Dennis Hallman Happy With Win, Promises To Never Miss Weight Again

December 10, 2011
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UFC 140 week started off rough for veteran fighter Dennis Hallman, who missed weight for his first trip to 155lbs in several years.

It all turned around on Saturday night however after Hallman dominated John Makdessi, winning by submission in the first round.

Hallman talked to MMAWeekly after the fight to talk about the win and how he promises no more missteps when it comes to cutting weight for his next fight:

  • After the speedo incident and missing weight for this fight he needed that one. If he’d lost they would have sent him packing for sure.

    Hallman looked good tonight. Hope he can make the weight with ease next time out and keep this thing rolling.

  • KBEsq

    I don’t get why when people are fighting Hallman, they don’t just tell themselves, “okay, the fight is starting, Hallman is GOING to run out at me and try to take my back immediately, so try to stop him by doing anything possible defensively to keep him off my back.”

    Hallman does the same thing every fight, and he even got Ebersole in the same position in his last fight. I think a good strat for Hallman would be to just not even throw a punch for 1-2 minutes just to defend against his sure attempt to take the back.

    Maybe he’s just that good at taking peoples’ backs.

  • MikeMc1983

    I’m pretty sure since he came out in the speedo, that guys are probably doing everything they can to keep him from getting behind them. I’m sure this is so in practice as well, so he probably does get a lot of practice at forcefully mounting men from behind. 😉