Demetrious Johnson Stakes Claim as Best Champion Ever (UFC on FOX 24 Results)

April 15, 2017

As Demetrious Johnson said after UFC on FOX 24 on Saturday in Kansas City, “It was a damn good night.”

Well, it was for him anyway.

Johnson’s fight with No. 3 ranked flyweight Wilson Reis represented his opportunity to match a record held by one of the great fighters of all time, Anderson Silva. Motivated to be recognized as the greatest fighter ever, Johnson put on a master class against Reis.

Johnson showed his superior speed and timing early, a ball of motion, leaving Reis without a target. Constantly shifting stances, Johnson picked Reis apart in the opening frame, landing a stinging jab and then dancing away. He would then drill a blistering kick to the body and again disappear. 

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Even when Reis caught a kick and forced Johnson to the canvas, the champion was immediately back on his feet, landing a knee and a kick to the body almost instantaneously. 

The second round was more of the same, but amplified. Johnson was quickly in and out, hitting and kicking Reis before he could see it coming.

In the final 20 seconds of the round, Johnson drove a knee to Reis’ belly that dropped him to the canvas. Johnson followed him down, raining a brutal onslaught of hammerfists and elbows until the horn.

Johnson kept his frantic pace in round three, again giving Reis nothing to hit, all the while darting in with crushing kicks to the body. 

Late in the frame, Johnson timed a perfect takedown and planted the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt on the canvas. Johnson quickly moved to side control, keeping Reis on his back. Try as he might, the Brazilian couldn’t find a way out from under Johnson. He gained half guard for a time, but Johnson was constantly in his face, landing punches and elbows. 

Johnson eventually worked into full mount, but he was there only briefly. He dropped some punches, snatched Reis’ left arm, and slid off the side to finish the fight with an armbar.

The victory was Johnson’s twelfth consecutive and his tenth UFC flyweight title defense. That positions him in a tie with Anderson Silva’s record for most consecutive UFC title defenses.

Let’s face it, Johnson already had to be considered amongst the greatest ever. There’s no denying he shares the upper crust with Silva, Georges St-Pierre, and Jon Jones. But the dominance and pure fluidity he has displayed recently may have pushed him above any of them.

“GSP, Anderson, they’re great champions, but I’m the best champion that ever stepped in this Octagon,” said Johnson.

Though there has been talk of having him move up to bantamweight to challenge the winner of the upcoming title fight between champion Cody Garbrandt and former titleholder TJ Dillashaw, Johnson is likely to remain at flyweight in order to break Silva’s record.

He did, however, mention what might motivate him to take on the bantamweight champ.

“I already told Dana White I need seven figures. I need a million-dollar payday.”

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  • Timothy Malone

    There is no doubt he is the best flyweight ever, but people are never going to accept him as the GOAT if he doesn’t face the bantamweight champion. I am a big fan but I will become less of one for every fight he keeps taking at flyweight. There is no challenge there left for him.

    • Sean

      He’s fought at bantam weight many times only losing two fights. Silva had cleared his division also and only faught at light heavy twice and never fought the light heavyweight champion when people looked at him as the greatest.

      • Timothy Malone

        When he fought at bantamweight, he lost when he fought the top guys (Pickett and Cruz, and really Pickett isnt even that great). He didn’t beat anyone impressive. This makes it look like he fled the division to fight at flyweight where there wasn’t as much competition. It is clear Silva was never afraid of a challenge. Can we say the same about DJ? It remains to be seen. Fighting Benavidez for best of 5 is going to make me think not.

        • deepgrim

          dodson and benavidez was his only good wins, maybe cejudo- without looking really good i gave cejudo a chance because i thought he might be able to wrestle him.

          • Timothy Malone

            Horiguchi is a decent win as well, even if he did bail for the shallow waters of Rizin

          • deepgrim

            you could say that but horiguchi never faced the other top fighters like benavities, cejudo or dodson

  • TheCerealKiller

    The talent pool at 125 is so small, you could never call him the GOAT. That’s just ridiculous. Most men (80%) are in the 170-205 range naturally. Beating everyone in those weight classes holds a lot more meaning.

    • SavageWanker

      Get real. He displays way more skill than anyone else. He switches from orthodox to southpaw constantly, from striking to grappling, from gnp to submissions. I have been watching MMA since UFC 3 and don’t recall any fighter that is so versatile. GsP, Jones, Silva… They have never shown the ability to move so smoothly from one to the other the way he has done.

      • El Gvapo

        Where were you for UFC 1 & 2 noob?

      • deepgrim

        tj dillashaw moves smoother between both stances. Mighty mouse is very good no doubt, but i cant judge how good he really is because he doesnt have much competition, you could put a lot of champions in against a relatively unskilled fighters and they would look awesome too. Were Jones, GSP, and silva (to a lesser extent) differed is they had opponents that could end the fight in a split second, and the higher the weight class the higher the risk, look at heavyweights, cain velasquez couldnt defend more than twice despite been the best heavyweight the ufc has ever seen, mighty mouse doesn’t face the same risk in a fight. I would like to see him against cruz, dillashaw or cody, then we see him against equally high level fighters

      • Dryden

        He’s doing all of this in the shallowest division in MMA, if he were in a division with legitimate contenders he would have to be MUCH more careful, but he has no competition so he is able to play around and make it look so easy, again, not saying DJ is not unreal at FW, it’s just a shallow division with no competition.

    • Neil Wood

      Dj is hands down the best fighter in the ufc. But unfortunately only real mma fans seem to love him as most people just seem to want to see big people hit each other. I think dj should defend once more to break the record then go up and fight the 135 pound champion.

      • TheCerealKiller

        DJ already lost twice at 135, so I don’t think of him as the greatest of all time. 125 has nobody for him to fight, so breaking the record of defenses is kind of meaningless. Cody Garbrandt says he’s going to move down and fight him, but we’ll see after the Dillashaw fight.

  • Dryden

    No DJ, just no! The last time you faced Championship level fighter you lost to Dominick Cruz. The flyweight division is just so weak, there aren’t like 3-5 guys in the division who could hold the title, it’s just DJ. I am not saying DJ isn’t the best FW in the world, I just don’t agree with him trying to compare his title runs to GSP and Silva, DJ absolutely does not have the level of competition at his weight class to defend against that Anderson and GSP had. I think the UFC should actually fold the FW division.

  • burgerman7

    domick cruz will dominate him. has before will again! This title is as tainted as DC lightheavywieght title!