Dave Herman’s Wife Releases Video of Fighter Being Tased and Arrested

January 24, 2015
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Former UFC and current Titan FC fighter Dave Herman was arrested in the early morning hours of Jan. 20 by the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department in Indiana. Herman’s wife has since released a video of the arrest.

The police report noted, “(Herman) refused to stop and led Officers in a 2 ½ -3 mile pursuit. David Herman exited the 334 mile marker exit and drove west on US Highway 6 before stopping at a gas station. David exited his vehicle and approached Officers in an aggressive manner.

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“David was given multiple warnings to get on the ground and failed to comply. David had to be tased in order to be taken into custody.”

Herman’s wife, who was in the car along with their infant child, on Wednesday released a video on YouTube showing how the arrest went down, noting that the reason they did not immediately pull over was because Herman was looking for a well lit, safe area to stop, and that the gas station was their first opportunity.

Below is the report that the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department posted to Facebook on Tuesday, although it has subsequently been deleted.

Incident: Vehicle Pursuit

Date: 01/20/2015 at 1:13 am
Location: I-69 SB at the 340 mm
Suspect: David J. Herman
Fort Wayne IN

On January 20th, 2015 at approximately 1:13 am a vehicle was observed traveling southbound on I-69 near the 340 mile marker in Ashley IN with no headlights or taillights traveling at a high rate of speed. Officers attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver, David Herman, refused to stop and led Officers in a 2 ½ -3 mile pursuit. David Herman exited the 334 mile marker exit and drove west on US Highway 6 before stopping at a gas station. David exited his vehicle and approached Officers in an aggressive manner.

David was given multiple warnings to get on the ground and failed to comply. David had to be tased in order to be taken into custody. An infant and adult female were also present in the vehicle. No one sustained any injuries in the incident. David is being charged with Resisting law enforcement with a vehicle a level 6 felony, Battery against law enforcement a level 6 felony, Neglect of a dependant a level 6 felony, and Resisting law enforcement a Class A misdemeanor. The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department was assisted by the Waterloo Marshals Department. 

Deputy Jarrid Treesh
DeKalb County Sheriff’s Department

As of Wednesday morning, Herman was still listed as “in custody” at the DeKalb County Jail.

Below is the video of the incident that Herman’s wife, Madeleine Herman, posted.

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  • used2bgood


    • Milosc

      Herman did the right thing

      If I had my wife/baby on board, on a deserted road like that, I would have done the same thing. The police officers should have taken a moment to listen. After finding out what happened, they should have let him go

      All balls, no ears. This was about ego

      • ShootingFromTheHip

        Oh my god — you idiots are exactly what’s wrong with America. Grow up, kid. The police aren’t out to get you. Being anti-authority for no good reason smacks of teenage angst.

        Comply with officers and act rationally and bad stuff won’t happen to you. Police officers face scum bags all the time trying to get one up on them. No one can blame them for being cautious. Step number one for avoiding the wrong end of a justified police ass whooping: don’t be a smart ass douche bag.

        • Sir_Roy

          I don’t entirely disagree. With either point.

          You do not HAVE to stop exactly where the cops want you to if you feel strongly enough that your safety would be compromised in so doing.

          Have you seen some of the insane locations cops have pulled cars over in?

          Herman, being a public figure, wanted to pull over in a secure location (especially so with his family to tow). What he should have done, was put his hazard lights on indicating an acknowledged willingness to comply. He should also have gotten on the f’n ground when told upon exiting the vehicle (or remained in said vehicle until the cops stated what they wanted him to do exactly).

          Maybe he’s got reason to suspect foul play. Maybe he’s got less than savory individuals interested in having words. Playing “cop” is a method used by less than benevolent parties from time to time. Who knows.

          • Timothy Malone

            The problem is if you don’t pull over immediately the cops assume you are destroying evidence (like eating drugs or something) or even preparing a weapon. It immediately causes you to look suspicious and makes them hostile.

          • Sir_Roy

            You’re right … but what it should make them is cautious not hostile.

            We all have rights. I recommend everyone simply Google what our rights are when cops move to pull you over and abide by them. Including what you should say and / or do should various requests be made of you. What you can refuse, and when you are obliged by law to comply.

            There would be oh so much less aggression between Police and civilians overall. Unfortunately, many men and women in law enforcement begin their careers for the pseudo power it gives over others and because subconsciously (or not) they need to dominate. There needs to be better psychological profiling done before letting a person wear a badge. That said, I’d hate to live in the dog eat dog world we would have without a police force!

        • pooopppooooo

          is that why america has more people in prison than all the other countries of the world combined?

          • ShootingFromTheHip

            Please. There is simply no correlation. Lest you also want to include the unrelated factoid that America also allows more immigrants into the country than any other nation.

