Decision Time for Brock Lesnar: Could UFC Return be on the Horizon?

October 9, 2014
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Former UFC heavyweight champion and current WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar may be coming to a crossroads.

The aging performer is believed to be nearing the end of his current WWE contract, at least according to statements by former WWE commentator Jim Ross to Fox Sports. He believes that Lesnar’s WWE contract could be up following Wrestlemania 31 in March, which leaves the 37-year-old with a decision to make: does he stick with the WWE, give the UFC one more run, or call it a day and retire from both?

“Creatively from a strategic standpoint, WWE will need to find out sooner rather than later if Brock is interested in re-signing or not,” Ross told Fox Sports. He believes Lesnar has a pretty good gig with the WWE, but at 37 years of age and looking as healthy as ever, it could be now or never if Lesnar wants to reconsider fighting.

“It looks to me like he’s gotten back on track,” Ross said. “He looks phenomenal strength-wise. He’s just scary looking. He’s more scary looking than he was before he left [WWE the first time].

“I see no reason he couldn’t have the potential to return to the UFC and sell pay-per-views,” Ross said.

Selling pay-per-views is certainly something Lesnar could do. According to a recent report by The Sports Business Journal, Lesnar is the UFC’s best draw ever, averaging more than 1,000,000 PPV buys per event.

But, as Ross said, Lesnar isn’t always driven by the biggest paycheck or the brightest spotlight. He could very well walk away from both opportunities. After all, Lesnar hasn’t set foot in the Octagon since a December 2011 loss to Alistair Overeem.

“He likes to be with his family and raise his boys,” Ross told Fox Sports. “He’s the kind of guy that can say, ‘I’m done with all of it.'”

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  • Happenstance

    Lesnar wouldn’t survive with today’s heavyweight crop of fighters who are just much more well rounded – Brock’s fight skills only involve his takedowns & hammerfists.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Champion : Cain Velasquez
      1Fabricio Werdum
      2Junior Dos Santos
      3Travis Browne
      4Mark Hunt
      5Stipe Miocic
      6Josh Barnett
      7Andrei Arlovski
      8Bigfoot Silva
      9Roy Nelson
      10Ben Rothwell
      11Alistair Overeem
      12Gabriel Gonzaga
      13Frank Mir
      14Stefan Struve
      15Minotauro Nogueira

      I can see him beating Nelson, Hunt, Mir, Bigfoot, Nog, Struve and maybe Barnett, because Josh would wrestle with him. Any slow or non-striker is a good match for him.

      • Happenstance

        Lesnar’s striking is laughable and his bjj is at a beginners level. I see Hunt, Nelson, Barnett and Silva dropping Brock. At least they can take a punch.

        • Cereal Killer’s Mom

          The thing is, I kinda see where CerealKiller is coming from.
          And I would have said the same thing in 2011 when Brock announced retirement.
          But much has changed since then. I just don’t think Brock is the same athlete anymore.
          Also, he was never tested. God, Cereal Killer can come off as a UFC nuthugger. He says Fedor was never tested. And he makes this comment about a guy whose best win is against Frank Mir.

      • Guest

        Other than Struve, all the other guys you listed or mention would wipe the floor with Brock. They’ll either KO or submit him coz LESNAR SUCKS. Roy has KO power & is black belt in BJJ, same with Bigfoot Silva & Josh. Hunt would unload his fists until Brock turtles up. Nogueira would tap Brock out. You see, C*ck Chestner has no advantage over any of them so go stick to watch dubya dubya E.

        • deepgrim

          apart from his ncaa wrestling predigree and that he is stronger and faster than all the fighters you just mentioned. frank mir has ko power and a black belt and bar the mistake he made in the first fight he got blasted by brock in both fights. a powerful wrestler is hard to beat, just because brock has been in wwe doesnt mean he doesnt have any skills. chael sonnen had only really wrestling but he still beat alot of good fighters

  • Piotr

    Not going to happen. He doesn’t like being hit for real.

  • Joe Dog

    Maybe Elvis Presley will play a concert in Candlestick Park.

  • MuayThaiFood

    There is no point to this article and why would you quote a WWE commentator? He’s scarier looking…lol, funny stuff. He’s not coming back.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Jim Ross is also an MMA commentator now.

      • MuayThaiFood

        Does that change anything?

    • MikeMcK

      I don’t believe When jim said “scarier” he meant it as “someone to fear.” Pretty sure he’s referring to the freak athlete part of him.

      Ross also doesn’t work in wrestling anymore. He hasn’t for years. He does a one man stage show, and a podcast amongst other things.

      This however is a pointless article. It’s soley the thoughts of a man who says he has no inside knowledge, and also said he doesn’t believe Brock will fight again, but that Brock may attempt to play the ufc and www against eachother to get the best www contract he can.
      Only point that the article made that was worth anything is that bricks contract is close to over.

      • brockobama

        WWE is not dumb you retard.
        I am not going to tell Devry that I am also considering Harvard to make more money. Why? Devry will know that there is very little chance that I will go to Harvard.
        WWE guys know Brock ran away from the UFC. UFC guys know Brock ran away from the UFC after a beating he took from Cain and Overeem.
        Finally, Brock knows that he is not going back to the UFC.
        He can make money doing fake wrestling. Why go back to the UFC?
        Competitor in Brock? Uhh…the dude won his NCAA in his early 20’s. He is in his late 30’s.
        I like the guy and I think he had a huge impact on the UFC, but don’t you think Jim Ross is making self-serving comments?

