Daniel Cormier Hoping Jimi Manuwa Beats Alexander Gustafsson

March 6, 2014
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Daniel Cormier - UFC 170There’s a lot on the line when Alexander Gustafsson and Jimi Manuwa square off at UFC Fight Night 37 on March 8 in London. With a win, Gustafsson will likely fight for the title in his next fight, but Daniel Cormier will be rooting against him.

“I’m the biggest Jimi Manuwa fan on the planet because I think if Jimi Manuwa can get this done I get to fight for the belt next,” Cormier recently told The Great MMA Debate Podcast.

“That’s been my dream for a really long time. I hope that it happens soon. Manuwa is a tough and dangerous opponent for Alexander Gustafsson. So right now I’m just a huge Jimi Manuwa fan,” added the undefeated Cormier. “If he can’t get it done then, you know what, I see what’s next.”

Cormier has nothing against Gustafsson, but the Swede stands in the 34-year-old’s path to a title fight.

“I have nothing against Alexander Gustafsson. I think Alexander Gustafsson is great,” said Cormier. “I admire Alexander Gustafsson. The only thing is Alexander Gustafsson is a huge road block in my journey to try and become the champion.”

If Gustafsson is victorious against Manuwa, Cormier wants his next opponent to be one that will move him toward that coveted top contender’s spot.

“Whatever the next fight is, I don’t’ care if it’s a title eliminator for the next guy, I just need a name that actually moves me into the number one contender spot after this fight,” he said.

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  • Denny Swain

    Jon jones wont let cormier near him , with the reach jones has. Manuwa seems powerful yet slow. I see gus stomping manuwa out by 2 nd rd.

    • taylor2008

      I think he might KO him in the 1st.

  • Mark McDowall

    Of course he does…He’d much rather fight Manuwa than Gustafsson. Maybe DC will step up from fighting a barista to maybe a sandwich artist or a burger technician next.

    • taylor2008

      I heard DC was asking if he can have the next fight with the forklift driver at the local Home Depot.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Brett Rogers isn’t under contract anymore…

        • Mike Oxafloppin

          LMFAO! This just made my day!

    • I wish DC would fight Chael Sonnen or Ryan Bader. The fight with Pat was a waste. I hope Evans recovery goes smooth. That was the fight to show where DC will stand in the LHW division.

    • MuayThaiFood

      He’s not saying that. He’s not expecting to fight either one of the, he just knows that if Gus loses then they probably won’t have him fight Jones next.

  • DC@DC@CoffieMuffin@DC

    dc next fight with poker face …

  • JOhnny

    thats awful… DC doesnt deserve a shot even if Guss loses and he wins…. who is Cummings and a Guss loss to Manuwa to give DC a shot? DC beat Roy Nelson whos OK.. Frank Mir who hasnt won a fight since 2011.. and Cummings… gtfo here DC, i dont see how or why he thinks he deserves a shot if Guss loses… coward stuff

    • bro

      Big foot silva and whens jones got his title shot he had only beat ryan bader and matt hamil comon DC atleast beat someone

    • ChoMama

      I guess he feels like the heavyweights are much tougher and he deserves a big fight(which he had before Evan’s injury).

  • TheCerealKiller

    If I were Glover, I would feel very disrespected by everyone right now.

    • David

      I picture Danny Glover every time someone says Glover on here and it’s hilarious.

  • bajafox

    I’m disliking DC more and more every time he opens his mouth. Seems like he would rather have the shot handed to him rather than earning it. He is yet to beat anybody of any significance

    • uncle

      Instead of wishing for a Gus downfall, he needs to earn his shot, DC is acting like a prelim fighter

      that is staving for attention

  • days are #

    i agree that glover should feel disrespected here. but i dont see nothing wrong with what he said. guys just being honest. in jones is just ducking him. cause he cant beat DC. IN cain would kill him along with most other heavyweights. in he to big to cut to 185 so avoiding DC is the only way he can be a champ other than going to another org. dont blame him run from him as long as u can champ

  • Nick Macias

    I like Cormier but I just don’t like how he is all about him… Selfish person showing here… He should want to fight and beat the best…

    • did you just say that?

      wtf do you hear your self? beat the best? WHY DO YOU THINK HE WANTS TO FIGHT JONES???

      • Johnny

        in my opinion it will go Guss beats Manuwa and goes to fight winner of Jones v Glover (sets up Jones v Guss 2) … DC gets Manuwa – winner of that gets Glover (after he loses to Jones) … DC beats Manuwa, at the end of it all will see Jones vs Guss 2 and DC vs Glover on the same card… Jones n DC win face eachother Jones wins moves to Heavyweight … leavin DC vs Guss for vacant Light Heavyweight Title

        • Johnny

          and he wants to fight Jones for a paycheck and sponsors by the way…. must suck watchin your partner Cain get paid, and now he wants a shortcut

        • Liam O’Keefe

          I can agree with that, except where JJ beats DC. Actually I think Glover is gonna wax on wax off JJ and walk with the strap. Then JJ wont get an automatic rematch because he’s not Dana’s darling, then JJ and Dc will meet in an eliminator match to see who will get a shot after Gus. Well, damn, I guess I don’t really agree with you, but I like your plan.

      • Raun Smith

        Well, yea he wants to fight Jones, but so does every other Light Heavyweight in the rankings. Cormiers at the back of line, he needs to wait his turn…he can’t just jump down to LHW, beat some can named Cummins…and expect to leapfrog in front of the rest of the division.

  • Lucas Freire

    It just makes no sense at all.
    Underdog as he may be, this is a title shot fight, if Manuwa beats Gustafsson, it should be obvious that Manuwa gets the shot.
    I mean, who gets the shot? The hot prospect who defeated the #1 contender? Or Cormier, who defeated Cummings?

    • deepgrim

      i find it hard to believe they would try and sell a jones v manuwa fight. alot of people think DC has the game to defeat jones so that is naturally it is the fight they would go for if gus gets beat and jones defeats tex. plus there has been alot of trash talked between the 2 already which like it or not helps sell a fight.

      • Lucas Freire

        It’s just sad that that’s the way it is. Cormier is talking his way into the title shot. Even though I agree DC is a huge challenge to Jones, he should walk the path everybody walks to get a title shot. At least put him against a solid top 10 before giving him a shot.

        • deepgrim

          he will prob have to take a top 10 fight, if gus wins tomorrow. a year ago it would have been easier a year ago for him to get the fight when jones ended up fighting sonnen and vitor. With sonnen they sold a fight that was practically impossible to win

  • Gary Fredericks

    The more Cormeir opens his mouth, the less I like him. Boring fights for the most part and now clamoring for a title shot at his new weight that he still has never fought at??? Sorry, Pat Cummins was far from a fight! No disrespect to Cummins but that was WORSE than any of the old K-1 or Pride squash matches because Cormier and the UFC tried so hard to sell it as legit. Even at HW, Cormier beat some past their prime greats from a decade ago…accomplishments that are quite respectable but not something I would say thrusts him into title contention.