          • Urdad

            So the jails are filled with immigrants? Please hang yourself ugly.

          • ShootingFromTheHip

            Are you retarded? That’s not what I’m saying. God i hope you don’t have kids. There are enough out there being raised by morons.

          • Groinstrike

            lol pooopppooooo… That’s because a lot of the countries around the world just shoot the people who break the law. Or cut off their limbs.. Or put them in labor camps. Also other countries around the word don’t have millions of illegal citizens crossing their borders.

          • urdad

            you watch too much tv, ugly.

        • indy

          this is really as close to a perfect reply as you can get. good stuff SFTH. wish we had more people like you.

        • Urtooldad

          That must be why there are videos of police abuse all over the internet, because “Comply with officers and act rationally and bad stuff won’t happen to you.”
          Tools like you is what is wrong with America.

          • ShootingFromTheHip

            Haha! Man, you’re so immature. Stop backing dumb communities that think the police are out to get them. You’re making yourself look stupid aligning your perspective of police with theirs. I bet you’re a millennial. You guys are plankton floating in an ocean of ignorance and stupidity, swaying your perspectives of the world with the ebbs and flows of what media (and in turn the rest of your unthinking peers) tell you to believe.

    • ShootingFromTheHip


  • billywood

    grasping at straws. No respect for police. Creating confrontation for no good reason. When you have guys in full on police uniforms, with a cop car and guns drawn on you yelling to get on the ground you do it. Even if your paranoia makes you think theyre imposters what are you gonna do?

    • Milosc

      Gerard John Schaefer

    • indy

      do you think they are looking for a law suit? the way she has everything on video. very suspicious. herman didn’t follow direct orders from the police. I don’t think he should be able to get a bunch of money for acting that way.

  • drkdisciple

    “Drove for 3 miles” with the cops behind him, referred to cops as “armed strangers”?…this guy is an idiot, hard to feel sorry for him.

    • Milosc
      • drkdisciple

        So I guess everyone the cops try to stop should continue driving and the say I though you guys were Gerard John Schaefer’s step brothers! Of course when they see the cop’s identify themselves with a badge they can also claim that they did not follow orders because they thought it was a fake badge.

    • Jeff

      No youre the idiot. I have a friend who does this EVERY time because a POS cop almost shot him over a PERSONAL dispute then waited and ambushed him weeks after the incident. So when you haven’t had an experience like that you are the uniformed unknowing idiot.

      • drkdisciple

        Good one kid, I am sure your friend was framed by the one armed man lol

      • ShootingFromTheHip

        Hah! You and your “friend” are out of your minds! How do you bozos even function in society??

        • indy


      • LordBacon

        Your imaginary friend must be very unlucky,

      • Steve from Ohio

        If a police officer asks you to pull over, you do it. If they ask you to simply stop walking, and you don’t.. you will get tazed and beat down. He is a complete jerk and arrogant fuckhead, so is his dumbass wife and so are you. You all think you are so smart. Just obey the law and nothing will happen.

        • Urdad

          Actually “the law” requires that police officers show 3 forms of I.D. upon request. They did not prove that they were police officers and Herman had no reason to assume that they were. Who did you say the dumbass was?

          • Bill84

            There is NO law in ANY of the United States, whether Local law, State law or Federal Law, that says Police must show 3 forms of ID. None…nowhere. It is a fallacy.

  • Sensei_jr

    Is Herman looking for a role in the next Sensei Seagal movie? Tased For Justice 2!

  • TheCerealKiller

    As soon as he got out of the car, he became the aggressor. Then he wouldn’t obey their orders. This is all on you Dave. If he would have just rolled down the windows and put his hands on the wheel or dash, none of this would have happened.

    • Urdad

      Hey Ugly. He’s not required to obey any “orders” by police officers, unless they prove that they are indeed police officers. As far as Herman is concerned they could have been thugs with stolen uniforms.
      How do you manage to be such a dummy?

      • Juniorjames

        It is very easy. His idiot wife obviously hada cell phone. You call 911 and say “there is a cat work emergency lights behind me. Can you verify they are police?” Then, once they verify that they are, you tell the 911 dispatcher that you are going to stop at the nearest gas station or well lit area. You don’t just keep driving and you sure as hell don’t get out of the vehicle and start walking towards the squad car. He’s an idiot. She’s an idiot. Your argument is a joke. If he was so worried about the police being “fake” then follow the directives now that you’re in well lit area. 3 forms of id? BS. My badge, my squad and my police I’d if I must. Other than that. Stfu and do as you’re told and at worst he may have gotten a ticket.

      • taylor2008

        THugs dont follow you with the lights to a gas station and yell out orders like they did. We had this happen several times around chicago but once th poeople drove to a lit area like a gas station or store lot they just left. Thugs in uniform only try to get you in dark places.

