Dennis Siver Faces Charles Rosa After SMMAF Rules Taylor Lapilus an Unsuitable Opponent

September 30, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced on Monday that Charles Rosa will step in, with just a week’s notice, to face Dennis Siver at UFC Fight Night 53 in Stockholm on Oct. 4 after the Swedish Mixed Martial Arts Federation ruled Taylor Lapilus to be an unsuitable opponent.

SMMAF president Johan Halldin released a statement explaining the federation’s decision to reject Lapilus as an opponent for Siver.

Mr. Taylor Lapilus After having reviewed the information submitted as well as having viewed footage of Mr. Lapilus, the Board of SMMAF must regrettably declare that the request regarding Mr Lapilus as a contender to Mr. Siver has been denied. The grounds for the denial is the inexperience of the athlete in question as based on his age, his technical skill, his record and his overall short background in MMA. This gives reason to believe that he has limited, if any, sparring and competition experience outside of the official record. It is therefore our judgement that a full-contact, professional MMA match between Mr. Lapilus and Mr. Siver would be an uneven match-up to the point where we Mr. Lapilus’ safety can not be guaranteed.

Mr. Charles Rosa The Board of SMMAF hereby declares that the request for Mr. Rose as contender to Mr. Siver has been approved, and the match is authorized for the event on October 4th in Stockholm, Sweden.

Interestingly, Lupilus (8-1) has same amount of experience as Rosa (9-0). In fact, the Frenchman has been fighting professional MMA longer than his replacement. They both made their pro debuts in 2012, but Lupilus’ first fight was in March while Rosa’s was in August of that year. Lupilus is 22 years old, while Rosa is 28. Age must have been an influencing factor in the decision.

UFC Fight Night 53 takes place at Ericsson Globe Arena in Stockholm on Oct. 4. The event it headlined by a welterweight match between undefeated Gunnar Nelson and Rick Story. It will be the third time the organization has hosted an event in Stockholm.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Wow, never thought I would see anything close to this. A federation strip a guy of his big shot, because they feel like it? I can’t wait to find out who Charles Rosa knows…

    • Muttley76

      Agreed, this is extremely unusual. Hard to believe their commission is so knowledgable as to be able to determine the amount of sparring a competitor has done based on film. Or that they are able to see how uneven a matchup it would be lol.

      • Seth

        You could that, but with a matchup like Cain Velasquez Vs some unknown 3-0 HW. Then you can do that, but when guys have similar careers you can’t judge them like that… .-.

        • Muttley76

          I honestly cannot remember a major promotion ever having an issue like this before. It’s not like Siber is such a commodity anyone is going to accuse the ufc of protecting him with SUPER-cans. In essence it’s telling the UFC they don’t know about fighters.

          • Seth

            Nah, go back and see the SMMAF history. They pretty much broke CWFC’s event in Sweden. They decided to move it, because of SMMAF – they did same thing, pulling out fighters and picking fights themselves :/ It’s stupid, but neither CWFC or UFC has no control over that. And it’s not like SMMAF is able to tell that this fight is a missmatch…

          • Muttley76

            While I understand the desire to expand (or continue expansion) into Swedes for the UFC, this is a great way to help ensure large promotions don’t come back…

          • Seth

            Yup :/ SMMAF should do something good for its MMA market once a while…

          • Muttley76


    • TRT-rex

      I’ve seen this only once before. Jamie Varner was gonna fight a kid named Brandon Anderson on a small regional show. They did the same thing. Said he wasn’t suitable. I say give them a chance. Jon bones came outta nowhere originally.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Last minute Charlie ended the Story. Seth killed the Kimbo. Jones came out of nowhere! This kid got robbed, even if he would have gotten his ass kicked.

  • MikeMcK

    It’s a tough deal, but it is one of the first things that every commission looks at. It’s not that the kid can’t fight, he just can’t fight siver.
    On another note, I was expecting this to happen to Nick diaz with the anderson fight. You can have a ton of experience and still have an unfair matchup.

  • Seth

    Come on…that’s ridiculous…how can you do something like to a fighter who got that golden opportunity? It’s just ridiculous…

  • Caminelli

    Fight pass sucks anyway