Demetrious Johnson Gets Belts… and His Floyd Mayweather Moment

May 10, 2017

In the lead-up to his most recent fight, UFC flyweight champion Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson complained that he wanted all of his earned UFC belts.

Yes, Johnson had the belt around his waist, but having seen other champions, such as Daniel Cormier, with multiple belts, he wanted his. 

With his victory over Wilson Reis, Johnson tied Anderson Silva‘s record for most consecutive UFC title defenses with 10. So he wanted to have 10 belts. 

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Part of his motivation was a desire to duplicate Floyd Mayweather Jr.‘s infamous photo with a plethora of belts arranged before him, covering a pool table. 

It seems UFC president Dana White heard Johnson loud and clear. Johnson on Wednesday posted a photo of himself with 10 UFC belts arranged around him, draped over his shoulders, and wrapped around his waist. 

Check it out!



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It took 19 years but they’ll talk about it forever. #tbe #tmt

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Hearing that he wasn’t given a new belt with each title defence just proves how disrespected he is by the UFC. As far as I know, everyone has always gotten a new belt for each title defence!

    • Blobbejaan Blob

      He’s not disrespected. he’s boring as f*ck. His division lacks a fighter that brings spice and excitement.

      • WestChi

        So he’s boring because no one can beat him. Where I’m from we call that dominate skill. Wonder did you call Georges boring back in his day.

        • Blobbejaan Blob

          GSP was OK before he fought Serra. After his Serra loss he fought not to lose instead of trying to finish the fight. Joana is becoming like that as well. You might find MM an exciting fighter but the ticket revenue’s on cards he was headlining speak for themselves.

          • Romulis

            The sales for MM fights are low because no one can touch him, so when he fights everyone knows he will win no contest. He still puts on a show and finishes fights and is constantly working.

          • Blobbejaan Blob

            Back when Ronda Rousey was bantamweight champ she also had an aura of invincibility but her cards were sold out in a heartbeat. The same goes for Anderson Silva back in his heydays. Both were dominant champions who did amazing ticket revenue’s. Sorry your argument is invalid.

  • BlackisyourOrigin

    Mighty Mouse is actually UFC’s biggest star. They just won’t put the $ behind him to propel him like McGregor.

  • el rockola

    And……nobody still cares..

    • shakejunt

      i is said nobody

  • Bakin’ Soda Marketin’

    They should be having a Johnson title fight on every major pay-per-view card. It’s not his fault he’s so much better than everyone else in his division. He doesn’t sell pay-per-views like other champions because everyone already knows he is going to win. The UFC has an amazing fighter and would-be star if they would just get behind him like they did Jones and do McGregor.

  • Johnny Sanchez

    I always thought there was just one belt. I didn’t know they made a new one for every championship fight.