    • taylor2008

      Exactly! These idiots point the finger at the cops but all you have to do is follow the directions from them and you wont get tazed or shot. Poeple need to quit blaming the police!

  • Jarrett

    quick to attack people these American police. How is anyone safe if they are supposed to be public protectors?

  • mmalive

    NO ONE RESPECTS police PERIOD. Today that white cop that shot Treyvon Martin got off. No Charges. The same goes for the cops from NY for choking a man to death. No way Herman acted wrong for his actions. Ed did what any sensible person with wife and kid would have done. Best of luck man.

    • Huh?

      Treyvon Martin was NOT shot by a white cop. Kind of helps when you know what your talking about.

    • Darin

      White cop??? I think you mean half Mexican lunatic with a history of threatening people with guns. George Zimmerman was not a cop. You’re probably confusing Martin with Michael Brown.

    • taylor2008

      You mean Michael Brown? The thug that took stuff from a store then pushed away the owner away like f-you….then continued to walk down the middle of the street like a tough guy. Then when the cop came he was defiant and went at the cop and wrestled with the cop to try and take his gun….twice? Then came at the cop a 3rd time grunting and pissed off and thats when the cop shot him. The cop NEVER shot him in the back and NEVER did brown have his hands up in the air with his back turned. That was the lie the people gave. Real witnesses told the story I told and the forensic investigation proved he wasnt shot in the back but in the front.
      Is this the story you are trying to talk about? Sorry but Brown was a thug that did not listen to police and fought the police….and tried to take the gun. So it would have been ok for an honest cop to have his gun taken and shot while the thug POS got away? Thats why people like you are ruining this country and the wacko liberl protestors have NO clue what went on besides listening to the liberal run media that fueled the racial flames.

    • ShootingFromTheHip

      You, my friend, are a cretin.

  • benoit

    I just watched the video. As an european, I really think the policeman is totally crazy. At least, he is white and got only tased…Poor America, it’s just a pity

    • drkdisciple

      I watched many videos from Europe…you guys are doing amazing well. Out of control unemployment rate and countries going bankrupt. Hard to understand why most you guys want to immigrate to North America.

      • What?!?

        Your economy, jobs and factories are owned by China. Your dollar has no gold coverage, after all there is no gold if Fort Knox…Think again about your own economy, before making an argument. Oh and let`s not forget you are the most aggressive nation world wide. It`s a some twisted joke, people want to immigrate to North America.

        • drkdisciple

          Gotta love those guest accounts with 1 post.

      • benoit

        what’s your point? I wa speaking about your police, not economy. But, whatever, just think about your debt…

    • ShootingFromTheHip

      Benoit? You sound like a gay.

      • benoit

        I am not from Texas, I am not from the US and I am proud of it, suceur de bite. but, whatever, I would slap you in your face, fat kid…go back to your local mc Donald’s… Ronnie has it hard and needs your help !

        • ShootingFromTheHip

          Hah! Only faggy frenchman slap other dudes in the face and butt. Come to Nevada and I’ll show you how we lay motherfuckers out in America.

          • benoit

            Great Fat Kid !!!!

    • ShootingFromTheHip

      Well, they could have just showed up and ran away from conflict like your sissy French police during the initial attack on Charlie Hebdo.

  • snapdad

    this was not police brutality, this was dave herman being defiant. as a police officer, you don’t know who you are dealing with on a daily basis, you don’t know what people’s intentions are. that’s why they tell you to stay where you are, and put your hands where we can see them. put yourself in the cops shoes, and you pulled someone over, after they have led you 3 miles down the road. and if that person is not cooperating, it could be your life on the line. I would have reacted the same way if I was in that cops shoes. its easy to look at a situation and say, I would have done this or that, but when it comes down to it, you have to protect yourself.

  • Darin

    Everything Herman did was stupid. His wife’s explanation is just as dumb. He got out of the car and moved toward the cops because he didn’t want “armed strangers” approaching his car? You could clearly see they were cops, dummy. If Herman were black, they would have used guns, not a taser.

    Have you seen the video of the Phoenix cop that was shot in the face and killed a few weeks back? He was just having a calm conversation with a guy that hadn’t really done much wrong, when the dude suddenly whipped out a pistol and unloaded on the cop. That is what these guys deal with every day. Cops have families to protect too, and they can’t very well do that if they’re dead. That is why they react defensively when a huge dude like Herman runs from them, then jumps out of his car and starts demanding ID. Cops have a right to see his ID too, had he bothered to show it before he started insisting on seeing theirs?

    I think the wife is trying to spin this into a court case that will result in a settlement payday. It won’t.

