UFC Champ Jon Jones Denies Daniel Cormier Title Shot Request, Says “Fight Somebody Legit” First

March 4, 2014
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Daniel-Cormier-vs-Jon-JonesDaniel Cormier has been lobbying for a title fight against light heavyweight champion Jon Jones since before he made his way from Strikeforce to the UFC.  The undefeated former heavyweight contender addressed Jones directly on the most recent edition of The Great MMA Debate Podcast and respectfully asked for the opportunity to fight for the belt.

“Hey Jon, this is Daniel Cormier.  Bro, brother, I’m asking nicely.  I’m not being aggressive.  I’m not trying to be confrontational Jon.  I’m just asking.  Would you be willing to give me a chance to fight?  Please brother.  Make a decision,” said Cormier.

“I heard that he has the ability to say who he wants to fight,” he added.

Jones responded while at the Arnold’s in Columbus, Ohio, over the weekend and denied Cormier’s request.

“My response to DC is, hey DC, you know what, I really respect what you’ve done with losing that weight.  I think that’s extremely inspirational to a lot of people.  It shows the type of heart that you have that you’re willing to sacrifice those meals and get yourself to 205.  So first and foremost, since you’re speaking more respectfully, I’ll say congratulations on your victory and on your weight loss,” said Jones.

“As far as giving you a title shot, I have no interest in fighting you right now only because of the fact that you haven’t really fought anyone that I consider a top level fighter.  I’m kind of getting sick of seeing UFC light heavyweights fight against kind of like cans until they get a title shot.  I really want to see a top contender fight a top contender, and I think you need to fight someone a little bit more well known than Patrick Cummins.  Fight against Rashad (Evans).  Fight against somebody legit man, and then I would think it would be a little bit more appropriate to give you that title shot,” added the light heavyweight champ.

Cormier had initially been slated to fight Evans at UFC 170, but an injury forced the former UFC light heavyweight champion out of the fight. Cormier instead wound up fighting Cummins, stopping him via TKO at the 1:19 mark of the first round.

Jones next puts his title on the line against Glover Teixeira in the UFC 172 main event on April 26 at the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Md.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    Last I checked, Joe Silva makes the matches.

    • Renato Paredes Araújo


    • Mike mckinney

      That how it seems most fans want it, but every fighter can turn down fights. It seems jones is one of few champions that often times has issues with what the UFC wants. Or at least he’s the only one Dana tells on.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      last I checked, you’re biased and often uneducated. to me, you’re still a fanboy.

  • Mark Mason

    DC will stomp Jones when “he earns a title shot” lol. I guess Josh Barnett, Frank Mir, Antonio Silva, & Roy Nelson aren’t legit according to Jones lol. Not to mention they all outweighed DC by a lot. I smell a burning DUCK.

    • Now I’m not the biggest Jon Jones fan but I doubt he’s ducking anyone. Besides none of those guys you mentioned move around and mix things up like anyone in the LHW division. This is a completely different animal. I would like to see DC fight Evans still but in the meantime I would even take Ryan Bader or Chael Sonnen just to see him face a legit challenge in the division. Very impressive resume though for DC in the HW division.

  • g-wilacuz

    why does jon jones have a say in who he fights? he should fight who the ufc tells him to and thats it.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      so if the UFC told him to go to heavyweight and fight cain, he has to?

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Jones is one of those guys who just oozes arrogance. Kobe syndrome.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah well apparently it works! Jones is the youngest UFC champ ever, has set the record for title defenses at LHW etc. As for Kobe, he may be arrogant, but he’s also very confident and he has the right to be both, pretty sure he has 5 Championships and multiple other records, MVP’s, 16X all star etc. etc.

      Jones is right though, sure DC has a great HW resume, but he needs to beat a top 10 LHW and if he does so impressively, then he should get a shot after Gus gets his rematch. Assuming he beats Gus!

      • put me in the sauna coach

        didn’t say he wasn’t a great athlete or competitor…just that he oozes arrogance. Its why someone so marketable gets more boos than cheers. Too bad his personality doesn’t match his skill set.

        • Reed

          you right Jones is a DB. I wish Henderson would’t have got injured so that he could have h-bombed Jones’ arrogance away.

          • put me in the sauna coach

            unfortunately H-bombs don’t always take away arrogance. Look at at Bisping. Henderson knocked that Brit straight to hell…and he’s still the biggest DB in the sport.

