch the UFC to see ppl go to war, and that’s what Nick Diaz does every time, he’s the f****** man

  • I couldn’t imagine where Nick would be if the UFC let him go. They already took the original GSP fight away from him. Then they dealt with him getting suspended for a whole year. Now they give him a fight with GSP and already things are looking bad. I can’t imagine them putting up with anything else at this point.

    • johnson

      You mean, you can imagine them putting up with anything at this point.

      • Ha ha… good point. It’s a shame to see such a talented fighter in all this nonsense. Who do you have for GSP/Diaz?

  • Jesse Malloy

    Pardon my ignorance and someone please correct me if I’m wrong, don’t they normally just show up at guy’s gyms? Have the crew go to where Nick trains and I bet they find him

    • Maddawgmar

      Yeah they’ll find em. Stoned. I kid. Is it just me or does Nick Diaz not get told jack. It must be a conspiracy. Lets not tell Nick so he doesn’t show up and we don’t sell more tickets and so we can boot him from the fight so he doesn’t beat GSP. Sounds plausible right?

  • Alex Anderson

    Hmm… The comments by Diaz’s lawyer seem to raise some doubt about White’s comments. Maybe white is just trying to promote the fight by exaggerating Diaz’s irresponsible, rough around the edges, bad boy image.

    Maybe also people should be more sensitive to Diaz. Maybe the guy has some psychological issues. They should be careful not to expect the same thing from everyone.

    • Advance*

      What’s more likely…Nick Diaz blew off a few interviews like he has done plenty of times in the past ,or Dana is lying and a professional film crew showed up with no advanced notice? You’re really gonna go by what a lawyer is saying? Someone who is not paid to tell the truth but to protect and defend their client

    • MuayThaiFood

      Let’s not forget that lawyers are paid to raise doubts and how many fighters would have a lawyer respond in this manner. When the truth won’t work then it’s time to call in the lawyers.

  • uncle

    Nick is a wonderful fighter but a terrible business man
    doing Primetime is a way he could market himself to win lots of people over to buy more of his merchandise more
    tickets and PPV which means more money in his pocket

  • Darin

    “Nick requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That is the kind of professional he is.”


    What kind of fighter has his LAWYER do his talking??? Was this scumbag referring to the “organized and orderly” way Diaz and his brother gang attacked Mayhem?
    I didn’t think it was possible for Diaz to be a bigger joke. I was wrong.

  • “Nick Requires things to be done in an organized and orderly manner. That’s the kind of professional he is”???? ROTFLMFAO!!!!! Money payed at is best.. I don’t understand how you could be a Nick Diaz fan I really feel sorry for this little kid once he looses this fight. He should really seek therapy because he is gonna be broke from all that money he is paying his advisers who are desperately trying to make him look somewhat professional. What doesn’t make any sense is why DW be on his Jock so much. Is not like he is Top 5 Pound for Pound let alone in the damn division.

    • johnson

      Yea cuz why Dee Dub gota be all on his JOCK like thiss

    • jarjarbrinks

      I’m not even a diaz fan, but the best part about your post is that the little kid would put you in a coma.

  • Bhardy22132

    The guy is professional? Then why is it half the time nobody is able to get ahold of him? Maybe if he would pick a phone up when called he would be in the loop then the “Oh I didnt know” BS would not be so consistent.

  • John Miller

    Somebody’s lying.

  • ash

    people are gonna pay to see nick get his ass kicked regardless of if he sells the fight

  • oface

    Best camera guys in the business? They cant google Cesar Gracie fight team and get an address? If I had to personally find nick thats probably where I would start. Second I would google medical marijuana stockon california.

  • John Bunch

    Some people are just walking train wrecks waiting to happen…and when they have talent and/or ability, people tend to keep them around long enough to milk them before they implode. Sid Vicious, the dead bass player from the Sex Pistols is a perfect example. For w/e reason, people love to talk about Nick, be it love or hate. I’ve run the gamut, going from disdain, to derision, to grudging respect and finally to acceptance. He is what he is, and he sells. Once he ruins that, we’ll never hear from him again. But he seems like a guy that is loyal to his friends, true to his heart when he fights in he ring and can’t put up with a lot of the BS that is needed to sell fights. I’ll watch this fight for sure, and I can only hope he does enough compromising to stay in the (UFC) fight game. Dana has bent over backwards for him…but as long as those ppv’s are big, he will keep putting up with Nick. And no one can say that Nick is fake…the dude is REAL to a fault…anyway, I think GSP is going to roll him, but you never know.

