Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones Fight: “I’m Going to Attack Him The Whole Time” (Video)

August 4, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight title contender Daniel Cormier spoke to the media on Monday at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas about his upcoming UFC 178 championship fight against Jon Jones.  He plans to take the fight to the champ.

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  • natpaukar7

    I think he is going to wreck jones…badly. Now please remember who said it, despite the outcome.

  • Cadpaul

    Matt Hamill is a true wrestler and he defeated Jones by head butting his elbow

  • Manuel Lopez

    What ‘situation’ is Jones talking about? The title shot that Cormier has been begging for? Hey JOnes, quit acting like you beat up Cormier. You simply got your ass shoved when you tried to get cute at some media pictures. Then with all the people around you started acting like a tough guy.

  • brad king

    if he can throw jones around like he does to the bigger heavier guys watch out!

    • Ian Price

      What do you mean, like he does to the heavier guys? Of course he can throw a lighter person around. He didn’t lose much muscle. Mainly fat.

  • Jason Priest

    If he can pressure Jones and attack him constantly, this could work. I hope DC kicks his ass.

  • eddie eagle

    Cormier manhandled flat face hendo like a child. Look for Dan to beat Jones.

    • Dragon Kid

      Hendo ain’t in his prime no more. Jones will crush fat boy DC.

    • Ian Price

      I agree. I mean, sure he outweighed Hendo by maybe 10-15 lbs, but he made it seem like he outweighed him by 50.