  • taylor2008

    Jones will beat him. Has Cormier fought 5 rounds yet? Cormier hasnt fought anyone that can move like jones and has that reach. Not to mention those elbows. Put cormier up against Gustafsson, Henderson, Rashad or Davis. See how he does against a couple of them then give him a shot.

    • p3ezy

      yes, cormier has fought 5 rounds.

    • Since Jones is booked against Glover Tex and could possibly fight Gustaf in a rematch this is perfect timing for Evans to heal up and hopefully fight DC when he comes back. That match up will really show were Cormier stands in the division.

      • uncle

        Hell I think Bader would be a good test
        for DC if Evans is not ready, I don’t
        think DC is ready for Jones ,he is too
        crafty and fast.. but Gus height and reach
        cancels each other more of a problem

        • Dragon Kid

          Bader couldn’t even beat Jones, Machida or even a washed up Tito LOL

        • Bader would have been a better fight then Patrick C that’s for sure.

    • deepgrim

      cormier beat barnett in a 5 rounder, allegedly he spars with cain for an hour. he has fought big foot who had a big reach advantage over him but jones all round striking game is so good he is. the reality is that there are legit fights for jones now and so he will need to take a fight in the mean time. if he can beat jones he should be able to beat any other person they give him. best case scenaro is tex or gus get injured, he will be the first person they call


    Jones is already scheduled for two fights coming up, if Gus wins? So DC has to get in line because its gonna be awhile. And IF Jones loses to Tex or Gus Automatic rematch baby! So were talking maybe next year for a possible Dc match up. So yeah DC go fight someone thats ranked in the LHW div. (Patrick Cummins N/R out of 250 fighters) So looks like your gonna have to take the winner of Davis vs Johnson! Maybe he cant keep the weight off for that long of a time? Like Cyborg!

  • Liam O’Keefe

    JJ is a prima donna. DC has fought better guys than JJ did when he got his shot at the strap. He’s just scared to lose. That’s why he picks his challengers, doesn’t want anyone too tough. Maybe he can fight Chael again.

    • grammarNotsee


      • Gary Fredericks

        Liam was correct to begin with you idiot! It’s an Italian name for “first lady” and large personality. Love when the grammar Nazi’s are wrong while correcting others.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Come on, nobody is that dumb. He was making a joke. His name kind of gives it away doesn’t it? grammarNotsee?

      • TheCerealKiller

        Prima donna, Italian for “first lady”, is a term originally used in opera or Commedia dell’arte companies to designate the leading female singer in the company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given.

      • Liam O’Keefe

        prima donna, italian for first lady, but thanks.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Jones has fought everyone they have put in front of him! He’s already fought everyone in the top ten or is going to soon. The only ones not on the list to fight him yet are Phil Davis and Lil Nog and Lil Nog is nowhere near the word “title”. LHW is a different beast than HW. Dan needs to beat a ranked fighter before being gifted a title shot.

      • Liam O’Keefe

        OK, let me ask this. What ranked fighter did JJ beat before he got a shot at the strap? Ryan Bader, Mateysanko (sp?), Branden Vera? Come on, it holds true, he got a shot with out facing tough competition in any weight class. DC has faced a lot tougher guys. But you are right HW and LHW are two different animal. HW is were the big boys play.

        And he turned down a fight with Sonnen and a turned down a rematch with Alexander, not everyone.

  • naustrdumbass

    my prediction is:who would sell the ppv dc. thats where the $$$ at in thats why he will leap frog in line. as well he should thats the biggest fight out there right now. jones vs dc n rousey vs cyborg for the last show of the 2014

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      DC won’t jump over Gus unless he gets injured. I want to see Gus v Jones just as band as I want to see DC v Jones.

      • some dude

        Or Tex vs. Gus for the belt. Just food for thought.

  • iceman fan

    everyone is totally counting out tex bad mistake that guy hits like chuck did back in the day wouldnt be suprised if he doesnt take all this as disrespect n KO jones

    • some dude

      Tex is a bad man. A 20 fight win streak is no joke. Nothing but respect for Tex, dude has earned his shot.

  • Mike mckinney

    I’m not a big DC fan but people saying he needs to have fights at 205lbs first are being silly. (With the exception of making sure he can make weight.)
    Don’t forget that jones is the champion of a handicapped division. Heavyweight is actually handicapped as well, but it has the smallest handicap.
    Saying DC needs to prove himself at 205lbs is like saying LO lebron were to play in the D-league he’d need to earn his spot on a team.
    Now DC is obviously not the lebron of the UFC but any guy who’s successful and ranked in a higher weight class is easily within the top 5 if he chooses to move down.
    The handicaps are there for a reason. The guys in lower weight classes need the help.

