Demian Maia Moving to Welterweight

March 14, 2012
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A top ten level middleweight will be dropping down to 170lbs to try and wreak havoc on the best of the best at welterweight.

Multi-time grappling champion Demian Maia has made the decision to drop down to welterweight following his last fight against Chris Weidman at UFC on Fox 3.

Maia made the announcement via his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Guy, now I’ll (be) moving down to 170lbs,” wrote Maia. “Next fight I’ll be a welterweight.”

Maia dropping down to welterweight happens after his time in the middleweight division was spattered between wins and losses.

Going 2-2 over his last four fights, Maia picked up victories over Jorge Santiago and Kendall Grove, while dropping fights to current top ten fighters Mark Munoz and Chris Weidman.

Now the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt will throw his hat into the ring of the welterweight division to see how he fares in a new home.

There’s been no word on when Maia will make his welterweight debut, but he’s expected to make a return later this year, most likely in the summer.

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  • browill70

    Welterweight is a shark’s tank. I hope Maia is up to the task.

  • I like this move, always thought he was a bit undersized at MW. If he can get the weight cut down, he could be a real threat and solid addition to the division.

    • philmckracken

      I fully agree!! He has always had (baby fat) at middle weight and not had good cardio. If he can make weight easy, better cardio at welterweight, and be stronger at that size. Yeah, he’s gonna be much better there.

  • Maia vs Shields or Fitch would be incredible.

    • shakejunt

      the only other opponent i could see him getting is possibly diego

  • Towers66

    Maia vs shields would be great but I think he’ll start out a little lower down the totem for first WW opponent. He fits that weight class much better as far as size goes in my opinion. Excited to see where he goes with it.

    • MikeMc1983

      Lower down the totem than sheilds? Did I miss something? You’d have to send Maia to strikeforce or king of the cage to find anyone to far below sheilds.

      But maybe not. Sheilds is probably good enough to dry hump Maia for 3 rds.

  • fitefan

    Maia’s problem isn’t his weight, or his cardio, tho questionable cardio isn’t helping him any.
    His problem is insisting on showcasing his terrible stand up skills. His talent is bjj.

    Shields would be a good fight for him, because Shields will go for the takedown. Forcing the fight where Maia needs to be.

    But if Maia continues to attempt to stand with the WW division, he will get pummeled. The weight drop wont help.