Daniel Cormier Believes Next Fight Should be No. 1 Contender Fight… or a UFC Title Shot

February 26, 2014
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Daniel-Cormier-UFC-170-Post-PressDaniel Cormier, one fight into his light heavyweight tenure, wants a No. 1 contender’s match for his next fight. If that’s not available, fine, he’ll take a title shot.

After having defeated Patrick Cummins, who subbed in for an injured Rashad Evans at UFC 170 last weekend, Cormier believes that his undefeated run at heavyweight coupled with his success in his 205-pound debut puts him near the top of the heap of the light heavyweight division.

Cormier told UFC Tonight that he realizes that if Alexander Gustafsson defeats Jimi Manuwa in a couple weeks in London that the UFC wants him to step into the next shot for the UFC light heavyweight championship, especially if Jon Jones is successful in defending the belt against Glover Teixeira in April.

If that is the case and Gustafsson wins his fight, Cormier would like to fight the winner of the Phil Davis vs. Anthony Johnson, which is slated for the UFC 172 undercard in support of Jones vs. Teixeira.

If, however, Gustafsson loses to Manuwa, Cormier believes his stellar record at heavyweight and his recent victory over Cummins leap frogs him over Manuwa in the title hunt, and he believes that scenario should propel him into a title shot for his next bout.

After dismantling Cummins in a mere 1:19, Cormier also said he’s ready and willing to jump in if Jones, Teixeira, or any other top light heavyweight has to drop out of their April 26 bout due to injury.

“I’ll just always stay on call, waiting, keep training and being prepared. If they need me, I’ll step in, whether it be that Glover [Teixeira] gets hurt and fight for the champion, Phil [Davis] gets hurt, fight Anthony Johnson. It doesn’t matter.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    You drop to a new division…and beat a guy who was making latte’s 2 weeks ago…and now you want a title shot? Great thinking DC…I think he’s at least a couple good wins away from either of these things…

  • TNT

    dc right on the money there he should be in tittle pic coming straight from heavyweight. no one was ??? if he was deserving only weather he could cut the weight in he can n looks more powerful also… franky edger got a shot after droping no one said he needed three fights first… in dc must be doing something right cause he has enuff haters

  • hgh

    WOW, you just beat the lowest ranked guy in the division and he only had a little over a week to train for the fight and you think you’re the big guy at the top of the division….WRONG

    • Manuel Lopez

      He was ready to face Rashad. Rashad got hurt so they gave him that blowhard to make his first weight cut worthwhile. A lot of haters like you (and the others here) doubted he could make weight or look as dominant after doing so. So he had to prove people wrong. DC is undefeated in MMA. He can make all the title shot claims he wants.

      • Alex

        So the old chubby healed his kidneys and was able to cut all this extra fat of his – whatever, good for him.
        That doesn’t make him deserving the title shot not for a little bit.
        Beating sloppy fat swingers and slow sick giants doesn’t mean a pile of crap in the LHW division – where the REAL athletes fight. You know, with talent and stuff.

        Cormier beat one can. Who cares.
        That’s not Rashad, not even close.

        • Dazzer

          Manuel Lopez is right on the money. You’re using multiple user names to spout the same turd logic. There can’t be two losers who share the same idiotic views like you. What did DC do to upset you like that. Did he date your mom?

          • Alex

            No, but I dated yours.
            Dumped her, because she spat instead of swallowing.

            I explained PERFECTLY the difference between Black Teletubby’s competition and LHW elite, and you know that I’m right, and you have nothing to say.

            I don’t need any other users, as you and your mother know, I can stand for myself LOL

          • hgh

            And this Dazzler fella can’t count – there are three of us who have stated actual fact of how DC fights the lower tier fighters-The two losers who share the same idiotic views are this Dazzler guy and the “tough guy behind his keyboard” Manure Lopez- can’t wait for this all talk big mouth to finally step into the ring against a top level fighter to get his beat down

      • hgh

        sorry pal , you’ve got it wrong….I could care less about what weight he fights at….fighting guys off the street, slobs like Roy Nelson or washed up guys like Frank Mir don’t give you any right to run your mouth….start fighting and beating top level fighters, then you can earn some respect….and don’t come with the “he beat BigFoot and Barnett” line as they are middle of the pack guys in what is now a very , very weak heavyweight division

        • Manuel Lopez

          Oh so now Nelson is a slob… the guy went toe to toe with JDS and JDS could not put him away. And DC has every right to run his mouth. He is undefeated in MMA, he is an Olympic wrestler, the winner of SF’s HW grand prix, the wrestling coach of UFC’s HW champ and he has done EVERYTHING he has set out to do. It’s easy to sit and type all the vile crap from your chair. But instead of admiring a guy who is basically saying “I’m right here to fight any time if you need me” . YOu come here create a whole bunch of different users to say the same stupid, hateful $hit. f**&ck off!

          • Alex

            Nelson didn’t go toe to toe with JDS LOL.
            He was his punching bag and only his jaw didn’t let him fall.
            But his jaw is not his “talent” – it’s his curse, that will lead him to the wheelchair in a couple of years.
            Other than that, he IS a slob.

            And Cummins is a can who came to get beat and to collect a paycheck.
            You can call them “a needed guy” and admire him for stepping up and getting a beating, but all cans are like that and there’s no need to admire them for that.
            Do you admire Bob Sapp too? LOL you loser.

      • top

        Dominant ? fighting some bum off the street. prove people wrong ? Proves you are an idiot.undefeated in MMA ? only fighting bums and stiffs, not very impressive.you need to learn a little about the sport. or is this you DC ?

        • Manuel Lopez

          Yes undefeated… that is a fact. And stop replying with different names, you don’t fool anyone.

          • Alex

            LOL that wasn’t me….I’m here,
            And you failed to say anything against what I said because you know I’m right, and Cormier doesn’t deserve anything.
            Why? For all the reasons I mentioned earlier, so suck it up.

  • Gus is better

    dc you what did you eat ? chicken ?

  • Dragon Kid

    How bout beating Rashad Evans or a top 10 guy first before asking for a title shot.

    • shakejunt

      i hate the guy, but he’s a top fighter and injuries can cause weird matchmaking. not saying he’s the most deserving, but he’s certainly one of the most intriguing.

      • Dragon Kid

        Top he may be but asking for a title shot after beating a guy who isn’t top 10 and fought on 10 days notice doesn’t make sense at all.

        • shakejunt

          of course not, but asking for it isn’t out of line.

          • Dragon Kid

            It kinda is since he beat a nobody. there’s no logic to that.

  • Big respect to DC!!! He said he’ll step up if someone gets hurt! Read his words and look at his history. He is a true contender.

    • Alex

      A true contender between fatsos and mutants.
      Here’s the real deal division, real mixed martial artists.

  • shakejunt

    people are acting like he wanted rashad to pull out of the fight or something…

    the fight was more a test to see if he can make weight, and he did. a #1 contender fight isn’t ridiculous with how shallow the division currently is.

    • Alex

      They have Gustafsson-Manuwa winner, they have Davis-Rumble winner (LOL Rumble gonna get subbed easily), and he still haven’t fought Glover.
      That’s enough for 2014, and even Bader deserves a rematch more than Cormier deserves the shot.

      You proved again that you’re talking out of your A-hole.

      • shakejunt

        oh no! the great alexa, how will i ever continue living knowing that i’m always wrong and you are always right?

        and bader? yeah ok. he’s good, but no rematch is necessary until he can prove his fight iq has gone up.