Death Wish or PR Stunt? Undefeated Boxer Tyson Fury Calls Out UFC Champ Cain Velasquez

January 4, 2013
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Cain Velasquez at UFC 155British boxing champion Tyson Fury has had trouble luring either of the famed Klitschko brothers into a boxing match, so he took to Twitter on Friday to call out UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, whether it be in a cage or a ring.

“If the klitchkos r 2 much of (expletive) to fight me then I’ll go & fight the MMA heavyweight champ at least he is game. Wouldn’t last 2 rounds!” Fury tweeted.

“@cainmma I challenge u to fight all in in a cage or ring! It could be billed as the man vs midget lets get it on! U small stif idiot. Tit!”

Fury is a six-foot-nine-inch, 250-pound British heavyweight boxer with several regional titles, as well as the WBO Intercontinental championship, to his credit. He is 20-0 as a professional with 14 knockouts to his credit.

Tyson FuryAs mentioned, he has been lobbying for a fight with either Wladimir or Vitali Klitschko. Between them, the Klitschko brothers currently hold all of the major world heavyweight boxing titles, and to become a world champion, Fury would have to defeat one or the other.

That is likely what led to his outburst on Twitter.

It’s unlikely that he truly wants to fight Velasquez on his turf in the Octagon, but making waves via social media could be his way of garnering some attention, trying to ramp up interest in a fight with one of the Klitschkos.

Who better to pull into his lobbying efforts than UFC president Dana White, whom Fury included on many of his tweets. White was an early adopter of social media and is nearing 2.5 million followers on Twitter.

The only boxer in the modern era to actually try and compete in the Octagon was James Toney, and that didn’t exactly go so well for the world champion boxer, despite more than two decades of combat experience.

Toney legitimately trained for the fight, but former UFC champion Randy Couture choked Toney out little more than three minutes into the boxer’s one and only mixed martial arts fight.

That, however, isn’t stopping Fury from continuing to rant on and on via Twitter.

“I’m the new baddest man on the planet I’ll smash @cainmma. Let’s get it on!” he continued. “I can’t make u all dream of the beating I’d give @cainmma. Can’t blame him blame @danawhite coz he knows I’d (expletive) his man up!”

Whether or not Fury’s publicity campaign actually grows any legs or not remains to be seen, but it’s highly unlikely that there is a showdown with UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, in a cage or a ring, anywhere on Fury’s horizon.

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  • AJ

    Lord have mercy

  • Anthony Lopez

    Hahahahaha! We will neeeever see this materialize. He’s just trying to get his name out there because boxing is on it’s last legs. Although I would like to see him get destroyed by Cain

  • Isabella Ramona

    I’d LOVE for DW to main-event the fight and then watch Brown Pride absolutely torture this dude for 25 minutes. If this guy is serious, he obviously doesn’t understand that Cain could literally beat him to a legal death inside the Octagon.

  • Mickey

    Have him fight Stefan Struve

  • Joey

    I am 99% this is a PR stunt on his end. Its working to. I had never heard of the guy before this and now I have read 3 seperate articles about him with a lot of info on him.

    If Dana wants to shut boxers up and stop these type of bonehead call outs in the future he needs to surprise this idiot with an immediate call to his management and offer him the fight. If he takes he takes it, he gets stomped like Toney did. If he doesn’t accept, White can call him out on social media and call him a b*tch.

    • bajafox

      Definitely nothing but a PR stunt, I even thought it was Mike Tyson who called him out when I read the title, lol.

      Give him Roy Nelson, that guy has the great wall of china under that beard and could easily knock this fool out

    • Charles_Dilkes

      Yeah man…. As if Fury gives a crap, nobody cares about UFC apart from suburban yankies. I also seem to recall JDS calling out the Klitschkos in days past – it’s not a one way street, there’s trash talk on both sides of the fence.

  • Hadr Barry

    I’m still surprised that no legit boxers have taken up mma (as in properly take it up, not like James Toney). We haven’t seen the full evolution of mma until a high level boxer who has had time to train his wrestling has got in there. So many of the current fighters would get jabbed to death for a start. As for Fury, he is a gypsy so he is probably wasted. The worst fighters are pure standup guys with zero grappling skills. They don’t even look like fighters when they are in the cage. Look at all the K1 guys that came in, like Schilt, Hari etc. They just looked so bad, got taken down and tapped out

    • Anthony Lopez

      You’re not gonna see legit boxers training full time in MMA, because boxers still make waaay more money than MMA fighters do. Until the pay balances (which I personally hope it doesn’t) we won’t see boxers changing careers

    • Tepin

      There have been many legit boxers who transitioned into MMA!

      • Hadr Barry

        Can you name one? There are some MMA guys that I think have a higher level than other mma fighters like Nick Diaz, and JDS, and Anderson Silva, but I’ve never seen a legit boxer that I have heard of, train and fight mma. I personally never understood why boxing was more popular and had more money than kickboxing, it seems like an accident or maybe because kickboxing may have been illegal in the US in some states. A kickboxer should kick a boxers ass.

        • Jon Hayes

          boxing is more popular because of the simplicity of it (at least from a viewing perspective). Pure fists. Amazing to watch.

          • Scotty_O

            *was more popular

        • Tepin

          When you said legitimate I thought you meant skilled or talented, not famous.

