Dave Herman’s UFC 153 Marijuana Suspension Includes Rehab Requirement

November 8, 2012

07-Dave-Herman-UFC-146-weighStephan Bonnar and Dave Herman failed their drug tests following their respective bouts at UFC 153 on Oct. 13 in Brazil. Now, each has been handed down his suspension by UFC officials.

Since Brazil does not have a sanctioning body to oversee mixed martial arts, the UFC policed itself at UFC 153, hiring a third party company to administer drug testing. UFC 153 was held at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro.

Bonnar test positive for steroids and received a one-year suspension earlier this week, although he has already indicated that he is retired and will not fight again.

Herman – who test positive for marijuana – did not receive his suspension until Thursday.

Herman has been suspended for “six months from the day of the fight and must undergo and participate in an approved rehabilitation program, and have a clean drug test when the suspension is over, UFC vice president of regulatory affairs Marc Ratner told MMAWeekly.com.

While the UFC is forced to police itself in jurisdictions without a commission, such as Brazil, they did take Herman’s case a step further than most athletic commissions. Most commissions would likely have suspended Herman, but not necessarily added the requirement that he attend an approved rehab program.

Herman will be eligible to return from suspension, granted he meets all of the necessary requirements, on April 13, 2013.

Both Bonnar and Herman’s suspensions were reported to the Association of Boxing Commissions for addition to the ABC’s database that tracks official suspensions.

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  1. Forced rehab for weed. What a joke!

    • lol, they should put him on intervention since weed is so hard to quit doing

  2. Hella gay!!

  3. What a bunch bull… for weed, wow

  4. Too bad the fight wasn’t in Colorado, eh?

    • Plus its still a federal crime

      • Yeah, I live in Colorado, so I was just kidding. Legalization for a small amount passed the vote, but it’s going to get tied up in the federal laws for sure. Most pundits seem to think they will basically ignore busting the casual user though.

  5. And does Diaz have to go to rehab as well? Oh wait, UFC kisses his ass for some stupid reason.

  6. Hahahaha silly UFC they would make someone go to rehab for a non addictive drug. How about they start doing more testing and get the people using steroids to rehab before they are allowed to use TRT due to the steroids ravaging of the body.

  7. that is ridiculous, this is right after Colarado voted for legalized recreational use of pot. This is just dumb and a waste of money. All show

  8. “Bob Saget: Marijuana is not a drug. I used to suck d!ck for coke.
    Rehab patient: I seen him!
    Bob Saget: Now that’s an addiction, man. You ever suck some d!ck for marijuana?”

    • Fear and Loathing. Best quote of the movie by far. Also, best Bob Sagat performance ever.

      • Think you mean half baked there mike

    • The rehab patient was a former cast member of the real world. Fun fact you may want to know

  9. Well, 6 months could be worse. Lame at he was penalized at all. I’d like to see pee wee fight again! Don’t cut him UFC!

  10. Can you picture Dave Herman sitting in a chair circle surrounded by low-bottom heroin addicts and coke fiends? They’re gonna laugh out loud when he says he is there for pot, but only just for a second. Then they will shut up and prepare to run if he stands up.