A Deal Between the UFC and Gina Carano is Tantalizingly Close (Dana White Scrum Video)

August 31, 2014
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Dana White, in a post-UFC 177 scrum with reporters, talks about the UFC’s progress in closing a deal with Gina Carano, saying it is tantalizing close, and another possible opponent for Ronda Rousey.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    I won’t watch it. Bring in Cyborg or stop it already.

    • youarestupid

      Just as soon as she gets off the smack and drops down to normal female weight.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Her next fight is set for 135lbs. You are stupid.

  • eddie eagle

    Gina Carano will never see 135lbs and possibly never see 145lbs to fight. Carano is huge and cannot act. Carano ain’t fought in 5 years after getting destroyed by KO to Cyguy. Carano is a joke.

    • Yannick Messaoud

      Bang right on the money, yeah i just saw the movie In the Blood and you are so right she was huge in there, far from being a 145 pounds. She as not fought in 5 years but people seem to reply on a name instead of fight history, what she is gonna train 3 months and get the Roussy fight right away, Ronda gonna beat her up silly, many hate her but she is on top of everyone and she is getting better and better each fight so scary. No way Carrano will make weight for that fight if she does its gonna be a one sided fight cause she will be untrained and too weak.

      • eddie eagle

        saw the same movie and Carano looked twice as big as her guy friend. Gina is huge and also an MMA fraud.

  • eddie eagle

    Carano will be 200lbs soon and should try to get a guy before Carano really balloons up. 2-3 kids and carano is 250lbs and in a trailer.

  • David Huenecke

    Caranos secret weapon, master toddy, Hahahaha Jk. She’ll get trounced and put back to her b-list movie career.

  • brad king

    Funny how every article about Gina the word tantalizing is thrown in. She is the hottest looking girl in MMA though. There would be most likely 1,000,000 ppv to watch her in action win lose or draw. Rhonda dont have that kinda star power no matter how hard MMA Weekly tries to make her seem interesting. Dana oughta get Gina on board make her the champ and throw Rhonda to Cyborg. Then womans’s MMA would be come enormous!

  • eddie eagle

    Gina could be a stand in for Melissa McCarthy on Mike Mike and Molly TV show. Gina is huge and closer to 200lbs now. complete fake MMA fighter.

  • eddie eagle

    Gine “semi truck frame” Carano is huge now 198lbs is a glory seeking marginally talented MMA fighter and a lousy movie actor with zero screen presence. Cyborg exposed Carano as a fraud and a fake and KO’d the Cowrano sending KO’d Gina out of MMA for 5 years. There are no fights for the huge carano to be in at 135 unless it’s half of Carano?

  • eddie eagle

    Carano wants money and is broke. want to get rid of the fake fraud minimal skilled semi truck framed Carano just announce an UFC 145lb division for Woman and the 1st PPV fight is Carano vs Cyborg. Watch Cowrano run away then and disappear another 5 years. Carano will be 200lbs plus after spitting out 2-3 kids. watch this fraud fade away now.

    • Lefty0521

      what a hater. your probably like 300 lbs yourself. only people who are ugly and disgusting talk smack about people online. your probably sitting on your fat a$$ right now shoving your face and looking for people beautiful people to talk smack about to try and make yourself feel better….good luck with that.