Daniel Cormier Responds to Jon Jones Saying He’s Not a Champion

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier and former titleholder Jon Jones have a storied history.

Jones holds a win over Cormier. Cormier stepped in for Jones to captured the title after Jones was stripped of the belt for his involvement in a felony hit-and-run accident.

A rematch between Jones and Cormier was scheduled to headline UFC 200, but Jones was removed from the event three days prior to fight night for an anti-doping violation. Jones returns from suspension on July 29 against Cormier in the UFC 214 main event.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones Kickoff PresserTheir feud has produced a brawl during a press conference, backstage altercations, Twitter wars, and hours of trash-talking soundbites. In an interview with UFC Tonight, Jones stated that he doesn’t consider Cormier a champion. He believes Cormier, who appears as an analyst on the show, wants what he has. Cormier responded after Jones’ interview.

“He talks about, I‘m not the man; I didn’t win the NCAA tournament; I didn’t win the Olympics,” he said.  “I went to the NCAA tournament. I went to the Olympics. All these things that he wished he had done in his life, I actually did and got to experience.

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“When he talks about I want what he has, I believe that his life would be good if it was the way that I did: going to college, having all these other things that I’ve accomplished. That’s your issue Jon Jones. You want what I got.  July 29, you get to try to take it back. It ain’t happening. It’s not happening. I’ll beat Jon Jones down in Anaheim.”

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  • Muaythai4life

    Gotta admit, the man makes sense.

  • Julien

    Cormier doesn’t have Cain and Rockhold to train with him, that’s too bad.

    Anyway, I’ve just re-watched their 1st fight. Jones clearly win, but he didn’t destroy DC. DC lost the clinch game where Jones did a lot of damages with his dirty boxing style while DC was not able to take him down.

    The question are : Was Jones under steroids during this 1st fight ? Is DC better now ?

    • deepgrim

      it was really the 4th and 5th round that jones comes good when cormier was slowing a bit, cormiers arsenal is more basic than jons so he really needs to be able to grapple jon or have more cardio, think jones has been a cheater his career so we might see a different jon next time out.

      • Sir_Roy

        I agree that Jon was more than likely using in his training leading up to his last DC fight. Problem with saying he was tested both before and after, is that those tests were easily planned for (they were not random).

        Let’s face it, he fights dirty (eye poke king of the cage) and he lives dirty. He doesn’t have the moral fortitude in his personal life dealing, or to avoid cheating in the cage, why should we expect any different outside of the cage?

        Jon Jones is a phenomenal fighter, but he’s also a thug … labelled thus by his own actions. And in Anaheim, we’ll find out what kind of fighter he is under Usada’s banner.

        • uncle

          Jon is no Hero but he’s not a thug. He’s a party animal.

          • Sir_Roy

            I think he’s more than just a “party animal”. I think he lacks character, is fundamentally immoral, dishonest, self-centered and corrupt. Thug might be too strong a word … but who am I to judge. Just positing an opinion based of what we’ve all read and heard.

          • uncle

            Yeah he’s more than a party animal he’s a Christian too that prays hard and snorts hard.

          • deepgrim

            i dont know about that christian stuff, is it all PR stuff or what, there seems like there are a lot of fighters who are big style christians who beat other people up for a living.

          • TheCerealKiller

            There are plenty of bad christians.

          • Sir_Roy

            And can you blame them? When your moral code is cleansed and dictated by confession followed by 10 Hail Mary’s then all is forgiven, why be good?

          • deepgrim

            well i just imagined that if christianity was that important to their life they would try and live a bit better, it seems contradictory to me, at least when they harp on about anyway.

          • uncle

            Jon Jones is the Jimmy Swaggart of MMA

        • MikeMcK

          I’m not a fan of Jones, but I can’t imagine you’ve ever been around a real “thug” if you’re trying to give Jon that title.

          Or the 2010-2020 is the decade where words cease to have meaning

          • Sir_Roy

            Oh c’mon. The word “thug” is so overly used, that it no longer exclusively refers to a ghetto raised, gun toting, drug dealing, knuckle dragger and you know it. Or a “real” thug as you would have it.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Jones was randomly tested before and after the fight, he was not on roids.

      Is DC better now? He’s two years farther over the hill. He’s having trouble making weight. He didn’t even make weight for his last fight! He cheated and pushed down on the towel. He’s shown nothing new in his fights since Jones. The answer to “is he better” is probably No.

      • Joe Albrecht

        Shown nothing new? K I understand that people are going crazy over the “towel” incident and I get that people don’t recognize him as the REAL champ since he never neat Jones.
        I completely get it….but lets get the facts straight. Since their first fight Jones is 1-0 in a REALLY unimpressive win over St. Preux. Hes had 1 fight in basically over 2 years. Cormier has wins over Gustafson, 2 FINISHES over Johnson and a less impressive win over Silva. So the answer is more than likely YES hes better now, but the better question is how much ,longer can he keep it up at the age of 38.

  • Johnny Sanchez

    Knock him out and leave no doubt Bones…

  • Murdock

    He hasn’t beat Jon Jones yet hence and thus he’ll continue wearing that bogus belt!

  • burgerman7

    the guy can beat dc like he was a boy. Sorry bud u have a frabricated belt! he is number 2 however