          Obviously if they weren’t picked up by the promotional machines of the sport they weren’t any good at it.

  • El Gvapo

    Even here in the uk this dude isn’t taken seriously. He’s average at best and wouldn’t touch either of the Klitschos if a fight ever happened, heavyweight boxing is dead anyway at the moment. If anyone gets the chance to see or hear this guy’s trash talk, I’d highly recommend it. It’s hilarious, so bad it’s good.

    Seriously though, he can’t mean fighting an mma bout against Cain surely?

  • Oh, boxing still exists then…

    • b-soc

      No, boxing is extinct. It died with Manny getting face planted. Its like a big fire was put out. These are little hot spots which are of no consequence.

      • onehitwonder

        good one

  • GoNoles

    so some flabby panzy from boxing that uppercuts himself in the face is talking big? hah who the f cares, if you dont believe me just type in tyson fury uppercuts himself in youtube and itll pop right up.i would post a direct link but i dont think you can dude it on here with getting your comment deleted or whatever.either way though this dudes is a panzy and im not even a cain fan but he would wreck this dude. i say if he really has the nuts give em cormier and let him get treated like a scally wag hah

    • Charles_Dilkes

      Errrr, so did Mike Tyson – it happens from time to time to boxers.

  • DamianCross

    Don’t know the guy, doubt he’d win BUT I admit I would still pay full ppv price to see it.

  • Solidmemory

    Why bother to write a story about this? who cares

    • Scotty_O

      I do. I love this nonsense! I say set it up!

      But like Bajafox said, give him Big Country, he dosen’t deserve a shot at the champ.

  • JTM78

    One take down and it’s over

  • nobody

    Daniel Cormier that’s who he should fight

  • Lawdog1521

    This is the result of DW giving Toney a shot. Screw this guy. If he wants in the UFC, make him fight in TUF. He wouldn’t make it out of the first round of fights.

  • wilflet

    Add this to the next UK card now!

  • BobLemons

    Dana should try and set this up immediately. I wouldn’t worry about clogging up the UFC HW title picture, they can still keep everything as it is, because it’s not as if Cain would need a training camp, and he’d come out of the fight fresh as a daisy and ready to train for his next (legitimate) challenger.

    If it happened, I’d hope Cain wouldn’t try for a stoppage and would instead opt to just make a mess of his face until the doctors stop it. What a clown.

  • mike

    Here in the UK fury is a joke.Dana should ask tyson griffen to share the cage with fury and make the guy scream for his mama.

    • Guest

      Aren’t all of the heavyweight boxers from the UK a joke?

      • Jon Hayes

        david price is not a joke. if the uk heavyweights are a joke then what are the us heavyweights?

      • Charles_Dilkes

        What you smoking? Tyson Fury is better than any American heavyweight. He will likely win a title at some point – he’s only 24 even if he is Britain’s number two.

  • Alanimal Scorer

    The guy is an absolute penis of the highest order he is only doing this as he is terrified to get in the boxing ring with david price who will destroy him in one round however give him to cain that will be even more fun haha

  • Guest

    Why can’t ” journalist” actually do research ? 50 year old Ray Mercer knocked out cold Sylvia with his first punch ? In a boxing match this guy would destroy cain . I read the dos santos said he would beat Klitchko in a boxing match , LOL.. his boxing wouldn’t get him in the top 25 in a boxing ring .

    • Lorenzo Rodriguez

      Yes this garbage heavyweight boxer that no one has heard of would most likely beat Cain in Boxing and Cain would stomp his ass out in MMA, and…..

  • 123

    i remember watching james degale fight on channel 5 & they interviewed tyson fury, made me laugh

  • Guest

    Who??? I don’t know who this guy is but he already sucks if he’s British

  • dgs

    All boxers have is a boxers chance in MMA. That’s all they will ever have. As we all (or at least those of us who train) known now, closing the gap and getting a take down on a pure boxer is pretty easy.

    Cain would have this fool on the ground within 30 seconds of the fight starting, and then it would take him another 30 seconds to either submit or pound him into oblivion. If Cain could take down Dos Santos at will, a fighter who in my opinion has the best take down defense since Chuck Liddel, I don’t see him having a whit of trouble getting this idiot down.

    • Charles_Dilkes

      Hm, I seem to recall JDS dominating the heavyweight division for some time and he’s a boxer. All boxers need is adequate takedown defences and they seem to do very well.

  • This man has to fight first Steven Seagal .

  • Don’t call him pikey

    Haha, what a loser. His boxing is awful let alone his spelling. Think Brad Pitt in Snatch without the fighting skills or trickery. The world of boxing is truly now a circus, and here is its biggest clown.

  • Maddawgmar

    I’ve said it for years, put an mma fighter in a boxing ring, they get smashed. Put a boxer in an mma cage, they get smashed. We’ve seen a boxer go to MMA, I’d like to see a mma fighter fight a legitimate boxer. JDS v Klitchco, anyone?

  • Charles_Dilkes

    Do me a favour ‘Toney legitimately trained’ – what you smoking? Did you see the state of the man? I seem to recall Ray Mercer knocking Tim Silvia out with one punch as well. Hmmmmmm.

    Anyway, this is all trash talk – Fury won’t fight this Cain bloke – why would he care? He’ll likely be fighting a Klitschko later this year.

  • You have no chance

    Hope you work on your ground game Baby Huey.