Daron Cruickshank Scores Biggest Win of His Career, Defeating Yves Edwards (Video)

July 27, 2013
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Daron CruickshankDaron Cruickshank scored the biggest victory of his career at UFC on Fox 8 on Saturday night in Seattle, earning a three-round split decision victory over one of the most respected lightweight veterans in mixed martial arts, Yves Edwards.

Check out what Daron Cruickshank had to say about his victory over Yves Edwards at UFC on Fox 8.

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  • El Gvapo

    You have to question the judges again here. How can two of them see it as 30-27 to Cruikshank yet the other judge saw it as 30-27 yves?

  • tod mcdonald

    He may have one one the judges cards. But I thought Edwards won.

  • Danny Boy

    The judge that had it 30-27 Edwards felt that his aggressiveness warranted a victory. While the others shared my sentiments and felt that although Darin wasn’t the aggressor, he was controlling the fight. He taught conservativly. Which was smart. It was the biggest fight of his career and he took it on short notice.