Daniel Cormier Video: ‘Jon Did This to Himself; the Belt is Not His Anymore’

April 29, 2015
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(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations due to broadcast rights restrictions)

Jon Jones‘ recent missteps are Daniel Cormier‘s gain. When Jones was suspended and stripped of his UFC light heavyweight championship, Cormier was slotted in to face Anthony Johnson for the belt at UFC 187 in May.

Cormier appeared on UFC Tonight on Tuesday to discuss stepping into the title fight and Jones’ recent struggles.

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  • sanju singh

    What’s Crazy and Ironic about this is that on April 28,1967 Jon Jones’ Idol Muhammad Ali was also stripped of his title, and now this on the same date April 28. The Issues are completely different, but WOW, this is Nuts.

    • Seth

      Upvote for really awesome fact D: That’s really interesting 🙂

    • Jcballer

      That’s incredible

    • JJDNB

      Awesome thanks!


    Seems DC is trying to convince himself. Bones broke this guy for life

  • cheflacsto

    He says he will be waiting on the other side of the ring and Jon can challenge him. What a joke. He says Rumble gives up, which is funny because that is exactly what happened and it turned out to be true, best wrestler ever in MMA and Jon had him so defeated he was able to take him down at will in the later rounds. He already has himself as the champion. Says its a real championship, he got completely dominated by the real champ, who will be back at some point, so he can say whatever he wants, if he wins he is only a paper tiger. Eventually Jones will be back and whoop him again or fight Rumble. I just can’t stand D.C. , hopefully Rumble will flatten him.

  • KJK

    The past JJ vs DC fight is meaningless…..simple fact is fighting in the UFC is a privilege not a right and DC still has the privilege of attempting to be champ where as Jones is probably going to serve time in either a jail, an institution, or a rehab followed by a long period of probation which he has earned the right to do. DC sure conducts himself with a ton more professionalism than Jones and I’ll get behind that any day.

    • JiuJitsuking

      DC has not earned a right to do jack. He lost his chance, and was supposed to fall to the back of the line. Bader is the only one who should be next, coming in on a four fight win streak.

      • KJK

        You know from a math stand point you’re right. My gut still says DC in this fight is better than Bader…not sure why other than he did lose to Tito and the win against Mr. Wonderful Pink Pants was pretty controversial. I guess at the end of the day I just see DC as a better fighter and Bader as a gate keeper type fighter…just my opinion though and I know it’s not shared.

        • JJDNB

          I agree DC is the better fighter between the two. But since DC just lost a title attempt, fresh blood should be poured.

  • JiuJitsuking

    DC licking his chops now, that his 100% chance to never get the belt has been forced out by the administration. P*ss poor decision by the UFC to give him an automatic second shot.

  • Billy Norman

    I hope Rumble shatters D.C. jaw , cause all D.C. does is run his pie hole he’s a chump and a cry baby , he lost 2 Jones and he cried like a lil btch same way he did when Cummings man handled him when they wrestled for the Olympic team , and when he got smashed in the Olympics lmao D.C. aka Daniel Crybaby

    • JGH

      You don’t find any irony in your comment….at all??
      You are in a comments section using language that a ten year old school kid would use, hoping that a fighter can vicariously fulfil your fantasy of breaking a jaw.
      You don’t want to come out of your ‘retirement’ and have a crack at DC yourself, considering DC is apparently so useless as a fighter, shouldn’t be a problem for you.

      • Scott

        Exactly this guys flexing his IQ and his twitter muscles. You should try an education now that your retired from fighting.

      • JJDNB

        That’s right! 11 is the minimum age around here.
        Thank you good sir

  • burgerman7

    DC will always be the cheese champ until he beats JJ in a rematch. He has a promising career as a broadcaster however. It is 50-50 for this fight. he may just win but will smell of cheese!


    I’ll say it right now. JBJ broke DC. He’ll never be the same. He might get the win against AJ but only by wrestle humping