Daniel Cormier Thinks Jon Jones Would Beat Anderson Silva, Challenges Jones to Fight Now

May 24, 2013
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Daniel Cormier and Antonio Silva StrikeforceUFC heavyweight contender Daniel Cormier thinks Jon Jones would beat Anderson Silva if a superfight between the two ever happens, but added that he would fight Jones today at a catchweight of 220 pounds.

“Jon and Anderson would be a good fight. Regardless of what you think of Jon Jones personally, whether you like him or you don’t like him, he’s a fantastic fighter,” said Cormier during a question and answer session prior to the UFC 160 weigh-ins on Friday.

“I truly do believe that Jon is, I think he’s the best.  He’s the best.  Anderson’s going to be too small.  Jon’s a good wrestler and he’s a great finisher.  I think Jon can beat Anderson.”

Cormier has hinted at an eventual drop to the light heavyweight division.  Following his final Strikeforce fight on Jan. 12, Cormier laid out his plans during his post-fight interview, saying he intends to beat Frank Mir in his UFC debut, which he did, and then drop down to the 205-pound division and defeat Jones.

He’s since backtracked on those comments and plans to stay in the heavyweight division for at least one more fight, but would fight Jones at a catchweight of 220 pounds.

“I was on Twitter and Jon Jones took another shot at me.  He does it all the time,” said Cormier.  “He said, ‘guys, would someone ask DC if he’s started cutting weight yet.’  So your question is to ask me for Jon Jones, have I started cutting weight yet.

“Jon, I haven’t started cutting weight yet, but we can fight at 220 tomorrow if you want,” he responded. “We can fight at any weight.  He can walk off the street whatever he weighs now and we can get down to that weight.  Let’s fight at any weight Jon, you and I.”

Cormier walks around at 235 pounds and expects to fight in August weighing-in around 220 pounds, and anticipates a light heavyweight debut “by the end of the year.”

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  • Joe

    While i believe Anderson will hand Jones his first loss, this may not be the bear to keep poking. A loss to this gentleman makes the Anderson super fight money disappear.

    • b-soc

      Realistically, Jon would take Anderson down and beat on him. Jon’s just too big. And, he’ll beat Cormier. I’m not the biggest Jon Jones fan but he is all that. He’s got what it takes to make a run for the Heavyweight title.

      • MaritalArtist

        Bulls***. He is a big LHW, but he doesn’t have the boxing and incredible strength of the big guys. He does have the reach and wrestling though. I say he’s a top-5 HW right now. But I doubt he’ll ever win the title.

      • julian moran

        Jones is good at beating up smaller guys. I doubt his style would work against bigger/stronger guys.

  • Mark McDowall

    I don’t think Cormier can make LHW. He may walk around at 235…but he didn’t compete in his last olympics because his body basically shut down on him while he was trying to cut the weight. Now he may have been doing it the wrong way which may have caused the problems, but his body just may not be able to handle it. You call someone out…then go to where they are at don’t say im here come get me.

    I know I will get flamed for this…but I think that Cormier still needs to fight a legit contender before he can start calling out Jones and people like that. His record really isn’t that impressive, yes he beat big foot who is fighting for the title(but lets be real bigfoot beat Overeem who was definitely off) and the rest of his fights have been past it fighters or never were/will be fighters. Put Cormier in the cage with someone like Roy Nelson or JDS and I bet the result will be different!

    • ghost

      First due all if your home work. he did have a pro lem at the Olympics cutting weight but he wrestled at 96kilos which is 211. If done right he can make 205lbs. why does he have to fight JDS or somebody like that to challenge Jones. at the Davison below. dominated two former UFC champs and a guy who is fighting for the title. before Jones fought shogun how had he beat.

    • Cptmats

      “Put Cormier in the cage with someone like Roy Nelson or JDS and I bet the result will be different!”

      Roy Nelson lost to Mir who Cormier just beat easily. He also beat Barnett who i think is better than Mir or Nelson

      “His record really isn’t that impressive”

      It’s perfect ! How much more impressive could it be ?

    • julian moran

      ” You call someone out…then go to where they are at don’t say im here come get me.”

      Could this statement not also apply to Jones calling out Cormier?.

  • tyrone

    Not to worry mr.jones, cause chris weidman is gonna pop anderson silvas cherry

    • hahahaha

      You do realized anderson lost many years ago right? If it anyone cherry its weidman. XP

    • JRod

      Go check out Chonan’s flying heel hook he slapped on Anderson. It’s on the ‘freak level’ of Anderson’s face kick to Vitor LOL.

  • Mike mckinney

    Not too much of a surprise. When fighters are asked about silva vs. jones the answers are almost always the same. The wrestlers pick jones, and the strikers pick silva. It’s what happens with most matchups fighters are asked about.

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    Cormier thinks Jones beats Silva I know Jones beats Silva

  • sdf

    I say make Jon fight Cain. It would be a more fair matchup in terms of size.

    • adice89

      thats dumb. Jon jones should fight atleast 3 top 10 heavyweights before he gets mauled by cain. And as far as cormier goes he dont deserve to fight jon jones for his first fight at LHW. Records dont mean a damn thing in mma, you guys are looking at the sport as if its basketball. Cormier drops down to lHW make him fight rashad evans, dan henderson and lyoto machida first, i garuntee you he would have a VERY HARD time dealing with any of those 3 guys.

  • Silva has already moved up in weight three times. Instead of talking Jones/Silva let Jones move up and fight DC. Silva has put in a lot of work during his run in the UFC since 05′. He deserves a title shot or GSP who’s been around since 04′ deserves a shot at him. Unless Silva specifically asked for Jones then let Jones move up and fight with the big boys.

    • Paul Cowsill

      silva fought bums at lhw, irvin and griffin. both as as slow as mud. silva’s weakness is takedown defense. he’s easy to take down. that’s why sonnen had some success against him, but sonnen can’t punch any more than griffin. jones strength is wrestling. if elbows from above were disallowed, jones would be much less effective, as would valasquez.

      • Irvin is just a tough guy and a veteran and Griffin was coming off losing the title. Bonnar is durable. Not some bad names to have on your resume while your the kingpin on the MW division. Everyone says Silvas weakness is his takedown defense. Why? B/C he was taken down by Chael Sonnen, an olympic caliber wrestler who’s biggest strength is taking everyone down and beating them up? Silva has been involved in MMA for several years and worked with Mark Munoz and still has a great wrestling coach. But since you think Silvas weakness is his wrestling what do you think of GSP/Silva? I wanted that fight after seeing Silva destory Bonnar I figured SIlva is to big for GSP.

  • shakejunt

    what cormier doesn’t realize is that whatever weight they fight at, jones will be bigger than him and his wrestling won’t be as effective as it normally is.

    frank mir made you look tired and unmotivated, jones won’t let you rest against the cage.

  • Scott Spears

    Cormier should stay in the HW division. That’s a title he can win. Focus your attention on Cain, son. The Heavyweight title is the best title in the game.

  • jason1000

    I say Jon Jones move up to catch weight the same way Silva proved himself when he moved up to light heavyweight twice.