Daniel Cormier: If I Beat Dan Henderson, It’s a High-Value Win (UFC 173 Video)

May 22, 2014
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A fight against Dan Henderson at UFC 173 is the type of fight that Daniel Cormier relishes. “It’s one of those high-quality wins, one of those high-value wins that most people don’t get in their careers.”

A win over Henderson could put him in a title fight, and Cormier is willing to wait for his shot, even if that means sitting on the side until the beginning of 2015.

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  • TRT-rex

    Daniel is delirious. This is a lose lose for him. If he wins he beat an old man recovering from TRT therapy. If he loses he will never get a title shot. This could be a huge loss for him. But if he wins it’s not gonna help his case for a title. Imo

    • deepgrim

      didnt dana say the winner gets a title shot? cormier is doing the same trick as he was before the rashad fight, bigging up the opposition so should he win he looks like he has made a great achievement. reality is if he wins he will get a title shot providing jones beats gus, if not they will prob do a rubber match

      • TRT-rex

        Dana did say that. But he has said it before. And I think Gus might win if the fight looks like their last. So that rubber match is looking likely. I just don’t think this is good idea for Daniel, considering he could sit and wait for a shot according to Dana. For dan on the other hand, this could be huge. I’m gonna actually put money on dan for the odds bet and hope to make cash off that H-Bomb. Lol

  • Seth

    So…you are going to beat up semi-retired fighter waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay after his prime and expect to get title shot? How pathetic and weak LHW is, if win over current Hendo gives you a title shot? Now its clear why people are running away from LHW, like Machida did and its clear why people like DC – who wouldn’t be able to beat HW Champ – runs down to LHW for a easy run for a title shot. 205 turns into 265 – just another joke.