Derrick Lewis Lobs Bombs Back at Travis Browne and Francis Ngannou

June 12, 2017

After Derrick Lewis lost to Mark Hunt at UFC Fight Night 110 in Auckland, New Zealand, over the weekend, two other notable heavyweights took shots at him for his decision.

Lewis had previously knocked out Travis Browne and, prior to the Hunt fight, was on a collision course with Francis Ngannou. So both fighters had a bit of an axe to grind with Lewis, who isn’t the silent type himself, and they each used the axe after Lewis indicated he was likely going to retire.

While Ngannou’s barb was a little more along the usual fighter taunting fighter talk, Browne’s post to Instagram was a bit more personal, going beyond the usual back and forth banter. 

TRENDING > Derrick Lewis Announces Likely Retirement Following Loss to Mark Hunt

Lewis in the past has taken shots at Browne over accusations a former girlfriend of Browne’s made against him that he was eventually cleared of. Browne brought up Lewis making such remarks in questioning his character before taking a shot at a rematch.

“We know you don’t have the heart, but if you have the balls, I’m down to run it back.”



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Lewis responded to both in one sharp retort on Twitter, “Travis Browne waking up from the dead saying he wants a rematch and Francis learning how to use google translator talking (expletive).”

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  • Sir_Roy

    You can have all the heart in the world … when there is no more gas in the tank, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Worse feeling in the world.

    • BazerkaBazerka

      No cardio will do that.

      • Sir_Roy

        It will. Before all else, cardio is king.

    • dgs

      “Worse feeling in the world.”

      It is (although, grammatically is should be “worst,” not “worse”). Having trained in one form of martial art or another for 25 years, I can say with certainty, that your statement is 100% correct. In my experience the order of importance when it comes to fighting is:
      1. Cardio
      2. Flexibility
      3. Coordination/timing/technique
      4. Strength

      Lots of people train strength first and ignore the first three, even though it should be almost the opposite.

      • Sir_Roy

        I’d put technique before flexibility … as there are offensive and defensive techniques you can master that don’t require a ton of flexibility. Though I do agree with its high (and oft underrated) importance.

        And my grammar / spelling hasn’t been corrected in quite a while. I know my superlatives. But that gave me a giggle so it was worth it.

        • dgs

          Being very flexible is a huge advantage for all of your techniques. Being able to easily kick over head, will make your low kicks more powerful. Flexibility is the key, and a proper base for all other techniques. Most people don’t understand this. My Thai leg kicks became much more powerful the more flexible I became, until the point I had finally mastered the Chinese splits.

          • Sir_Roy

            Understood and I don’t disagree with regards the importance of flexibility … but you can’t put that before the actual technique … I mean someone who can tie their legs in knots but doesn’t know how to throw a proper leg kick (let alone having had their shins conditioned to do so) is not going farther than someone who has the technique but is less flexible …

    • deepgrim

      i think lewis gassed himself out by trying all them switch kicks and high kicks, takes a lot of explosion for a guy that size, he probably felt his cardio was good before the fight and thats why he did them, also a few of hunts shot to the head would slow you down too.

      • Sir_Roy

        Yeah it would. But I’m not paid thousands to be an elite fighter, nor am I expected to be prepared to fight for 25 rounds. If I were, I’d be working night and day on my cardio, you can bet on that, as I know gassing would be the worst possible outcome in this sport.

        The guy was completely gassed midway through round 3. A couple switch kicks does not justify a man who is supposed to be an elite fighter completely gassing after 2-1/2 rounds of fighting. Mark Hunt threw just about as many shots and ate just as many as well. He was still raring to go in the 4th (and Mark’s carrying a lot of extra weight around as well).

        • deepgrim

          mark won’t really gas on the stand up because he is the the economy of efficiency, he doesn’t throw many combo’s and doesnt muscle punishes, lets his body weight carry through. i think lewis really exploded into his combinations with his hands too,and he was possibly panicking a bit when the shots weren’t dropping mark, I really think he felt like he was in shape beforehand, it might be a lesson learned for lewis, off course it could be a case of a heavyweight expecting an early ko, brian stann has said that they spoke and he isnt retiring.

          • Sir_Roy

            Well, if half of what you say is true, you just prove my point(s) really. Lewis lacks, at the very least, experience in how to pace and throw down with a bloke like Hunt. In re-watching the tape, I don’t see Lewis throwing with greater bad intentions than Hunt to be honest. Though I do not doubt for a second that experience played in Hunt’s favor insofar as “economy” of energy expenditure is concerned.

  • Adam White

    I don’t like this guy…… Ngannou would destroy him and you shouldn’t say stuff about peoples family. I understand it’s the fight game talk all the crap you want but leave there families out of the equation.

    • Yabba

      No abuser deserves the respect of fairness in the fight game

      • Murdock

        Browne was cleared of any wrongdoing. His ex-wife wouldn’t even go ahead with the charges. All the evidence is out there.

  • Darin

    I liked Lewis’ retort.

  • Sir_Roy

    What a waste though. With a little more drive, he has the tools to go far and make some real money. Needs a good strength and conditioning coach first and foremost. Doesn’t have the drive to put in the hard work he needs to. His hunger starts and stops and McDonald’s drive through I guess.

  • Chris

    What he needs is to not be a pussy when he faces competition. Hunt was his first true test, and he ran from him until he was exhausted. I’d have had respect for his effort if he went balls to the wall in round 1 and it didn’t work. Running like a coward for 20 minutes tho? Good riddance

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    • burgerman7

      Are You Mark Hunt’s Brother?

      • Sleestak

        Mark Hunt’s brothers name is Fureek.

  • fat tony

    Derek replied with the mist mature comment. He should not retire, simply get back to the drawing board, work on is stand up stop the big loopy punches and is ground game. Every fighter loses at some point, its when you reach rock bottom that you have to climb back up. He is still young too and could be a real force to recon with in the HW division with the right kind of training

  • Barry Sands

    Derrick “doo DOO ” Lewis is full of doodoo, guy beings locked up in a cage with the rest of the thugs.

  • burgerman7

    See Hunt’s Bodyguard. made Mark look like the midget Samoan.

  • Sleestak

    Nice response. Made Travis’ comment look like a drunken rant.