Dana White’s UFC 185 Post-Show Breakdown: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

March 15, 2015
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UFC president Dana White joined FOX Sports 1’s Ariel Helwani on the UFC 185 Post-Show on Saturday night to break down the event and reveal the extent of Anthony Pettis‘ injuries after losing his belt to Rafael dos Anjos.

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Check it out…

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations)

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  • Groinstrike

    You know people talk crap about Dana, but at least he tells you what he really believes. Jon Jones, and Anderson Silva on the other hand were portrayed as these really moral guys only to be exposed. I’d take someone who’s honest that I disagree with over someone I agree with that’s a total liar.

    • Sir_Roy

      Too few authentic public figures. Too few. Product of national idealism run rampant I would say. We’re all to blame really.

      The public, especially in North America (where the “hero” ideal is still out of control), like their public figures on pedestals. We like to make believe perfection is part and parcel to the human package. When the truth couldn’t be farther. Then we take no small amount of pleasure in shaming them all from the safety of our hypocritical sofas for, in essence, being flawed. Which is to say, being human.

      Better just to be yourself, be as authentic a person as possible with all your strengths and all your flaws. Pushing to improve as you go. Too few have figured that out – regardless, not sure the public at large is ready for it.

      • TheCerealKiller

        Exacty, most people judge Jones about his drug abuse but to be honest it’s not an enhancing drugs. If at all it makes you perform worse. I’m not going to hide that I like to sniff a line or two as well and if you can controll yourself there is nothing wrong with that. Just make sure you know your limits before committing to anything.

        • Sir_Roy

          What anyone does, recreationally, in their free time is their own business. As long as you’re not hurting anyone (including yourself), it shouldn’t be anyone’s affair but your own. Very few know how to criticize or be critical (which can be a positive and constructive trait in and of itself) without judging. We love to judge. Even the most repugnant, amoral people in our society, somehow find the right to judge others. It’s out of control.

          That said, I’m not going to pretend to know exactly what cocaine does or does not do. Everything in moderation I suppose. I do know it’s ruined lives and careers. If you’re an addictive personality, if you’re prone to addiction or depression, probably not a good idea to start in on coke. It is a stimulant and plays with your Dopamine levels… but I guess if Jones is not high off it during the fight, then no, I don’t imagine it did help him at all and is no ones business but his own (aside from it being an illegal substance).

          I guess when you’re a public figure, the public expects you to provide a positive example … so by nature of the beast, you’re subject to public opinion and public pressures. Comes with the job (and the millions one makes doing it). Again, cocaine is illegal in the US so there’s always the fact he kind of broke the law. I could care less, but I can understand the public at large taking exception to a degree.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Let me get this straight, you’re calling Jones a total liar? Silva is a total liar now, but what is wrong with Jones’s morals and how did he lie about anything? I guess, where do you draw your moral line in the sand? Please point me in the direction of your great moral standard that you judge everyone else by. Where do you base your morals from? Religion? The most hypocritical group of people on the planet. I’m not going to rant into a text wall, but be careful when throwing stones from your glass house. I’m sure you’re not a saint yourself.