  • humby49

    People, enough Nick bashing, Learn to see past the biases of both sides to see the truth. Nick probably missed a coule of these after he did not confirm times while the crews showed up to shoot w/o nick’s confirmation and of course he doesnt show. Dana exagerates the fact he had a TV crew “rolling around stockton” addig few extra days of payroll, and said he missed three (wanted to even say four) shoots. NOt adding that Nick eventually shot the interview just fine. He made it seem like Nick never shot the interview at all. He’s doing it to try to make a big deal out of this no harm no foul incident so Nick is pressured not to f*** up again, like missing another presser or worse…

  • MMA Fan

    Your all whinning diaz this diaz that are you all really that scared the so called champ is gonna lose ? The champ hasn’t been an exciting fighter in yrs. 90percent of his fights are boring he takes guys to the ground and humps them for 5 rounds . A lot of u say put Hendricks in there ! Now that’s a goodone Hendricks would destroy the champ y do u all think the champ choose diaz? Not b/c he was a contender but b/c it was his safest choice.We all know no matter how much we whine or complain we will all still be watching the fight .

    • CitizenDino

      I agree. I think that Dana and the UFC are horrible. But, I am a fan of the guys from the 209, so I will watch.

  • CitizenDino

    How come the CEO of UFC is allowed to tell lies about his employees in the media? You can all whine that Nick does not deserve the fight, and you are probably right, but the reality is that without any sort of oversight, the title and all the rest is meaningless in the UFC. The UFC is the WWE and Dana White is Vince McMahon. They are promoters, and they make matches that sell tickets, not based on merit.

    But now you have the CEO of a company disparaging an athlete in public. And the athlete, because of the nature of the work, has to take it. Are you telling me that the Coach of the Lakers could talk like this about Kobe in the media, and not get canned?

  • Ron Couden

    I do hope Diaz cooperates with another Primetime show. The best UFC Primetime ever was Diaz vs. Condit!!! Go to Youtube and watch the 3rd episode
    “UFC 143 Primetime Diaz vs Condit Episode 3 HD” frickin’ ridiculous!

  • Ron Couden

    You want to know why Nick Diaz is getting a title fight, because he develops the most interest amongst fight fans. MMAWeekly LOVES any story on Nick Diaz. Look at the comment section of any Diaz story vs, any other fighter. Diaz develops more interest than any other fighter. Love him or hate him, the guy sells tickets!

  • Fights Fan

    Diaz brothers all the way baby! True fighters. I don’t wanna to know what house they have or what puppy they just bought for camera, or what car they bought or how they hit pads, , I want to see them fight their ass off in octagon, and that whole crew ( Diaz brothers, Melendez, Shields ) do every time. If their only problem is they are not attention whores so be it.

    • shereko

      Then the promotional events arent for you, they are part of the business and to build hype for the fringe fan to build the sport, if you’re on here you are probably educated on the sport to care, but its naive to think that everyone thinks like you.

  • Nick Diaz is a fighter, not a Kardashian. Leave the man do his thing alone!

    • RonnieV

      Greatest post Bro! Nick doesn’t care about anything except training & fighting.

  • RealTalker

    His lawyer saying that’s the kind of professional he is – that’s crazy. Anyone who has heard Nick Diaz talk knows that he might not be the most articulate “professional” in the UFC. Maybe it’s the Stockton upbringing – maybe it’s the weed – but it’s something…


    Do you want to see Diaz vs GSP fight? Yea you probably do. Stop whining about whats fair and who’s ranked what or who gets passed over.If history is any indication no one truly gets overlooked, everyone gets their shot as long as they earn it.

  • kennybro

    why is there a picture of diego sanchez?

    • Ron Couden

      You are joking right?

  • AJ

    Agreed with everything Madmmax has said. I enjoy watching Diaz fight, but he’s pampered by Dana and the UFC. For what? He beat an out of prime BJ then lost to Condit. That deserves him a title shot? I know, it’s all about business but it gets to a point where enough is enough. Same thing goes for Sonnen and I enjoy the hell out of Sonnen’s interviews. I’m just being realistic here. And Oscar, stop swinging from every Mexican MMA fighters nuts. Not every Mexican in the UFC is an angel.

  • Aaron

    It’s funny to me that people are upset because they believe that Diaz isn’t “promoting” his fight. Yet this comment section has the greatest number of posts. Someone please tell these posters what it means to promote a fight.

    Diaz is a poetic genius.

  • Jason

    Do I think Nick deserves the fight? No. Do I want to see the fight? Hell Yes! Nick comes to fight all the time. Add the fact GSP asked for the fight, because he can’t stand him, and wants to beat him up, makes for a great store line. When was the last time GSP was this angry at anyone? Plus I do believe its a fight people want to see pretty bad. Dana is just giving the fans and GSP what they want. GSP is a great champ, and fights everyone they put in front of him. Its fine this time if he wanted to fight nick for more personal reasons. After GSP wins, he will go back and do what he always does.

  • typical

    This is going to be such a one sided fight anyways, GSP COULD if he wants to just f****** take Nick Diaz down for 5 rounds, as well as potentially out box Diaz with GSP’s good defensive striking.

  • ihatepeople

    all you mafuckers are no it all idiots.