    • Reed

      I agree. How do people not think a guy who is dropping only body fat, no muscle, will do worse at a lower weight. I would love to just see Jones fight Mir, and Mir is way past his prime. I think Mir could get his arm like Belfort did only Mir would have the strength to break it. I am sure Jones wants DC to fight Evans so Jones won’t have to fight one of them.

      You go Jones, you are the king of beating middleweights!

      • Mike mckinney

        Some do not seem to do well when they drop down, but it’s not the point. Without handicapping DC is ranked higher as a fighter than jones.
        Btw, when guys drop a good amount of weight you never know its “just body fat.”
        It will be interesting if jones ever moves up what fights he’ll be asking for.
        I don’t believe for a moment that jones would be a top 5 heavyweight. I doubt he’ll ever actually move up, unless he can’t make the weight anymore.

  • David Huenecke

    I really dislike jones. Hes a great fighter but he is very disrespectful. Cormier has fought plenty of ppl who out rank jones and this dick is gonna sit here and say he needs to fight someone legit? Jones needs to get out of his own ass and realize the even out of lhw cormier has a spot. Lyoto dropped down and gets a title shot. Sure its cause vitor backed out but the fact that he was considered next in line says a lot about his resume. If cormier can make weight he can make weight. Quit making excuses.

    • gnodeb

      Are you serious or just trolling?

      There are only a few people who are in the same league (in terms of accomplishments) with JJ. We are talking about Anderson, GSP, Aldo… Even Cain need few more wins to be that kind of dominant champ who “cleaned” his division.

      About Lyoto geting instant shot :D. Lyoto was a champ at LHW and has a lot of wins there. And he has wins against Mousasi and Munoz (who both were in some kind of title runs). He is 2-0 against top competition. DC was not a UFC champ. He had two uninspiring wins at HW and win against absolute nobody in terms of title at LHW.

      I hope you were trolling…

      • David Huenecke

        Not trolling. Im just saying if youre the champ and you think youre so great just take the fight. Beat him the f–k up and send him to the back of the line for a long time. If he fights jones and wins he wins if jones beats him he will have to wait a long time to get another shot. Last time i checked being an olympian outranks some ufc championship. Dc fought the best in the world not just the best in one orginization. Oh and cormier did win the strikeforce hw GP. So its not like he doesnt have credentials.

        • gnodeb

          That is the problem. JJ can’t send DC back of the line, DC is already there.
          Now, try to think about people in that line. Who wouldn’t want to be a main event of PPV card against JJ. Win or lose, it’s easy money. Lot of exposure and a punching chance to change your life (think of Serra vs GSP).
          Now, if there is a lot of people who want’s the same, we need to determinate who deserves it. That is why proper title run is needed.
          Champ can not man up and fight whole division at once just because they want that. I would like to be bitten by champ. That is why, if you think you are so great, just make a proper title run!

      • Jaymo_ie

        If he wasn’t trolling I bet he wishes he was after that..

      • deepgrim

        a better profile of DC is that he is unbeaten olympic wrestler who in his career has only ever lost one round against josh barnett in a 5 round fight. He spars with the HW champion and coaches his wrestling, he beat all the HW having a reach disadvantage been quite a small fighter, and you would have to suspect that his grappling will be even more powerful in a lighter division. While quite a few of his fights have been a bit of a bore- he has been dominate in these fights by out grappling and striking on his terms. But cant see him cutting gus for a a title fight anyway- cause of how close the first fight was! that is off course if tex doesnt ruining the ufc plans with the upset. isnt he a bit of a winning streak like 19

    • Alex

      Lyoto has a win over a top fighter, and is a replacement.
      REPLACEMENT, ever heard of this word dumbo?

      Cormier has never fought any one that worth Jones’ competition – fatsos and roided giants don’t count LOL. Hugging Mir against the cage, scared crapless to stand with him or take him down doesn’t count either 🙂

      • some dude

        Jones avoided the last replacement he was offered and it was a guy who just moved up from middle weight. Remember Chael Sonnen.

        • Alex

          And? What does it prove here, loser?
          That Cormier has a right to fight him?