  • You are wrong

    Driving around with your baby without headlights or taillights? You should be arrested for child endangerment. Child Protective Services should take your baby away from you. You obviously were not thinking of your child.

    • Salpicon788


    • Shananigans

      If you carefully hear the video they started experiencing trouble with their vehicle while they were driving. I’m not agreeing with what he did. He shouldn’t of gotten out of his car. But there was no reason to arrest him after they explained the situation. If he was so aggressive he would of actually attacked them. There was more than one cop! One could of easily pulled security while the other showed some form of identification. Some of these charges were unnecessary. But this will have to waits until the hearing takes place. You cannot simply imply that they put their kid in danger, because he didn’t. Them as parents stopped at a well lit place with cameras to have a slight sense of security. I understand that being a cop is no safe job, but if they were concerned so much with their safety they should of checked the vehicle alot sooner without giving their back to the vehicle to ensure nobody that could potentially hurt them was there with a weapon of any sort.

      • Jefferson

        Get real Mr. Terrible grammar! If a police officer had to show “Three forms of I.D.” as this crazy twosome requested to every person about to be lawfully arrested, there would be a huge spike in officer injuries and deaths. It’s not safe. Once safely in custody, the officers had no problem showing their police I.D. to the evil woman with the cell phone camera. These two are a fine example of what’s wrong with America!

  • taylor2008

    I agree what Dave did was stupid, and he was probably just being defiant. The problem is that there have been a LOT of people posing as cops and federal agents and were not. Just recently outside of chicago there was a guy with the uniform, badge, ID, bullet proof jacket and other stuff and he was pretending to be a federal agent. He did several things in a few towns around here. He looked legit. In the past there have been guys that made their car to look like and unmarked car and put up the light and everything…..and was pulling women over. Some got raped, some took off. But in this case it looks like he is trying to be defiant and his wife is trying to get a lawsuit going.

  • Progression Jiu-Jitsu

    When the police are trying to pull over a vehicle and it does not stop they should be concerned for their safety. So, Herman’s wife says he was looking for a safe spot to stop. Fair enough but then he fails to listen to the officers commands to get to the ground. Once the officers have control of the situation Herman would have had a chance to explain his actions. “There is No such Thing as a Routine Traffic Stop” See attached link. http://www.forcescience.org/index.html

  • Dave Mitchell

    The police attempt to stop a vehicle and the driver fails to stop. The police should wonder why and be concerned for their safety. Herman’s wife says he was looking for a safe place to stop. Fair enough but then he gets out of the vehicle and walks towards the police officers failing to listen to their commands. He asks for ID. The police officers are in uniform in a marked police vehicle and have weapons. If Herman had listen to their commands then he would have had a chance to explain his actions after the officers had the situation under control. People these officers have families that they want to get home to and “THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A ROUTINE TRAFFIC STOP”. An officer is killed every 58 hours in the U.S. See attached links: http://www.officer.com/article/10952972/routine-traffic-stops

    • Sir_Roy

      Scary statistic. One officer every 58 hours. Damn.

  • Foolishman

    Good luck with your set up for a law suite Mr. and Mrs. Herman he jumps right out of car and you have your phone ready to record the whole thing easy to figure out what you are up to here!

  • Bobby Jones

    Defaming? HA. All of his fans will be devastated.

  • james j

    The Dave Herman fan club of 2 is sad. Nut job

  • A Cohen

    If this was a scheme to trump up a lawsuit then I have no sympathy and he got what he deserved. If not then it’s just plain stupid. Either way Sorry, Ms. Herman, but it appears you married badly, dumbass husband and a lousy fighter. Cut your losses before he pulls you down.

  • Johnny Cochran

    Lol where in the world did they hear that police need to present 3 forms of id?! Lol this isnt true.

  • richard

    Lady, you need as much help as he does. Feel sorry for the kid.

    • Axem

      How so? What did she do wrong?

  • Beacon50


  • Johnny Gotz

    “I beg my Liberty brothers and sisters” ? That tells it all. You should be arrested too for conspiring against law enforcement.

  • Jefferson

    I can’t believe these two. If the police are trying to stop you while driving in a vehicle, pull over. Engaging the police in a pursuit and then disobeying commands during a lawful arrest are not “trumped up” charges. The thing is, she’s worse than he is. After watching her ridiculous video I can’t help but believe she was the reason he engaged the police in a pursuit. It’s too bad Dave has to be the one to receive the entire punishment and not his wife.

  • Jim

    This wife is a total moron it’s laughable when lights and sirens go in it doesn’t mean stop in 3 miles it means stop now. She is living in fantasy world he was under arrest when he failed to pull over for 3 miles not after he was tased

  • Jeff Tew

    Couple of idiot. They got what they deserved.