Despite Posturing Over Chael Sonnen Bout, Dana White Says Wand Can’t Even Train Until January

August 29, 2013
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Wanderlei Silva at UFC 102The war of words between UFC light heavyweights Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva has been in full swing since Sonnen’s victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at the inaugural UFC on FOX Sports 1 event in Boston earlier this month.

Moments after defeating Shogun – a former training partner of Silva’s – Sonnen took to the post-fight microphone and had a few words for “The Axe Murderer.”

“Wanderlei Silva, 6-feet tall, 205 pounds; boy, until I met you, I didn’t know they could stack crap that high,” he yelled into the microphone.

“Wanderlei Silva, three months, you and the bad guy.”

Sonnen then strolled out of the cage and the MMA world was set a blaze with another fiery promo from the “Gangster from West Linn.”

Silva, who apparently wanted the fight as well, was game for the showdown and made it very clear that he wanted the fight.

UFC president Dana White contacted Silva about booking the potential showdown, but according to White, Silva wanted a piece of the PPV cut or he would not fight.

White responded by saying that would not happen, and added that this would likely be the end of the line for the Brazilian fan-favorite, saying, “I guess he’s gonna retire.”

Whoa. Talk about going from one extreme to another.

It now seems as if White has changed his tune on the retirement talk.

At the UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann 2 post-fight scrum, White said that Silva is still not cleared to fight until January, and simply put, even if White wanted to book Silva in a fight with Sonnen, he couldn’t.

“I know publicly it looked like whatever with Wanderlei,” said White. “I like Wanderlei very much and I respect him as a fighter and as a person. Me and Wanderlei will figure this thing out.

“I’m not mad at him. There’s no animosity. But he’s not gonna be healthy until January. He can’t even start training until January.”

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  • Sir_Roy

    Dana was like … “Wha … you mean actually pay a pioneer of the sport some REAL money to fight??? Get outta here!!!”

    • Hadrian999

      letting any fighter break his contract would be a terrible business move

      • Sir_Roy

        It’s not called “breaking a contract” it’s called “renegotiating”. Contracts get renegotiated all the time, in every business all across the globe. More often than not based on supply and demand.

        • Hadrian999

          wandy is on his last legs, the ufc doesn’t need him to sell tickets, his glory days are ancient history. allowing him to dictate terms to his employers would be a horrific business, every has been in the sport would be trying the same thing the next day

          • Sir_Roy

            Thus the term “supply and demand”. Wandy was testing the waters with Dana as many fans want to see the grudge match between Silva and Sonnen come to fruition. There is sufficient demand to see the two square off, and Silva knows it. Doesn’t hurt to negotiate terms under such circumstances at all whatsoever. Dana said “no”. Which is quasi smart as he wouldn’t want to set a precedent. I get that. However, IMHO, main event fighters, and main card draws, should be entitled to a share in the PPV at all times regardless of preceding contract stipulations.

  • I hope Silva gets one last fight. I might get a lot of heat for this but would anyone but up for Wandy at 205 against Thiago Silva? Just throwing it out there.

    • Jason Tracey

      shogun vs thiago

      • Oh man great idea, didn’t even think of that. If Thiago beats Hamill I would love to hear that fight in talks.

    • Mark McDowall

      I’d like to see Silva vs Shogun in a “Last of Pride” fight

      • Shogun said he would never fight Wandy if I’m not mistaken. He looks up to him and they go way back from Chutebox. Would be a sick fight though.

  • Mark McDowall

    Typical Sonnen calling for fights that he knows can’t happen. He makes himself look so stupid by calling for all these pointless and unavailable fights.

    Phil Davis has called him out…and he hasn’t answered him. Instead he calls out Rashad Evans?!?!

    • gnodeb

      Did he? That would be huge step up for Sonnen… I’m under impression that, if he is not fighting for the title, he is asking for opponents with weak wrestling and no gas tank. Rashad doesn’t look like his usual pick…

      • Mark McDowall

        If you saw his fight against Lil Nog…that describes Rashad…not the usual Rashad but that was the last Rashad we saw. So yeah I agree it was a big step up for him. I think the reason he keeps going after brazillians is because of their lack of wrestling and gas tanks.

        I say if you want to call out a tough Brazillian…call out Glover if/when he beats Bader.

        • Rob

          Do you even watch mma ? Rashad’s last fight was Dan Henderson,and he looked like the old Rashad to me. Chael has stated that he will fight anyone… he is not choosing any certain fighter cause of there style or gas tank. All these Brazilians fighters want to fight him because of the things he said bout the country.

          Now im sure he prefers some fight offers over others,but i have yet to see him decline a fight. I bet you he would take on Glover or Bader if offered, but according to you he should just stop fighting because all of his fights are pointless and would just get rag dolled by Jones. Who even knows how Jones will stay at lhw anyways. Did you ever think of that ?

          Chael is top 10 in either weight class and deserves to fight the best. If continues to win he deserves another shot at the belt then.

        • Sir_Roy

          If you mean Shogun, say Shogun … but don’t pretend “Brazilians” in general all have cardio issues cuz that’s just unbelievably ignorant. Your comments are, to put it mildly and as politely as possible, uninspired.

          • Mark McDowall

            Ok let me rephrase that…most of the upper weight divison Brazillians. Wandy, Shogun, Magales, both Nog’s etc etc…Michida is ok…so he has one foot in this pool…None of them are known for being able to go deep in to fights with alot left in the tank.

    • Rob

      Typical Sonnen ? Which fights has he called for that were stupid and pointless ? In the other article you said he should be fighting guys that help sell tickets.What do you think a fight with Wandy would do ?

      • Mark McDowall

        The Jones fight…he had no business being in that fight…it was pointless in its being and pointless because he was rag dolled for the whole fight.

        The Shogun fight was pointless…Shogun isn’t in position for a title whats the point of the fight?

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Fighting for anything other than getting a title to me is pointless. Why are you fighting if you aren’t trying to be the champ/best?? Maybe its an odd point of view but I think all the peacocking Sonnen is doing is for nothing other than padding his bank account.

        • bajafox

          Everyone knows he had no business being in there but that fight had to happen. He was and still is the only one who took the fight on 8 days notice. Jones would have never heard the end of it had that fight never happened.

          • Mark McDowall

            I agree with that. He needed to shut him up, but thats just to calm his ego…thats all.

    • JDMMA

      Ok dummy… he called out Nogueira, Vitor, Wanderlei (who did that promo video knowing he cant fight within 3 months) these three have “no honor” neither of them took the fight again Sonnen

      • Mark McDowall

        Lil Nog is Injured has been and probably always will be anytime a big fight comes up…Vitor said he wouldn’t accept a fight unless it was for a MW title…Sonnen said earlier that after his fight with Shogun he was going back to MW. And yes Wandy doing that video was kinda retarded considering he can’t fight until next year…but I thought it was pretty common knowledge he was out for a while…Maybe Sonnen didn’t know…but I’d be surprised, considering his position of UFC tonight, if he didn’t know. Which if he did…that makes its a stupid move and Sonnen a moron.