          I explained already, that a win in a FatSlowWeight division and a win over a can doesn’t give you a right to fight a champ, just like Sonnen didn’t have it.
          Jones himself made the legitimacy of this matchup by refusing him, he didn’t have to – you know what happened when they DID meet LOL

          • some dude

            I know what happened when they met up. So why be scared? Its easy money, pad his record, make him more profitable when negotiating a new contract. And it will end the discussion. So where’s the negative in taking the fight?

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Even if Jones granted the title shot, he’s still behind Glover and Gus. I don’t see his comments changing a thing about his fight order. Cormier will be fighting Gus for the title anyways because Gus will take it this time. If he hadn’t faded late last time he’d be wearing the strap now.

      • Liam O’Keefe

        And thats cool, there is a line, get in it. To me it’s that JJ seems to be a prima donna. “He doesn’t deserve a shot.” He’s a fighter, not the match maker. He should just fight who they put in front of him.

        And I do hope for Gus to take his strap. If JJ thinks the UFC doesn’t promote him now, wait until he loses the gold.

        • some dude

          Amen brother! Amen!

  • David Huenecke

    Or he can just take the fight win or lose and be done with it.

  • gnodeb

    Why would you ask for title shot witout title run?

    Maybe you are not sure you can win three in a row against top competition? If you are sure, then do it… take easy money… entertain us…

  • michigan love

    Cormier was strikeforce champ, he also had wins over bigfoot, mir, and a few other solid heavyweights. I like him as a heavyweight. He did move down, not his fault rashad got injured, it happens, but seriously, why is jones telling him to fight somone else, jones haf a win over ryan bader, thst got him a title shot, I believe ortiz finished bader in one round. Cormier is a solid fighter, hes tough, great skills, he can hold his own against jones. Jonrs needs to stop saying who he doesn’t want to fight and tell us who he does.

    • Mike mckinney

      Unless I missed it DC was never the strikeforce champion. He won the gran prix, as an alternate, but I don’t recall him having a title.

      • it was on showtime

        actually the fight between him in barnett was for gp championship in that was the last of that org so actually he was champ

    • Alex

      LOLL who cares who has been the strikefarce champ?
      Who cares what he has done in a division of a sloppy overweight swingers and roided mutants?

      It’s easy to show “skills” on those heavy bag.

      Bader was a top LHW fighter when Jones fought him, that’s why he got the shot – something that Cormier hasn’t done and guess what? Cormier has never fought someone as talented and technical as even Bader LOL.

      • Liam O’Keefe

        Actually JJ got a title shot because Evans hurt his knee. Evans was scheduled to fight for the strap. But any real mma fan would know that.

        Technical as Bader? How is Bader so technical? Bader is a wrestler. Is his wrestling so much better than DC’s? Jesus man, DC is an Olympian. Bader can’t even come close to what DC did on the wrestling mat. DC’s wrestling make Bader seem like he’s on the short bus to band camp.

        And if it’s so easy to show “skills” against those heavy bags, step up and step in the cage.

    • some dude

      Dont forget his win over Barnett. Jones hasn’t figured out a way to beat Cormier. He knows he will lose. If he wasn’t able to take down or stop a takedown from Gustafsson. What’s he going to do against Cormier. Wussy is no Chuck Liddell “fight anyone at anytime”, that is a true champion. Not this “he isn’t worthy” paper champ BS that makes Jones.

      • Alex

        LOLLL who cares about slow roided fatso Barnett.

        LHW is the REAL athletes division, and Jones won’t see ANYTHING in Black Teletubby that he hasn’t seen before.
        His Olympic wrestling will help him, like Romero’s Olympic wrestling gets him on his back against guys like Markes and Brunson LOL.

        Cormier is slower than Gustafsson, his technique is worse than his, and his ground game is a joke. Jones will need no tape to beat him, he just want to waste his time on a fake contender, whose best and only win in a SERIOUS division is against the barista.

        • some dude

          Then why not shut him up and fight him. Jones has nothing to worry about with this, as you put it “Black Teletubby” which has slight connotations of racism. But never mind that. Its a walk in the park for him right? Means more money for Jones and a improved record for an easy fight. I see nothing but upsides to this fight for Jones, if Cormier truly is as you put it a “fake contender”. So again why not?

          If your the champ be the champ and fight all comers. Don’t dictate who is deserving or not to fight you. That comes across as dodging. We have seen this game in boxing, and it is the same game that killed boxing.

