Daniel Cormier Deflects Jon Jones’ Criticism Leading Up To UFC 166 Bout with Roy Nelson

October 17, 2013
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Daniel CormierStrikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier is working his way down to light heavyweight now that he is in the UFC. He has said that he would relish a title shot upon his arrival at 205. Those comments came under heavy criticism from UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Cormier, however, has a solid grasp on the situation as he continues his move to 205, but is currently at a point that he doesn’t have a lot to say to or about Jones, as he’s got a fight directly in front of him. Cormier squares up with Roy Nelson at UFC 166 this weekend in what is to be Cormier’s final fight at heavyweight before moving down a weight class.

Still, Cormier does have a few thoughts on the current state of the UFC light heavyweight class and his pending arrival in it.

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  • fsunoles10

    cant wait to see a possible dc vs jones fight, id have jones but if dc gets in on his take down i dont see jones stuffing it after i seen gustaffson take him down and just judging by the way dc dicked barnett around. i see this nelson dc fight playing out similar to the stipe nelson fight but nelson looks like he has dropped some weight so im looking forward to see if he looks a bit qucker this go around.

  • Ooowillow

    Nelson by ko

  • I’d rather here about Jones moving to HW then DC at LHW facing Jones. Sorry.

    • Big Daddy

      That would be silly ….. Jones simply doesn’t have the power, size, or strength (at this time) for the challenges of the heavyweight div. He’s right where he needs to be

      • It’s been in talks for a while now. I would rather him stay where he’s at but I’m just not interested in DC and him. How do you think that fight plays out if it happens?

      • Teacher who schools

        What are you talking about DC is a short ass heavy weight HE doesn’t have the size if anyone…not to mention jones already weighs enough before he cuts to 205 so no it would be silly

        • Lucas Freire

          After this fight against Gustafsson, it’s obvious that Jones has no way to face HW top guys. He needs to be able to overpower his opponents to get the best of his game, he wasn’t able to do it with the Mauler who is basically the same size as him, imagine what would happen if he fought 260 pounds behemoths

  • jeremy

    I don’t even know why anyone talk about Dc getting a title fight right when he drops to lhw.. he has never won a title. He never even had one single fight at lhw. The one who started this bs talk is dc him self. Fact of the matter ia he doesn’t deserve a title fight unleaa he beats a couple contenders .. until then the thought of hom getting a title fight is stupid. Let him take a couple fights at lhw first. I have bo clue why this guy expects to be handed a title fight without ever fighting in that division. Seems like he has some screws lose for even talking about it.

  • jeremy

    This guy is just simply delutional for thinking he deserves a title fight without ever fighting lhw. He needs to prove himself at that divition. He won the “strikeforce” he grand pree how long ago? And he’s still trying to live of that. I hope nelson nelsons beard is bigger then ever for there fight lol

  • solo

    Even though i love DC, i think he should fight at LHW at least once before anything else. I would love to see him against Davis or Mousasi on the same card with Jones and Teixeira.

  • oz

    Maybe if you guys pull your heads out of JBJ asses you ll realize he is not that great. His size is his advantage in LHW, Gus prove that. DC is a formidable opponent and has great chance of beating JBJ. There is no way Jon can take him down,so his only chance is stand up. His stand up also sucks, he has no power in either hands. DC will smother him, take him down at will and G and P. You never know may DC would KO Jon, he has power in strikes.

    • MarcusO

      Do you even wacth MMA? DC has no striking ability he’s still so youthful at it, and Jones has fantastic striking in comparison, wrestling will be a landslide in favor of DC. DC is = Rashad? You honestly think DC brings more then what JBJ has fought? JBJ has annihilated LEGENDS, DC has only doused 2 WASHED UP legends, and I don’t even counter silva so that’s down to one. DC fight big slow fast clunky guys, LHW is the most skill based weight and those guys are agile, lean, flexible and have a very very dynamic set of attributes. KO jon? You realize he took bomb from rampage right? Sorry man DC isn’t that strong striking… His jabs looks swift but not snappy and powerful like Valquez or JDS. Sorry to say man your uber dick riding Cormier hard, and like any champion ”they aren’t that great” except he holds the record.. could even match ASilva depeding on his reign, and best part? He’s 24 no where NEAR his prime. Did I mention he has multiple fights within the time frame he has, jon took his last 2 fights not fully healed. Gustoff was actually GOOD, theres nothing about him you could compare to cormier….why? cormier hasn’t fought anybody like gustoff….josh barnett is no gustoff.