Daniel Cormier Wants an Immediate Title Shot Should He Get Past Roy Nelson at UFC 166

July 24, 2013
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Daniel Cormier and Josh Barnett StrikeforceDaniel Cormier does not want to fight teammate Cain Velasquez. He’s said so on numerous occasions, adding that he’s working his way from the heavyweight division down to the 205-pound class.

He recently signed to fight Roy Nelson in a heavyweight bout at UFC 166 on Oct. 19 in Houston. That’s not an indication that he’s scuttling his light heavyweight plans. To the contrary, Nelson is just the next step towards 205… and a big one.

Cormier told UFC Tonight on Tuesday that Nelson would be his last fight at heavyweight, and should he win, he intends to try and cut the line, asking for an immediate title shot in his new weight class.

Jon Jones is the current UFC light heavyweight champion. He’ll put his belt on the line against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 21 in Toronto. Cormier wants to fight the winner.

Nelson, however, is no “gimmee” fight, but Cormier, in just his fourth year at as pro, is already an accomplished fighter.

Coming from an Olympic wrestling background, the 34-year-old fighter stepped into the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix as a replacement, only to win the tournament, scoring victories over Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva and Josh Barnett.

Moving over to the UFC upon Strikeforce’s demise, Cormier dominated former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir en route to a unanimous decision victory.

He currently has an unblemished 12-0 record in mixed martial arts, and with a win over the likes of Roy Nelson, it would be difficult to deny that if anyone were to deserve a title shot in their first bout in a weight class it would be Cormier.

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    besides Gustafsson, there’s no one else deserves a shot at JJ besides Chubby Daniel Cormier

    • Gary Fredericks

      Machida? I would like to see some of the younger guys get a “Rocky” type shot at JJ.

      • JDMMA

        Machida fell asleep during their 1st fight

        • Werdoomb

          probably because of the jet lag.

    • TheCerealKiller

      The winner of Davis vs Machida does.

      • JDMMA

        Winner should fight Glover Texeira

    • Mattso

      How about Glover Texeira?

      • JDMMA

        he needs to beat a strong wrestler

      • deepgrim

        i think he should be fighting jones instead of at the minute instead of gustafson, but after them 2 not alot for him to fight, hasn’t fought henderson but he is in decline, maybe davis if he can get past machida. Dc would be a very tough match up for jones you would have to think

  • bajafox

    It’d be funny if Jones moved up to HW after Gustafsson, lol

    • Werdoomb

      that would be funny.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Bad idea to have DC get a title shot at 205 lbs after getting through Roy Nelson. I cannot stand watching DC fights, not because I lack respect for him, just his wrestling for points style is hardly exciting for me as a fan. I still don’t understand the allure of DC, aside victories over Bigfoot, Josh-eroids Barnette, and a horribly out of gas Frank Mir. Of those fighters, I see Bigfoot as the biggest accomplishment at the time of their fights.

    • Brent

      Which DC fights have you been watching? He has ridiculous wrestling and KO power. He is in his 4yh year. He is popular for a reason. He brings it. He uses both wrestling and stand-up. Last fight was a bit boring, but not his others. Put the pipe down man.


        And not to mention Mir came into that fight in great shape

        • Mark McDowall

          Mir may have been in great shape…but Mir is past it. His career is over…he is a name…thats all.

          • Werdoomb

            Mir is still a top 10 fighters.

            Cain and JDS are not the only top fighters in that division. Wins over Bigfoot (who beat Reem), Barnett (former UFC champ and a perennial top 10), and Mir (former UFC champ and still top 10) are impressive.

            Name me one other guy that has that sort of winning streak in the HW division! And no, Roy Nelson is not on DC’s level. Roy’s wins are against guys like Pee Wee Herman, Mitrione, Kongo, Struve, and other tomato cans of the HW division. Roy got his arse kicked by JDS, Mir and Werdum, and would have gotten his arse kicked by Bigfoot and Carwin had those fights played out.

          • Mark McDowall

            Yes, Barnett was a UFC champion. He beat a LHW fighter to get there…then was immediately stripped and booted from the UFC for being on lord knows how many different kinds of roids. The same Barnett who then spent the next 6 + years fighting in Japan because they didn’t test for those kind of things.

          • Gary Fredericks

            Beat me to it.

    • Mark McDowall

      Gary I have said the same thing for a long time. His resume is full of names of has beens and Bigfoot. And he is a very unexciting fighter…his lean on Mir against the fence win was one of the most boring fights ive seen in a long time.

      I don’t see how he can say that he wont fight Cain…but if he beats Nelson he wants a title fight at 205? He has never fought at 205…last time he attempted a weight cut like that he had to drop out of the Olympics because his body shut down on him. What makes him think it will be anything different this time?

      • Werdoomb

        Name me one other fighter in the HW division (other than Cain and JDS) that has three consecutive wins over top 10 guys.

        Mir, Barnett, and Bigfoot were and still are top 10 fighters, although I wouldn’t say they have a shot at the title.

        I can’t stand people making doomb arguments. Yeah, you can belittle DC’s wins. Mir sucks. Barnett is from the minor league. And Bigfoot is overrated and got lucky against Reem. Yeah yeah. These things may or may not be true. But three consecutive top 10 wins are impressive nonetheless.

        Seriously, if I told you that DC beat Werdum and Reem, would you then consider him a legitimate fighter? Probably yes. What’s the difference between those guys and Mir, Barnett, and Bigfoot? They are all top 10 guys at notch below Cain and JDS.

