Dana White’s So You Wanna Be a Fighter? Part 2: “Leave Everything In There!” (TUF 18 Video)

September 3, 2013
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UFC president Dana White at UFC 146One of the most memorable moments in The Ultimate Fighter history was UFC president Dana White‘s memorable “who wants to be a (expletive) fighter” speech from the inaugural season.

To be sure, White is outspoken, but he parlays his candor into some inspiring moments. Tapping into the spirit of that inaugural season, he kicks off Season 18, The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate, channeling his inner Tony Robbins.

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  • Peter Banh

    Only stupid people would want to leave everything in the cage. What is for? You get very little money and your life is ruin just to make Dana rich. It’s better for find a normal job and work for a living. MMA fighters should demand more money. Currently, they are getting pretty much nothing.

    • Mark

      Dude the UFC pays the people who actually deserve it by being exciting and winning, the UFC is a business why on earth would they invest 50k on someone who contributes very little to nothing to a fight card and bottom line? How many less pay per views you think they lose when they cut out completely irrelevant and unknown fighters? Not everyone one makes it, very few will ever actually have what it takes, not everyone gets a trophy, if anything 5k-9k to show + 5k-9k is a loss to the ufc. But they do this to find the few elites. Educate yourself man before you go on an uneducated rant and look like a ignorant idiot. Unless your just trolling, in that case that’s a good one.

      • Peter Banh

        Mark, do you know how much fighters have to sacrifice? After each fight, do you know how much damage they take in average? Fighters are human being too. They deserve better than what they are getting now. How much is 5K-9K? It’s nothing. You are so heartless toward them as if they are not human being. UFC makes hundreds of millions a year, they surely can afford better pay for fighters. It looks like you care about the UFC/DanaWhite more than the fighters who put their livelihood in the cage. I hope for big success in Bellator first PPV so they have money to compete with the UFC.

  • Me

    Who are you? and what do you care it’s not like you’re the one in the cage.

    • Peter Banh

      I want fighters get their fair share. Fighters are human just like everyone else. They are sons and daughters of someone out there. Unlike you, I care about them, not Dana White. Fighters sacrifice a lot fighting in the cage. They deserve way way more than they currently get. Even the lowest rank deserve at least $50,000 a fight, not what they currently get. I hope Bellator succeed on their first PPV so they have lot of money to compete with the UFC. The more competition the market, the better deal the fighters would get. Best of luck to Bellator.