Daniel Cormier Writes Up Informal Bout Agreement to Roy Nelson for UFC 166, Nelson Signs It

July 18, 2013
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BPes-I6CIAABpC-.jpg-largeRoA match-up between undefeated heavyweight Daniel Cormier and Roy Nelson has been rumored to be in the works for UFC 166: Velasquez vs. Dos Santos 3, which takes place on Oct. 19 in Houston, but a deal has not been finalized.

Nelson (19-8) tweeted Cormier on Thursday asking what the hold-up is.

“What are you waiting for uncle @danawhite permisssion because I am ready!!” read Nelson’s tweet.

Cormier responded with an informal bout agreement to face Nelson at UFC 166 and signed it.  For Nelson’s winning bonus, Cormier’s agreement said, “no point.”

Here’s a look at Cormier’s bout agreement to Nelson. After posting it, Cormier tweeted Nelson saying, “Still waiting.”

It didn’t take long for Nelson to sign it and tweet it back to Cormier.

(Click image to enlarge)

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  • bajafox

    One of the funniest things all morning, hahaha

    They should rematch at 205 afterwards

  • usuckass

    Roy can’t make 205 so stop acting like he can. Cormier is too old and too thick to make 205 also. This is a terrible match up for Roy. I’m super tired of Roy and his homeless look and his zero cardio only wins if he lands a lucky punch style.

    • Steve

      Roy is King. This guy has thwarted DW’s desire to laughingly bounce him from the premiere fighting venue for years. Reason number 10 to love him:)

    • dgs

      I agree with you on Roy’s homeless/redneck look being ridiculous and unprofessional, but you question his cardio? Sorry, say what you want about the guy, but his cardio is incredible, especially for someone as overweight as he is.

      You show me someone else with a gut like Roy’s who can go three to five hard rounds in a sport like MMA, and I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge for a $1!

  • Kyle Rayner

    Other than silva getting caught, this is one of the most hilarious things i’ve seen in MMA in a while lol.

    • Werdoomb

      Silva didn’t get “caught” you doomb homo. Getting “caught” means dominating your opponent up till the moment of the KO or sub.

      Silva lost the first round.

      • Kyle Rayner

        No it doesn’t you weenie polish machine. Anybody who gets dropped from a punch, got caught!

  • Cereal Killer

    This fight sucks! DC is supposed to be a title contender and Roy is a gatekeeper. Nothing good can come from this fight, unless you think Dan is waaaay overrated.

    • Dragon Kid

      roy a gatekeeper after one loss? er no.
      nelson’s last fight was more interesting to watch over dc’s boring 3 round with gatekeeper frank.

      • Manuel Lopez

        He’s a gatekeeper!

      • Asa

        Gate keeper frank mir haha, frank has been fight the actual champions is why hes lost. Roy was losinh to reg ppl before dana gave him cans. Stipe, kongo, mat mittroine, shaub lol. Who does frank lose too? Dc champion, dos santo champion, brock champion, carwin chsmpion.

        • Werdoomb

          Actually, Mir is a gatekeeper at this point. He would lose to bigfoot, overeem, and Werdum. Mir is a gatekeeper to title contendership. If you beat Mir, then you get to fight a top 3 or 4 guy for the #1 contender position.

      • Werdoomb

        One loss????

        Wtf?? He lost to Mir and Werdum who are not exactly the top contenders of the UFC, although Werdum should be considered one.

        You can’t lose to Stipe Miosic and still be considered top 10.

        Look, Roy is always getting fed to top fighters. JDS, Mir, Werdum, Bigfoot (this was the original bout), Carwin (never happened) and now DC.

        Roy is a durable guy and can take a ton of punishment. That is why the UFC uses him as a punching bag to show case their elite fighters.

        • Asa

          My point was to the other guy acting like roy better than mir or dc. I think mir beats all 3 you just named esp bigfoot lol. My point was mir wins and losses are to top.fighters, while roys losses my be to top fighters mir being one of the top! Royd wins are not over any top fighters except maybe kongo. Roy is what i call a gate keeper, beat him and you ready for the elite. Mir is a gate keeper to a title contention, big diff in the gate keeping. Most ppl use gate keeper as getting ppl ready for above avg fighters, js

          • Dragon Kid

            frank mir couldn’t even beat brandon vera of all people.

          • Asa

            You mean after his crash when they never thoight hed fighy again? Those were his darj days dork, he was throigh rehab

          • Dragon Kid

            Excuses is all I hear.

