Dennis Bermudez Talks Win Over Max Holloway (UFC 160 Video)

May 25, 2013
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Dennis Bermudez and Tommy Hayden at UFC 150UFC feathereight Dennis Bermudez talked with media after his split-decision victory over Max Holloway at UFC 160.  Bermudez talks about the close decision, his wanting to stay away from aggressive battles in the future, and much more.

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  • ned sto

    Holloway got robbed here. It was a bad decision.

  • TeslaCoil

    hardly robbery. Try watching the fight with the volume off. Hearing Rogan hang on Halloway’s jock during round 2 as he backed up the entire time and ate leg kicks and then got taken down is coloring your bias. The leg kicks did WAY more damage than the pitter patter in Rd2 and Rd 3 was clearly a beatdown. Plus overall damage was not even close. Aside from a wiping his nose, Bermudez looks fine while Max looked like he got his ass kicked.

    Close fight, could have gone either way. Judge by total strikes, then maybe Holloway, judge by ring aggression and damage, clearly Bermudez. Split decision fine by me.