        • Gary Fredericks

          I said NOTHING of Cormeir NOT being a legitimate fighter nor made any “argument” whatsoever. I posted an opinion that his fights are boring to me and should he win against Roy Nelson, it should not mean ANYTHING towards getting a go at the LHW belt. That’s ludicrous. He’s never even made LHW and he wants a title shot there? ZZZZZzzzzzzzz…..>ZZZZzzzzzzzz….ZZZZzzzz

  • Mudd

    Try having a fight in the division first before demanding a title shot

    • shakejunt

      or at least look impressive in the ufc first.

      seriously, if he doesn’t absolutely run through roy, he needs at least 1 lhw fight before a shot.

      • Mark McDowall

        You mean leaning on Frank Mir for 15 minutes isn’t an impressive win?

    • Manuel Lopez

      I’m a DC fan but yea, it doesn’t make sense

  • TheCerealKiller

    DC should NOT get a title shot at LHW, it’s a pretty stacked division and the HW is the biggest joke division right now. DC needs to beat somebody at LHW, Machida, Shogun, Rashad, or Gus if he loses to Jones.

    “I don’t want to fight Cain”… because Cain would KICK YOUR A$$!

    • Kris-tyahn

      LHW was stacked, but with “names” Rua, Henderson, Wanderlei, Rampage, Evans and Lyoto are past their prime IMO, maybe not Lyoto. But most of these fighters were guys who’ve been fighting for 10-15 or more yrs, they’ve slowed down and the cardio is not anywhere it should be. The HW division has more talent now than any other time in the UFC, and the weakest division is te MW division hands down. The fact a guy with 9-0 PRO fights got a title fight bc 3 or 4 of the possible #1 contenders all lost, when they should have won. I like Weidman and believe he can beat Silva in the rematch, if he keeps the fight on the ground, but he got to fight the “GOAT” with just 9 pro fights. But the HW division is weakest?!? With Cain, dos Santos, Werdum, Cormier, Nelson, Struve, Hunt, Mir, Noguiera, Travis Brown, Barnett, Stipe Miocic, Overoid, Big Foot Silva etc. Then you have a few solid gate keepers, like Mitrione, Schaub, Gonzaga, Pat Berry, Jordan, Rothwell, Herman, Del Rosario and Dufee. Not sure how u think the HW division is weaker than the MW division. I thought the HW division was finally worth watching, and there are many possible great fights coming up and that have potential in the future!

      • Werdoomb

        I completely agree with this. For some reason, the TUF noobs parrot everything Dana says and in the past (in order to beef up A.Silva and degrade Fedor) Dana said stuff like HW division (UFC had sh*tty HW div) having no talent in general and how lighter weight classes were filled with talent (UFC had all of the best fighters).

        Times have changed. The HW division is filled with interesting guys. And MW division, contrary to what Dana has said, is filled with mediocre 205ers that were pushed out from that division.

        TUF noobs have to realize two things before saying garbage like that:

        First, HWs generally have a longer career span than lighter guys. As such, the HW division is ran by old dogs. In lighter weight classes where speed, reflexes, and stamina determine the outcome of the fights, you see a younger crowd. Go look at boxers too.

        Second, smaller guys tend to be more well-rounded than bigger guys. So naturally, as you move up the weight class, you will see less and less wellrounded fighters. In the HW division, it is rare to see this. Cain and DC are probably as well-rounded as you can get, and even these guys lack something (example, BJJ). And it is utterly doomb to use well-roundedness as a measuring stick to rate a division.


    Bones has pretty much cleaned up the division in a short period of time! So the ufc might have to make this fight out of necessity. After Alex & Tex who else? Davis or Lyoto again? so really not that deep of a division, that is why he was fighting chael and vitor.

    • Ian Price

      I think Davis is pretty well- matched to cause jones problems. He’s long, he’s an accomplished wrestler, and his striking is improving.

      • Werdoomb

        How do you know if his striking is improving? I am sure he is honing his skills everyday but the improvements might not be enough.

        I am not saying that Davis sucks. He is a top LHW. But his loss against Rashad convinced me to some extent that he may never be champion.

  • I’m sick of these guys trying to get immediate title shots in a lower weight when all the guys in that division have put in a lot of work against one another. If he doesn’t want the title shot at HW b/c of Cain then let him work his way to a title fight at LHW. Different fighters completely and a decently stacked division.


      Yeah but Aldo Pettis would of been sick

      • It would have been but then again that division isn’t stacked. Aldo is in need of impressive competition. I’d rather see Aldo/Pettis at 155 to be honest.

        • Ian Price

          Aldo would have more of an edge at 55. Aldo cuts from 180 I think. Since he’s sitting at #4 p4p, I’d rather watch them at 145…

          • Now all you guys have me hyped up to see this fight and it’s not happening.

          • AXE MURDERER

            If AP beats Bendo, Then do a catch weight super fight @ 150lbs vs Aldo

    • solo

      Hypotetically speaking, lets say he wins his fight. I think UFC will give him a title shot immediately. But lets also say Teixeira wins his fight against Bader, why not put DC vs Teixeira for the no1 spot? You cant ignore a guy who has been unstopable so far, and he’s ranked 3rd. DC should fight at least one time to see how his body gonna react at the weight cut. I mean he is huuuge, right?

      • I don’t even really care who the guy fights. But I don’t think he should even get a title fight based on one fight, if he makes weight. Glovers on a 4 fight win streak. Phil Davis has 1 loss to Rashad Evans out of 8 fights. All of these guys put in a lot of work in that division. To see anyone have to wait when they are all neck and neck would be horrible. And a win of Roy Nelson doesn’t really put you in title contention. There are plenty of other HW’s to fight even though people say the division is the worst.