        Let’s analyze Lesnar’s MMA fights (again, no disrespect):
        1. Minsoo Kim –> Did well but let’s not kid ourselves. Kim is a 3rd rate fighter.
        2. Frank Mir –> Loss via typical amateur mistake. You can’t compete with the big bros when you make amateur mistakes.
        3. Heath Herring –> Did well but Heath Herring was a tomato can in Pride.
        4. Randy Couture –> a paper champ in his late 40’s.
        5. Frank Mir –> good win. Frank hasn’t looked the same ever since. This is the beginning of the Brock era.
        6. Shane Carwin –> brutal beating. very brutal. the ref didn’t stop the fight, probably to Brock’s advantage. In any case, he pinnacle of Brock’s reign.
        7. Cain Velasques –>another brutal beating. exactly the same as Carwin fight except the ref stopped the fight.
        8. Alistair Overeem –> very brutal fight. one-sided beating just lie Carwin and Cain fights.
        So his only good was against Frank Mir, with whom he is 1-1.

  • snapdad

    the sad thing is, if ufc did sign brock they would probably make a rubber match with mir, and If brock won they would probably give him a title shot.

    • Werdumbwerdumb

      naw. They may have back in 2011. But in 2014, Mir means nothing.

      • snapdad

        that’s what I was getting at. they would give brock an easy 1st fight back and then give him a title shot. I don’t agree with it, but could see it happen

        • weueuueue

          No. Brock won’t get a title shot after beating Mir.

          The chance is extremely slim.

          In 2011, prior to the Overeem fight, I could see that although even there I would have said unfair.

          • snapdad

            its very unfair, but in the world of dana white, ticket sales are more important than talent and a good record.

          • snapmom

            Umm.. tickets will not be much different for Cain vs brock compared to Cain vs some other guy.
            Brock’s marketability got hurt badly after the Overeem loss. Just read the comments below.

          • snapdad

            mma fans will pay to see brock get his as* kicked, while wwe fans will pay to see how he does. personally I don’t like the idea of brock coming back(and he probably wont), but he would sell a lot of tickets, and dana knows this.

          • Werdumbwerdumb

            Except, Dana also knows that Brock’s services are not cheap. Given how much the UFC paid Brock in the past, and how much the WWE is now paying for Brock, the numbers will not match. Brock will not fight for less than what WWE is paying him and UFC will not enter into a long term contract with a fighter that is on a down streak of his career for a premium.
            Yeah maybe on his return fight, the UFC could pay Brock millions per fight that he will most likely demand. But what after that? Keep feeding Brock cans relying on his fans and anti-fans?

          • snapdad

            i guess it wouldn’t matter because the first can brock faces will probably end up knocking him out.

          • michaelchimique

            that’s not necessarily the case. sure he got beat pretty bad by overeem, there’s an argument there that it was because of his illness. if brock came back the people would tune in to see if that was in fact the case. the intrigue is still there.

          • deepgrim

            yes i think brock will still draw in big numbers, overeem still gets big numbers and he is on a terrible run. i still wonder why overeems win over brock isnt a NC due to overeem been on the juice

          • dumbudmbdada

            Not exactly the issue buddy.

            The issue is not whether Brock will be a big draw. I don’t doubt that.

            The issue is whether Dana White, even assuming how nutty he can be, will give Brock a title shot if he comes back and beats Frank Mir and only Frank Mir.

            The answer is no. Dana White is crazy but not that crazy.

  • Scoobykater

    We love you, Brock! We all want to see you make out with Dana!

    • Guest

      Dana is too busy smooching with Conor McGregor

      • macarrech

        while fingering Rhonda

  • dandogood

    that huge white apeman Brock cannot take a punch. $5 million dollar body and ten cent jaw.

  • Mike Sisco

    he can take a punch he doesnt like to get hit when you say cant take a punch thats more like saying he has a glass jaw….kinda like the iceman toward the end of his career where a stiff jab could knock him out

  • Anthony S. Garrone

    As much as I want to see Brock return to the UFC, I think it is better for him to stick with the WWE for a lot of money. He doesn’t like getting hit for real and I think his time spent in the UFC is done for. I also don’t think he has anything else to prove in the UFC as well because he not only surprised me by holding the UFC heavyweight championship, he drew 1,600,000 PPV buys at UFC 100. He also held over 1,000,000 PPV buys at other UFC events when he was Champion and when he defeated Couture for the title. Not to mention if he returns to the UFC, he may get sick again. If I were him, stick with WWE and have him remain there until it is time to retire!

  • dandogood

    Lesnar is just a steroid lab created white ape with no neck and few brains.

    • Gary Fredericks

      You’re and ape if you really believe most of what you just said.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Funny how many of you can call a white guy like Lesnar a “white ape” but all hell breaks loose when anyone calls a black fighter a “black ape”. I wonder what would happen if one called Cain Velasquez a “Brown Ape”? Gotta love double standards!

  • dandogood

    Brock Lesnar the white gorilla has the jaw of a child.