Dennis Hallman’s Choice in Ring Apparel Helps Institute New Dress Code for UFC Fighters

August 8, 2011
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Dennis Hallman at UFC 117

Dennis Hallman at UFC 117

Dennis Hallman’s interesting choice in ring wear didn’t go unnoticed by most who watched UFC 133 on Saturday night, including president Dana White.

Hallman walked out for his fight with Brian Ebersole wearing what could loosely be described as a speedo, and proceeded to share with the world more Dennis Hallman than most fans probably wanted to see.

White was so disgusted with the apparel that he even awarded Ebersole, who defeated Hallman, a $70,000 bonus just for getting the win over the man sporting the banana hammock.

Following the event, White erupted at UFC employees who check fighters before they fight for even allowing him to walk to the cage wearing the attire.

“I’m seriously pissed off at the guys who work for us that let him walk out with those things on. I’ve never been so embarrassed in the UFC as I was when (Hallman walked out in the shorts),” White commented to following the fights.

While state athletic commissions do have the call to approve or disapprove certain ring attire, they didn’t intervene in the case of Dennis Hallman’s “barely there” shorts.

Because of Hallman’s choice in fight apparel, White says they will now have some sort of code in place to make sure fighters don’t sport that type of fight “short” again.

“We do now,” White answered when asked if the UFC will have a dress code now. “You know what I thought we had? I thought we had some common sense. At least a little bit of common sense. That was a really bad moment, I was horrified by that.”

Hallman suffered a loss to Ebersole at the event, but his choice in ring wear will likely follow him for a lot longer than the defeat.

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  • sharp315

    glad to see a choice of attire is what dana calls the most embarrassing moment in the UFC and not when bisping spit in corner of rivera or when daley punched koshcheck after the fight. attire, of all things.

    • b-soc

      Excellent point! He lets things like that go and gets all bent out of shape about the shorts. He needs to get his priorities straight. Assault with bodily fluids (actual chargeable crime) doesn’t call for any action but the “banana Hammock” as Damon Martin coined it does.

      • collideoverme


  • Umbreon

    Only Bas can pull off the man thongs

  • clizzark

    Way to overreact, Dana… Try lightening up a little bit. I didn’t like his choice of clothing either, but it’s no reason to be outraged.

  • Cptmats

    Props to Dana, this fucking faggot coming out like hes fighting in some fucking circus freak show. Have a little dignity ! Dana should cut his ass !

    • ajmadic

      Hahahahahaha <3

    • collideoverme

      Why didn’t Dana cut Bisping? What he did was just as bad and disrespectful as what Paul Daley did.

  • Darren2112

    I’m just glad it’s over

  • mcm

    Most embarrassing moment in the UFC? That wasn’t even the worst moment of the night. How bout when Vitor almost commits man slaughter in the cage and the Zuffa employees won’t even comment.
    Seriously, for a sport that applauds a maneuver that consists of shoving a mans face into another mans crotch until he passes out, there sure is a lot of homophobia over one set of manties.

    • Cptmats

      with a comment like that i’ll just go ahead and assume you take in the ass !

  • Unador

    I don’t want to get my head shoved in another man’s crotch any more than the next guy, but if it is going to happen, I would rather not have the guy wearing a bikini.
    Choking to death with my face in his crotch is one thing, My last conscience thought of my cheek pressed up against the bare skin of this guys sweaty inner thigh is TOO MUCH.

  • KyleZombie

    Don’t see how this is so much different than Shogun fighting in his tighty-whities to be honest.

  • KyleZombie

    This is a sport that involves sweaty, half-naked men rolling around on the mat. You pretty much always have to suspend your homophobia when you watch MMA.

    • Unador

      LOL, it’s a little easier to suspend it when the guys anatomy isn’t so clearly outlined!

  • God

    Fig leaves left more to the imagination on Adam and Eve than those shorts did on Hallman…

    • collideoverme