Daniel Cormier Knows He’ll Eventually Be in the UFC (Video)

March 10, 2012
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Daniel CormierWhen the new deal between Showtime, Strikeforce, and Zuffa was reached, there was a sense of relief among many of the athletes in the promotion.

Soon after the deal was announced, however, it was revealed that the heavyweight division would soon shift over to the UFC. Since that time, fighters like Fabricio Werdum and Lavar Johnson have already made successful Octagon debuts, with others such as Chad Griggs and Shane Del Rosario about to premiere there later this year.

So what about the two fighters currently awaiting their Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix finals in May?

Well, Daniel Cormier admits that when the UFC announced all of the heavyweights in Strikeforce, short of he and his opponent Josh Barnett, would be moving over to that promotion, it did kill some of the hype around the finals of the Grand Prix.

Still, Cormier shows patience in knowing that the gold at the end of the rainbow is still getting to the UFC, but first he has to finish off Barnett, the Grand Prix, and one more fight and then he can worry about what happens for his first fight in the Octagon.

Check out this exclusive one on one interview with Cormier, as well as a little collegiate wrestling argument to close things out with Ohio State’s Mike DiSabato:

  • mmafan7

    Obviously he’ll be in the UFC, Dana already said he’s merging the heavyweight divisions… not really “news”

  • mmachoman

    Know what I want to see? Josh Barnett vs Frank Mir.
    It’ll be a grappling clinic!

    • rogerdoger

      That would be awesome, Barnett vs Big Nog would have been a solid grappling match, too bad his arm got removed.

      • rogerdoger

        and Nog already beat him twice

  • rogerdoger

    DC is a cool fuckin guy

  • rogerdoger

    DC is a cool dude

  • Mario

    I think his chances against Barnett are good. If he beats him it’s going to be a HUGE victory for Cormier.

    He should drop to 205 once he gets to the UFC. If he can knockout Bigfoot, and get passed Josh – imagine what he would do at Light Heavyweight. 🙂

  • Anthony

    Im thinkin Barnett wont be able to take him down with D.C.’s great wrestling pedigree, and D.C’s stand up is much better than Barnetts. I forsee a knockout inside of the 2nd round. Marios right, D.C. would be a terror at light heavyweight.

  • lonniebatt

    this guy is a winner,,Peorid,, he has been on a level that not many others have been you guys will be shocked with what he does to Barnett and the HW division… He is a fellow coon ass I have watched this kid win since he was a young boy.. its all he has ever done.. trust me..