Daniel Cormier vs. Dan Henderson Revealed as UFC 173 Co-Main Event

April 23, 2014
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Dan Henderson vs. Daniel CormierThe long-rumored light heavyweight bout between Daniel Cormier and Dan Henderson has finally become official.

After weeks of denying anything was “done,” UFC president Dana White announced the bout on ESPN’s SportsCenter on Wednesday. Cormier vs. Henderson will serve as the UFC 173 co-main event on May 24 in Las Vegas.

“We got it done, May 24 in Las Vegas, co-main event, Dan Henderson vs. Daniel Cormier,” White revealed.

The bout had first been targeted for the UFC 175 pay-per-view on July 5, but after a shuffling and then re-shuffling of the deck, Cormier vs. Henderson lands on the UFC 173 fight card.

A major contributing factor has been Nevada’s recent decision to ban TRT exemptions. Henderson has admittedly been on a TRT regimen for some time, and he had to get that situation cleared up before he could fight in Nevada again.

“Dan Henderson had to get back with Nevada. He needed to take a test. His levels came in perfect and we were able to get it done,” White added on ESPN’s MMA Live Extra. (Click here to watch Dana White’s interview on MMA Live Extra.)

Moving Cormier vs. Henderson to the May 24 card makes it a bit of a quick turn for Henderson (30-11), who recently defeated Mauricio “Shogun” Rua for a second time in their March 23 headlining bout in Brazil.

Cormier (14-0) comes into the fight on the heels of his successful light heavyweight debut, having defeated Patrick Cummins at UFC 170 in February.

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  • Simon MMA

    This is a super-super fight: Heavyweight vs. Middleweight

    • Seth

      Come on…He never was a REAL heavyweight anyway…

      But yeah, fight is fun, but not relevant for sure

  • DamianCross

    I’m calling it now, somebody is gonna pull out due to injury. No way this actually happens.

  • TheCerealKiller

    It doesn’t say it here, but I read elsewhere that it’s a #1 contender fight after Gus. What if Hendo wins? He would be 2-3 over his last 5 fights. That’s not a title contender.

    What if Glover wins this weekend? Jones has to wait for Gus and Hendo to get a rematch?

    I hope Rumble KO’s Phil this weekend and makes it even more of a mess for the next contender.

    • Loki

      I just want Phil to shut up about Jones….I hope Rumble does that for me…

  • Seth

    It makes no sense…if its only for DC to get “a legend name” on the record, than ok. But no way in hell it will determine no 1 contender. Its just ridiculous.

    • Darin

      Why not? DC is arguably the #1 contender already (well, #2 anyway, after Gus) and Hendo is top 5. If Henderson beats Cormier (unlikely), he takes his spot. Hendo’s recent record sucks but if he can beat an undefeated Cormier I say he earned a shot. Besides, after Glover (assuming he loses), Hendo and Cormier are the only top guys he hasn’t already beaten.

      But Gus deserves his rematch first.

      I see Cormier taking Hendo down and pounding him out, but Hendo will probably get injured and pull out and it will never happen.

      • Wolf Ticket

        I would much rather see DC fight winner of Davis vs Johnson, while JBJ gives Alex a rematch (sorry, but I just do not see Glover beating Jones).

        • kudos

          and wait over a year for another title shot, hell naw. Who care’s who wins Rumble vs Phil.

      • Seth

        In eyes of the fans – yeah DC is top contender. Also in my opinion.

        But looking at it from rankings stand point – DC shouldn’t even be ranked. He beat not-ranked fighter at LHW, right? How rankings work is simple – you put them in order by their who they’ve beat. So from ranking stand point, DC shouldn’t even be ranked – not to mention he shouldn’t be in top 5.

        And Hendo? Hendo shouldn’t be in top 10 no matter how you look at it – as a fan, or as a ranking maker. How is he top 10 TODAY? He lost 3 of his last 4 fight, was getting beat up badly before he pulled out that one punch to turn the table against Shogun. That’s not definition of being top 10.

        I love Hendo to death, I’m huge fan of his – do I think he is capable of beating ANYONE on this planet? Yeah. If he can land that right hand on your chin, you are going to sleep. But that’s all he has. That right hand of doom. He isn’t and he won’t be a top 10 fighter any more. If he doesn’t want to retire yet, UFC should put him in some fun fights or something like that.

        • Mark McDowall

          This has to be one of the best arguments. You are completely right on both fighters. Unfortunately the way the UFC is going the rankings are starting to mean less and less. Hence DC moving to LHW and fighting a barista and now being ranked.

          • Seth

            Yeah…Well, Tate was ranked #3 with her “impressive” 0-2 record in the UFC. I’m used to the fact that rankings means nothing, but when people say stuff like “Hendo is clearly top 10” it shows how little they understand about this sport…

      • Mark McDowall

        So by that logic Cummins, had he won that fight would be ranked in the top 5??

        • For nxt shot

          Not even close no way was cummins ranked at all but Dan Henderson is top 5 or six in the world in DC was # 3 heavy weight in the world wich is y he comes in a lighter div in jumps straight to top

  • Watch the fights

    Rewatch Dans last 4 fights he won three of them maybe u could argue a draw with rashad but got screwed in others watch the fights no way he lost. DC an undefeated # 3 heavy weight in the world in should b # 1 contender on that alone. Y jones give up on heavy weight so soon because Travis brown in his camp in got handled. He know heavy’s are to much for him

  • Joe

    This fight is supposed to be a gimme for dc, however hendo would love to spoil that. Dan has 25 minutes to land one punch. The odds are against him, but you take an older fighter that didn’t think he would get another title shot, in his mind he has nothing to lose, but with just two more punches he can retire as the ufc champion, and that makes him dangerous.

  • jose

    I like Dan but he will not beat DC this will be the downfall of Dan………….

  • Hk40

    I hope Hendo smashes Cornier…

  • himler adams

    flat face ain’t beating Cormier.

  • Loki

    If Hendo needed TRT, then why are his levels testing “perfect” (in Dana’s words) without the TRT? Either he didn’t need it and was just using it to get away with juicing, or he did need it and is still on it….

  • himler adams

    Hendo is old slow and isn’t taking punches well but needs cash so Cormier has an easy win coming up over flat face Hendo the guy with no side profile just an inverted face.