          So to wrap this up nice and neat, shut up and fight “wussy boy”.

        • hardknocklife

          LHW is the REAL division?? LOL. Why don’t all those REAL athletes move up to HW and beat all those “fatso’s” and take that easy title from Cain then? Every higher weight class is more difficult than the last. There is a reason UFC created weight classes in the first place, it wasen’t for our entertainment, it was so a 265lbs monster doesn’t kill someone 60lbs less than him in the ring.

          Cormier is Cain’s wrestling coach, and he trains with him everyday. So a “fake contenter” helps coach the Baddess man on the planet, yet he is a “fake contender” in a lighter division than where he was training in and was 12-0 in.

          Someone doesn’t like Cormier, and/or understand training in MMA.

          • some dude

            Or someone really likes Jones. Hmm…

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      He beat Bigfoot who was just coming off his win over Fedor. It must have been daunting to walk into the cage with Bigfoot at that time.

      • Alex

        LOLLLL a win over a Russian Can Crusher who every UFC hater considered someone special because of his big and padded record.
        Just the same fatso as most of the HW division, nothing to watch here.

        Bigfoot is a big, slow, roided giant with an IQ of a caveman. In a Cormier fight, he went into the same overhand over and over again, like he has no ability to learn and to change something, defended it with his jaw.

        • Hugh Shakeshaft

          We know that now, but did not at the time. My point is the psychology of winning, breaking down barriers, etc.

          • Alex

            Nah, there were intelligent guys amongst us (yours truly, for example, or Dana White) who knew it all along.

            I’m sure that coaches knew as well.

          • Hugh Shakeshaft

            I can’t argue with that. I guess I’m a little irrational about Fedor. I enjoyed watching him for years.

  • Scoobs

    So Teixeira is legit? He’s only beat has-beens and nobodies. Jon is a fantastic fighter, but an idiot.

    • Alex

      Teixeira has beaten a top 10 fighter Bader, a top 15 (back then) Rampage and top 15 Te Huna.
      Cormier beat roided mutants and fatsos and HWs. Ah, and hugged Mir for 15 min.

      You’re the only nobody and idiot here.
      Ah, sorry, not only you LOL – there is bunch of morons and Jones haters like you here.
      Your consecutive IQ is lower than and IQ of Jones.
      Or mine.

      • Karen Meade

        Um …I don’t think “consecutive” means what you think it means.

        • MuayThaiFood

          I think he meant collectative. Don’t we all wish our IQ’s were that high?

          • Karen Meade

            Hah hah 😛

          • BigG

            What exactly does

          • BigG

            What exactly does, “collectative” mean???

          • MuayThaiFood

            Um, it doesn’t mean anything as you may have already guessed. I was being facetious because Alex used the word “consecutive”, which means nothing in the context he put it in. He just got done blasting the idiots and morons on here then went on to demonstrate his own ignorance by using consecutive instead of “collective.”

      • Terd Ferguson

        I think Scoobs IQ is high enough to catch errors in vocabulary and grammar… Just an observation.

    • some dude

      There is plenty of fight tape on Teixeira to study. Jones is going to lose within his next 3 fights.

  • brad king

    Jones is unstoppable! He will soon be considered the GOAT if not already.So he had a off night against Gustaffasson.
    DC beat on washed up HW’s. How he can consider a match with JJ so soon is totally ludicrous. Cormier beat an undefeated Cummins who no one ever heard of until Rashad back out. Probably won’t hear of Cummins anytime soon. If DC woulda beat Rashad down then his claims for a title shot woulda been legit.

    • Alex

      how dare you diss the mighty Canmins LOL

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Anyway you look at it. Jones has a tough tor to hoe this year with Glover, Gus, and Cormier in the que. It’s kinda like the movie Airplane when everybody’s lined up trying to get the lady to calm down, “get ahold of yourself!”

    • TNT

      so was chuck,fedor,boss,k n f.shamrock.tito,gracie.hughs,penn,could go on n on

  • Berry

    People having a go at who Jones fought to earn a title shot seem to forget that when he beat Bader, Bader was undefeated and on a tear, Jones was only offered the title shot against Shogun because Rashad (AGAIN) pulled out of it due to injury and Jones took the fight with 5 weeks notice on the night of fighting Bader.
    Not a fan of the guy in general but I’m a fan of his skill in the cage

  • some dude

    Translation “I need more tape to review.”

