Derrick Lewis Goes Beast Mode in the Fight and After; Twitter Melts Down!

February 20, 2017
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Derrick Lewis fought his way back from an early blow to the stomach that looked like it might end his night early at UFC Halifax. He began dropping bombs, eventually taking out Travis Browne in the second round. 

But once the fight was over, Lewis wasn’t done dropping bombs, as anyone that witnessed his post-fight interview can attest.

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  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Maybe thats a personal interest of Lewis’ for some reason?
    But you can go ahead and stop having an opinion about peoples personal lives

    It comes off unnecessarily tacky
    Just get your wins and your cheddar on

    • Triggerman99

      I was thinking the same thing.
      Everyone is saying how this was so great of him to say and that it made them an even bigger fan and blah blah blah. But while I agree with his opinion on beating women (what decent human being woukdnt?), I just think it was unnecessary and classless to bring it up right after beating the man in question unconscious on national TV. That literal addition of insult to injury wasn’t called for at all.

      • aFriendlyAgenda

        I’m looking at the people who think that his post-fight antics where so charming and its a bunch of canadiens like jordon breen and similar types, who always have that smug candien attitude that a Black guy behaving obnoxiously is a magical and progressive sight to behold

  • himmler adams

    Lewis KO’d the weak caveman gronk Travis the Clown Browne in two. Now Clown Browne and KO’d Rousey are both lousy and finished in the UFC. Ha Fricking Ha.

  • browne’s mistake was letting lewis go wild on him. this is what lewis does all the time that is pratically his only move knocking you out with punches. he should have hurt his legs and punch lewis in the stomach and kidneys to take away his legs then go for a big knee or hook kick to the head but browne let himself get caught up in his flurry. once lewis gets up there to fight the top dogs i dont think his flurries are gonna work against them. lol lewish looks more like a ufc mike tyson. great punching ability but when he gets to fight the more skilled fighters is going to be a different story, the puch flurries are not going to work on everybody especially skilled fighters.