Demi Lovato Left Luke Rockhold for a Guy from Bellator

January 3, 2017

Let’s hope Luke Rockhold doesn’t take it too hard. At least not, for his sake, on the chin.

It appears as though the “celebrity” romance between Demi Lovato and Luke Rockhold is over. That relationship fell faster than Rockhold, after a left hook to the face.

According to TMZ, Lovato is now dating Bellator MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, a Brazilian welterweight. Clearly the UFC fanboys might believe that all the best fighters are in the UFC, but Lovato knows differently. Or she has different standards.

He certainly has better tattoos.

Vasconcelos has an MMA record of 8-3. He lost his sole fight in the UFC. If these two decided to scrap in a winner-take-all match for Lovato’s affection, Hot Sauce would certainly take Rockhold and his superior kickboxing. As long as Rockhold can keep his hands up and protect his face.

Rockhold, in all his manliness, shouldn’t have any trouble finding a new hook-up, but whether he can reach Lovato-celebrity status, well that’s another question.


If nothing else, that tiger might still be available.

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  1. I didn’t know they were going out together
    So thats how he got his axx knocked out

    I heard that demi lovato is a b1tch,
    and that can drain the fight out of you

    • I don’t know about the “fight out of you’ bu I’ll bet she can”drain the *** out of you” and not even gag.

  2. The writer actually said that Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos would beat Luke Rockhold with his superior kickboxing…That’s the funniest thing anyone could read…That guy is 8-3, and not 8-3 in Bellator…He’s beat no one and lost to nobodies…He had one fight in the UFC and they cut him because he sucks…His next fight he’s fighting a guy who is 8-7…He’s a joke of a fighter…

    • I can see you can’t read very well, it states “Hot Sauce would certainly take Rockhold and his superior kickboxing” HOT SAUCE IS THE AUTHOR dummy.

      • ^^^Troll alert….No one cares what you think loser…Just continue to be as irrelevant as your response…


  4. Why in the heck did he fondle that tigers balls???

  5. The guy who wrote this article is either extremely jealous of Luke the Nuke Rockhard or in love with him or both. Which ever one it is Luke does not need Demi. She is no where near pretty enough for him. All she did is hurt his incredible career. He can have any woman he wants! I hope now he will concentrate on his career. He will be back better than ever. The COUNT-ERFEIT CLOWN BISPING could have never ligetimately beat Luke if Luke big and little head wete in the right place.

  6. Another reason to pump and dump, you can’t thrust women worst when they are beautiful like that. Most of the time when a relationship ends they point the men, let me tell you that today its 99% women that leave men for other men and they don’t care if there is a house at stack or kids or anything else. Sure glad i took the decision to remain single a part from lousy sex most of the time there is no reason to be with a women all the time they are boring manipulative and cry babies.

  7. Are you totally into ugly chicks or something?

    Some people are

    • Are you molesting that tigers balls sir?

      “Hello police! Its an emergency! For one or the other!”