  • justin e

    He is absolutely right. This guy has one win against a nobody. There are faaaaaar more deserving contenders. Could he be a contender? Maybe. No telling until he gets a few real opponents.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      like who? IMO he’s more deserving than Tex. Rashad is hurt, Gusta and Manuwa winner will get jones if he beats Tex. there’s nobody else, phil davis.vs johnson winner still has to fight again.

      • joe

        How is he more deserving than Tex? Tex is 5 for 5 at light heavyweight in UFC. While DC only had one fight against a guy who only had 2 pro fights. I mean some of tex’s wins weren’t against the cream of the crop but his opponents were way more legit.

      • shogunvsgsp

        Well it’s not hard to find people who have done more to deserve a title shot, unless you just mean constantly talking about it in the media. Just to name some top 10 type guys in no particular order….Jimi Manuwa (14-0, 3-0 ufc lhw), Gus (won 6 of last 7 in ufc lhw plus arguably beat jones), Davis (8-1 ufc lhw with wins over top guys), Glover (20 fight win streak, 5-0 ufc lhw), you could even argue Bader has done more. The point is DC has 1 win in the lhw division and it is against a nobody. It doesn’t take much to beat that.

  • diazfan209

    Did Jon Jones really say this? It reads like a 14 year old being sarcastic.

    How is a professional athlete that does a basic preparation that all other fighters do (make weight) “extremely inspirational to a lot of people” just for doing that preparation? This isn’t Jenny Craig.

  • why jones wont fight

    everyone looking past glover big mistake… in then saying a man that won strikeforce H.W.G never lost a mma fight. two time olympian high school n college national champ. but none of that makes him a contender but a win over R.E would…ok dnt know what ur smoking but pass that s–t u had nuff!!!!!

    • some dude

      Dont forget wrestling coach to Cain Velasquez.


    Did not like the Side show ppv fill in I cannot even count as a legit that guy had no place in the octagon. If DC were champion seriously would he take on Jones who just beat a coffee shop worker? NO! He has fought nobody at 205 lbs.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    if DC had beaten Rashad, Jones would say the same thing except “another top contender” he knows as well as all of us that DC is the one to dethrone him. except for the fact that Gustafsson did that already.

    • Guest

      All true, but Glover is going to knock him silly before DC gets the chance.

  • Jimmy Rebel

    if Tex gets injured, I bet we see another cancelled UFC event. RIP UFC 151.

  • Get2DaChoppa

    Love him or hate him Jones has a point. DC has accomplished nothing at LHW to warrant a title shot.

  • joe

    Agree with Jones. Only way DC should get shot is if there was last minute injury to save the card. Otherwise he should earn it


      the guy already earned it randy droped got a shot michida now gets a shot one win franky edger in not one of those guys has as impressive a resume as DC in the list go on and on but cause its the golden boy that dont count?

  • james j

    I thought Uncle Dana and Smoking Joe Silva decide who fights who

  • dana fertita

    jones should go to hw where he really belongs jones is such a coward fighting smaller men . jones would get his arse kicked by a second rate hw . dc beat tough hw like bigfoot , jones would get his black hole stuffed by bigfoot , jones only hope is to stay at lw coz he knows he can win over smaller men and he is afraid to go to hw. unlike dc who has the guts to go to lw from hw , jon chken bones jones what a coward

    • MmaFan

      Yeah alright, get of DC’s dick! Jones is a force no matter if its lhw or hw, wait for him to jump up and prove you wrong 😀

    • Obi-Wan Granoli

      Jones is an unreal fighter man, my favourite is by far the mauler but, gotta give Jones some respect. DC might have fought some tough fights at HW but now he’s at a different weight class and it’s pretty much start over bro. Earn that shot, one fight isn’t enough and certainly not against Cummins.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Just to refresh everyone’s memory.

  • Jones_Is_Scared_of_Gus

    He wants Cormier to take Gus out so he won’t get his as s whooped again.

    Gus is on his head…in his nightmares. He still feels those fists, chopping away at his head.

    He NEVER wants to fight Gus again


    jones is just scared, he has defeated two former ufc heavyweight champions, knocked big foot silva out cold in the first round has an Olympic medal jones should show some respect

    • Stephen Quadros

      All correct except he has no olympic medal

  • does it matter


  • lufc888

    Don`t think Jones will be champ anymore after his next fight..

  • malcolm

    people actin as if JJ didnt destroy every LHW champ in the last 10 years!!