Daniel Cormier Signs New UFC Deal, May Fight Former 205-Pound Champ

December 4, 2013
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Daniel Cormier has signed a new eight-fight deal with the Ultimate Fighting Championship, according to a report from UFC Tonight on Wednesday evening.

“D.C.” is currently in discussions for his next fight, according to the report, and former light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans has been brought up as a potential opponent on a March 2014 UFC card.

Cormier told the Fox Sports 1 program that while Evans’ name has come up in conversation regarding his next challenge, nothing is set in stone as of yet.

The Olympic wrestler has spent the entirety of his MMA career fighting at heavyweight, but Cormier made recent comments about his intention to drop a weight class to the 205-pound division. Current light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was the first name Cormier brought up when he began discussing the drop in weight class earlier this year in April. Jones, however, has consistently said he isn’t interested in a fight with Cormier.

The only UFC card currently scheduled for March is UFC 171, which is headlined by Jones defending his 205-pound title against Glover Teixeira.

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  • Manuel Lopez

    Jones will duck Cormier at any cost. Cormier can and WILL beat Jones if they face each other. I’m not interested in Evans vs Cormier.

    • draven jones

      jones will smash cormier

    • TheCerealKiller

      Let’s see fat Dan at LHW before we make extreme predictions.

    • David Huenecke

      I agree. Thats why jones is now saying he wants to go up in weight. He knows cormier has had to make a big lifestyle change to drop down to LHW. Now jones is saying he wants to go up because he knows it will be another change for cormier to follow him. Unless dc gets a shot within the next year hes gonna have to chase him back up.

    • Riptide MMA

      Jones’ striking is too potent in the Cormier fight. Rashad is a very accomplished wrestler and got no where with him, DC’s a better wrestler but his footwork isnt near rashads. Jones overwhelms DC

      • Mark McDowall

        Don’t forget Rashads got great striking too!

      • Lucas Freire

        Jones’ striking too potent? Really? Cormier hits like a truck, he has MUCH more power than Jon Jones. While the height advantage may give the Edge to Jon Jones, a taller slim body also gives a higher center of gravity. I don’t doubt Cormier would be able to take Jon Jones down.

    • #1mmafan.

      Do you even pay attention to DC fights or are you lulled to sleep by his fighting style like the rest of us? Since he’s come to the UFC he’s fought a past his prime Frank Mir and a reluctant to fight Big Country. Although he won both of those fights it wasn’t impressive. If Big Country had given the slightest more of an effort, DC probably would be 1-1 in the UFC. I think DC is driving his own hype train and if and when he faces Jones, can you say derailment? And, if he faces a focused and in-shape Evans he may find himself being welcomed into the LH division with a loss.

      • Mark McDowall

        Everything you say here is 100% correct. I think in his FIRST REAL TEST in the UFC Evans will show us all what an over hyped fighter he really is.

        His lean up against the cage style wont work with someone like Evans or the majority of top LHW’s.

        Welcome to the mid card DC!!!

      • Lucas Freire

        I think you only say this because Nelson is a fan-favourite. While I like him, he’s not anything more than what he showed on the Miocic/Cormier fights. He takes punches and expects to land an overhand. that’s it.
        But I do agree that Evans would be his first real test on the UFC.

      • Manuel Lopez

        Yeah it’s easy to downplay Cormier’s resume from your keyboard. Olympic wrestler, undefeated in MMA, wrestling coach of Cain Velazques, and has defeated: Josh Barnett, Bigfoot Silva, Frank Mir, Country Nelson, and others. He is smart, well spoken, professional, a successful Fox commentator. He is championship material and Jones wants no part of that! Could Jones beat him? Sure anything is possible. Jones is champ for a reason but the FACT is he is ducking Cormier.

        • Mark McDowall

          Im not sure how Jones can be ducking someone if he already has a fight scheduled…a #1 contender fight scheduled and DC hasn’t even fought at LHW yet.

        • who what huh

          Jones can’t be ducking Cormier when Cormier hasn’t even fought at light heavyweight yet.

      • who what huh

        Big Country gave plenty of effort, he couldn’t even touch Cormier for most of the fight and got easily outclassed.

    • I’m sorry but are you serious? You are not interested in Rashad Evans fighting DC? That match up would be awesome and makes sense for DC’s first fight at LHW. And I doubt Jones is ducking anyone, he’s the champ.

    • shakejunt

      bormier hasn’t looked anything special since sf.

  • solo

    Damn, it would be such an interesting fight and a tough fight for both fighters if it actually happens. Im interested!

  • Mark McDowall

    First of all DC has to make weight before any of this is really even discussed. Last time he tried to cut weight his body shut down on him and he had to pull out of the olympics, not sure what the weight was he was trying to get to but I think it was in the 210/220’s?!?!? He has already starting making excuses saying he didn’t want to fight Gustofsen in Europe because he needs to know where the saunas are and needs to have certain food available. Hate to break it to you DC but there are saunas all over the place and they even have grocery stores, health food stores and organic markets are probably more common then they are in the US!!

    Cormier has some things he has to work on before he can be considered a threat to Jones or any of the top LHW. He has a very small gas tank, he needs to do more then just lean on guys against the fence when he gets tired at the end of the first round. An in shape Rashad will run circles around DC with ease.

    • Dmo

      The weight cut your referring to was from back in college I believe, so I don’t think is that big of deal now. Rashad however has looked pretty lame in his last few , it just so happens that his last fight looked really good, but look who he was fighting.

      • Mark McDowall

        I know it was during his last olympics whenever that was…if that was during his college years then ok.

        • Douglas Holbrook

          DC graduated in 2001 as runner up to Cael Sanderson @ 184 in the NCAA nationals. He finished 4th in the 2004 Olympics @ 213-ish lbs. In 2008, the rumor around the campfire is that his work ethic wasn’t the best and there is a Taco Bell across the street from the OTC that he kept in business. When he went to make the cut in China in 2008, he had to lose more water to make up for the extra “weight” he was carrying and that’s what caused the problems. If he is serious and disciplined, he should be able to get to within 20 lbs his college weight.

          • Mark McDowall

            Wow…now thats some info!! Hearing that makes me like him even less…if your training to represent your country in the olympics and you would rather eat Taco Bell then get ready for the tournament…just shows what kind of person he is. He has natural talent…but you can’t fall back on that without putting in the work in the gym to stay on point.

  • Dj

    How can jones duck a guy who hasn’t even fought 1 fight in his weight class???? Cormier will will a good fight for jones. But the haters need to stop. Let’s see cormier even make 205 first then see if he can even get through Evans. So far his ufc run is so so at best. And did he not have trouble finishing dion staring? Bigfoot is his best performance IMO. Barnett did injure himself early and when tested cormier does seem to gas. Jones will be tough for him. I honestly don’t see him getting past Evans.