Daniel Cormier Opts for Knee Surgery, Still Hopes to Fight Jones-Gustafsson Winner in 2015

June 18, 2014
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Daniel-Cormier-UFC-173-Post-Press-2Daniel Cormier has opted to have surgery on his injured knee in early July, according to a report from UFC Tonight on Wednesday evening.

The UFC light heavyweight contender aims to have the surgery just after competing in his final amateur wrestling match, which he plans on competing in at the upcoming UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas.

Cormier fought his last UFC contest, a win against Dan Henderson, with an injured lateral collateral ligament (LCL) and also has a tear of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). He sustained the injury during training in the weeks leading into the May bout.

Following the win, Cormier’s name was thrown around as the next in line to fight Jon Jones for the UFC 205-pound title, but the organization opted to sign a rematch between Jones and Alexander Gustafsson for Sept. 27.

Cormier told the FOX Sports 1 program that he’ll have the surgery and recover in time to hopefully fight the Jones-Gustafsson winner in 2015.

For the UFC Fan Expo wrestling match, Cormier will wrestle former NCAA champion Chris Pendleton.

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  • Ian Price

    So I guess he’ll be fighting Gus at the end of this year. Signed, TROLL

    • Guest

      Did you even get what the op was saying?
      F—ing dumbass! Next time read it slower before you respond to someone’s comment.

      Now we know why he was lobbying for Cormier BEFORE he signed the fight with Gus.

      • Ian Price

        I agree with your comment about the likely real reason why he was going after Cormier before Gus. However, I am puzzled by your other comment where you call me a “f***ing fumbass”, and then you reproach me for reading too quickly before responding to someone’s comment. I find it ironic and hypocritical that you meanly tell me to read more carefully, when you don’t even do it yourself. My post WASN’T a response to someone else’s comment. It was an OP response to the article. In fact, I just happened to be the first commenter. Maybe you were just waking up…. In thst case I’m sorry for being hard on you. I know how that is!

  • Corey Hutton

    No wonder Jones wanted to fight Danny Boy. Knee that needs surgery, 6 inch height Advantage, 12 inch reach Advantage. Jones could solely rely on his reach yet again, since he only ever uses the same 5 or 6 moves in the cage.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Where does this myth of winning by reach advantage come from?
      Vera TKO(elbows and punches)
      Bader – choked out
      Matyushenko – TKO (elbows)

      Rua – TKO(destroyed him everywhere)
      Rampage – choked out
      Machida – choked out
      Evens – decision you could make your case
      Belfort – submission(keylock)
      Sonnen – TKO(elbows and punches)
      Gustafsson – decision
      Teixeira – decision(out boxed a boxer on the inside)

      Elbows and knees are not a reach advantage, nor are submissions. Besides, I could name tons of guys with huge reach advantages that have never been champs.

      • deepgrim

        lets be honest tho his reach is a huge advantage, he uses it better than anyone. as for corey saying he only uses the same 5 or 6 moves in the octogon is ridiculous, he has the most diverse attack ever seen

      • uncle

        Elbows and eye pokes is not boxing

    • uncle

      Gus will have more confidence this time. he knows he can beat Jones, it was his cardio that made him careless with defense. and I’m sure
      Jones will start to back paddle the Greg Jackson way. when he realize his in a real fight.. that sh*t
      he does to other fighter will not work with Gus.

  • George Sperry

    As I said when this injury was first announced… fighting Jon Jones and his leg kicks with a damaged knee would not be smart.

  • Bob Sacamanto

    He would’ve likely used the same strategy as the rampage fight and just keep him at bay with kicks to the knee over and over.