Daniel Cormier “It Means More to Beat Jon Jones” (UFC 173 Video)

May 25, 2014
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Daniel Cormier talks to the press after defeating Dan Henderson at UFC 173, expressing how much it means for him to fight and beat Jon Jones.

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  • ufcisafrand

    Who has he beat to earn a title shot? he fought a crushed can and an over the hill, cant fight without TRT. i call bs!!

    • Austin, TX

      Can’t fight without trt? Dan was a legend in Pride 1st time 2 division Champion, ko’ing people like in his prime Wanderlei Silva, without TRT my friend.
      He only starting using TRT when he turned 37 to keep his levels even for a man his age. With Dr’s approval and guidelines. Do some more research before you post.

  • Zzzzzzzzzz

    Comier is so cocky all is a wrestler pretty boring my opinion who cares if he can’t out wrestle Jon jones take your fat ass to wwf

  • taylor2008

    I knew Cormier was going to beat a much slower and older Hendo. Did anyone think differently? Regardless of who Hendo has KO’d he is still 43 or 44 years old. Not a good age to be fighting in MMA. I would like to see Cormier fight a younger more talented fighter before he thinks he has a shot.

  • TheCerealKiller

    DC needs to fight again before a Jones fight. Gus is next for Jones, so that’s a long layoff. fat Dan should have to go thru Rumble next. (which he loses to him and this hype is over)

  • HpPavilion22

    So Corimer beats the pizza delivary man who was a high school wrestler.. and Hendo who appearered to be at least 60 pounds lighter then him.. and decides he Deserves title shot Against Jones .. when JOnes beat a still in thier prime Machida, Shogun, Ramage. RAShad , GUS. etc.. too funny.. it aint fair at all..The guys Jones beat are all super tough and well trained fighters

    • deepgrim

      he beat a hell of a lot stronger competition right now than jon jones had beat when he got his title shot. In any fight dc has been in he has never been in one bad spot, he may be a bit boring and doesnt take many risks but he has been 100 percent dominant in all of his fights.

      • HpPavilion22

        its about even with JOnes and Corimers last two fights Jones beat Gusfasson and Texira and Cormier beat Cummins and a a 44 year old middle weight Henderson..

        • deepgrim

          jones last 2 fights before his title fight was matyushenko and bader- high level you think? yes cormier faced cummins- not exactly his fault tho was it. yes jones has beat top level fighters since his title reign but cormier has dominated all that has been put infront of him in 2 divisions. The man has debatably lost 1 round in his whole career, What does he have to do get a title shot