September 24, 2014
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Daniel Cormier spoke to the Nevada Athletic Commission about his involvement in a brawl with Jon Jones at the MGM Hotel & Casino during a press event. The NAC handed out his punishment at a hearing in Las Vegas.

“It’s a game of inches. And, no one wants to give an inch,” said Cormier.

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  • Mma fan

    New format sucks.

    • mike

      Agreed. I Hate it.

  • Mma fan

    So the victim becomes the bully. Very good. Well done, Daniel, for instigating the little brawl then trying to appear like a victim. Go drown your sorrows in a 40 of malt an a bucket of fried chicken.

    • Drooperdoo

      When someone threateningly invades your space and touches you, the law calls that assault. Jones shoved his forehead against Cormier and pushed him. Cormier reacted. Since Jones instigated by invading someone else’s space and thinking it was his right to touch another person, Jones was legally at fault. According to statute, Cormier WAS the victim. Jones had no right to touch him. You think he did? Go up to a cop and do what Jones did to Cormier. Your ass will get tazed, charged with assault and thrown in jail. Jones was ghetto. Cormier [rightfully] stood up to a bully.

    • Joker4-1

      was that a legit response MMA fan? you seem kind of dumb.

    • TrentSki

      Did you even see it? Wow your dumb

  • WrestlersRuleMMA

    Screw the NSAC. All they do is steal money from fighters and supply us with horrible judges. The NSAC has no authority to fine people. They are not a legitimate court of law. They can’t put people in prison or give fighters community service. The NSAC is a joke. They’re just a greedy organization that wants money. If Bones and DC aren’t pressing charges on each other then that should be the end of it. The NSAC doesn’t need to be involved.