Daniel Cormier Explains How Rashad Evans is a Tougher Fight than Jon Jones

January 20, 2014
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Daniel Cormier is getting set to fight Rashad Evans at UFC 170, his first fight as a light heavyweight. The career-long heavyweight recently explained how his upcoming fight with Evans is a tougher fight for him than one with division king Jon Jones.

Check out the MMAWeekly.com video above.

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  • Big Tuna

    Rashad is all footwork the weirdest one trick pony I’ve ever seen

    • Hunkydorry

      God I swear mma fans are some of the dumbest fans of any sport, and yes I’m talking to you who think dc and texiera aren’t for real. Where are your brains?

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    DC is wise to recognize the challenge Rashad presents. Rashad is fighting better than he has in years. This will be DC’s toughest fight yet.

  • Biff Tannen

    Man I hope Jones destroys him later this year..then everybody can stop with all the DC talk. DC is a black Ben Askren..boring as hell.

    • Drew

      Jones will lose his title by years end, whether to Cormier or Gustaffson either way he won’t be champ for much longer.

      • solo

        Dont forget Glover, he’s a tough challenge also imo. Everyone is looking past him, i just dont know why?

        • Big Tuna

          Maybe it’s because he is no threat?

      • Big Tuna

        Keep saying that…it’s all you can do really

    • Maddawgmar

      Have you seen DC fight? He is well rounded, he has stand up, heavy hands. Askren has nothing else but wrestling. Your breath must stink, talking out of your ass all the time.

      • RoBeRtOe

        Are you crying in your profile pic?

  • Rexeus

    Future Champ !

  • The miss Cleo of mma

    Who has fought tougher guys than rashad that dude win or loose has fought the best in world time n time again. Having said that dc will beat him 3rd round ref stoppage via ground in pound!!!

  • jeremy

    This guy is an idiot, he has a weird love for the champ and hasnt fought yet in the champs division. Hes been trying to talk his waybinto a title fight. Ibhope rashad destroys him. Just sick of his stupid mouth. He has no reason to even be running it

  • This will be a huge test for Cormier. The former Strikeforce GP winner has yet to take on a power-puncher with the wrestling pedigree like that of Rashad. That being said, there isn’t a single fighter in the world that compares to the combination of Jon Jones’ length and dynamic striking. If I were Cormier, I’d rather test the 205 lb. waters with Evans before the champ too.

  • uncle

    DC is just trying to get in Jon’s head because if that
    was true, he would be fighting Jones next and
    Rashad would be the title holder

  • Ricky Chambers

    Making Rashad a 3-1 underdog is insane! I’m taking that bet! I’ll win back the money I’m gonna lose on Faber 🙂

  • Colonel Cockring

    I think he’s just afraid of Jones’ bone…

  • Otto

    Not a big rashad fan or DC, but RE, he steps up and fights everyone, dude has quite a list of competitors, and he will bring it for the DC fight, better b ready DC, ….but I can still appreciate the skills they have, not a fan of either, but a fan of this fight, like the matchup, rashad via decision

  • maklovio_suarez

    Not a believer in Evans and a bit of a cormier fan but that speculation. No. Jones is arguably the best fighter presently and cormiers stubby ass will get knocked out by a head kick. As for evens who I’ve been offended by from the beginning will fall hard if he doesn’t win decisively.

  • TheCerealKiller

    DC is a fat loser that is not going to win at LHW! I will bet the house that he losses his first two fights.