Demetrius Johnson: ‘I’ve Got to Wait for Others Peoples’ Success for Me to Fight’

February 7, 2015
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UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson hasn’t fought since September of 2014. His inactivity is due in large part to not having a clear challenger.

Johnson has defeated most of the top 125-pound fighters the UFC has to offer: John Dodson, Ian McCall, Joseph Benavidez, Ali Bagautinov, John Moraga, etc.

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So what does the champ do?

“It’s almost got to the point now, I’ve got to wait for other peoples’ success in this sport for me to get a fight,” said the champ.

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  • Lucas Freire

    Move up in weight. Cruz is away, anyway, and he would be a top contender at 135. Remember TJ lost to Dodson on TUF finals, so it’s not like he’ll be facing giants.

  • shakejunt

    i’d honestly be okay with them just signing whoever the “best” free agent was at the moment, sort of like invicta does at times, just to give mm new challenges and add some more depth to the division.

  • blob

    DemetriusssszzZZZZzzzzzzz Johnson

  • Pat Garret

    Not enough, fighters in this division the weight cut to 125 is way too brutal for some people.

  • Sir_Roy

    I have absolutely zero interest in this division. Zero. Zilch. Zip. Nadda. Nothing. Such a shallow talent pool with entirely uninteresting (at least for me) fighters heading the fore. I pass every time.

  • MidgetMouse

    Scrap this division… make them move up to 135.. the line has to be drawn somewhere and this is just a joke… out of interest i check out the weight of a average 14 year old boy… 128lbs… let that sink in for a bit.