          • Asa

            Beat roy hahahaha. And vera was a star at one point so not like he was a can back then.

          • Dragon Kid

            mir and vera are both cans right now and aren’t relevant just like when they fought each other the first time.

          • Asa

            Roy is the can lol. You make no sense, talk with no facts lol. You lije roy cool, but that dont make him good. Later

          • Dragon Kid

            Roy is on a one fight loss currently, franks on two losses therefore Mir is the can.

          • Asa

            Look ar the level of comp lol. Roys were cans, mirs were champions. Your a tool hahaha

          • Dragon Kid

            stefan struve, dave herman and brendan schaub weren’t cans when they lost to nelson at the time. you’re looking it at the wrong perspective. the only guys that could labelled as cans were kongo and cro cop … the same two guys mir also beat but nelson’s victories over them were more impressive.

            mir is a can now and u know it esp after that boring fight with cormier.

          • Asa

            Shaub always been a can lol hes never been a TOP contender, dave haha plz again never been a TOP contender, struv lpl again. Mir had a boring fight yeah lol but to a CHAMPION. SEE the diff? Mir always fightimg the best of thr best while roys is fed mediocore fighters. And loss to a mediocore stipe lol. Dude get off roys jock lol. He a sideshow act for hillbillys.

          • Dragon Kid

            Frank always get smashed against the best because he has a weak chin whereas Nelson at least can take a punch and hold his own in a fight.

            Cormier a champ? More like over hyped. He won a tournament in Strikeforce fighting has beens while all the best heavyweights were in the ufc.

          • Asa


          • Dragon Kid

            Ok frank kweer nuthugger

          • Asa

            And mir wim over kongo was way more impressive than royd lol. Mir knocked him down and tapped him in 20 secs. Tool! Hahaha

          • Dragon Kid

            Kongo was rocked and seeing stars when Roy KOed him. Frank Mir knocked Kongo down but the punch didn’t affect him one bit. To think Mir got a title shot by beating Kongo is pretty sad.

        • Dragon Kid

          mir and werdum were top elite fighters at the time nelson fought them but just because he loses to stipe miocic on short notice dont mean he’s suddenly a can. he may be out of the top 10 league now but he’s not that far behind. he wasnt that far off from a title fight before he fought stipe

          • Asa

            My point! Haha, he loses to top fighters and only beats cans or eh fighters. Mir loses to some top fighters, and i mean TOP champions. But he also beats top guys! Hes not on a big win streak like roy, but hes not facing roys comp. Hes fighting the elite of the elite everytimr every yr. And.. to your comment about him once being close to a title fight lol it was after 2 fights! Skyscraper lol and kongo. He finally fought dos santos nxt and lost bad, then mir and lost bad. Flu my butt lol he loked the same as always tired and slow after rnd 1 and cant land the right. Then can again, then werdum loss bad lol. Back to cans to stay afloat.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I’d watch any Roy Nelson fight over any Dan Cormier fight ANYTIME! Roy at least brings it all and leaves it all in the cage, warts and all.

      Ironically, this is one Cormier fight I would be interested to see.


    DC v Werdum or Overeem, Roy v Hunto

    • Werdoomb

      this is a more reasonable match up.

      This is a step down for DC.

  • DamianCross

    Ed Soares would still need 30 days to review this.

  • zztoppppp

    I honestly think Nelson wins this fight. Big mistake for Cormier to take this fight.

    • Werdoomb

      okay. don’t disappear after the results come out.

      U must be on crack to pick Roy over any top 10 guy out there.

  • Manuel Lopez

    Cormier wasting his potential and time with pointless matches. He’s got everything to lose. Roy not so much.

  • james j

    Both of these guys are fat and have no cardio. Cormier is not only fat but one dimensional. However smart money says he wins.

    • JoeSchmo

      1 dimensional? Hmmmm an olympic wrestler with knockout power (Bigfoot). Sure he had a great speed difference, but you must not know much about MMA to call him 1 dimensional. What about Roy? What other dimensions does he have that would make you call DC 1D but not Roy? I suppose you can give Roy about 1/3 of a dimension via crucifix lol. I agree with whoever posted up above, Werdum or Reem would be a better match up but I won’t complain about this one. Roy is a tough dude and even though he’s been on the receiving end of a few one-sided beatings, the man has heart. Daniel Cormier wins via UD.

  • james j

    I stand by my earlier post. Both are overweight, one dimensional fighters. Both are entertaining and gatekeepers for the heavyweight division. Nothing more.