Dana White’s Most Embarrassing Interview Ever

May 22, 2013
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01-UFC111PrePresser-DanaWhiteUFC president Dana White gives an uncharacteristically off-beat interview with UFC Tonight’s Chael Sonnen and Kenny Florian. Discover the odd quirks and hilarious stories that make Dana one of the most interesting men in sports.

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  • Milosc

    Shameless PR

  • Balls

    What was embarassing about that?

    • shakejunt

      it was uncharacteristic

  • Dave the rave

    The only embarrassing part was Sonnen’s ass kissing.

  • barnettoo

    A president of a sports organization getting more attention (by FAR) and any of his athletes…now that is when you know that it is a circus.

    Only other “sport” where this occurs is WWE.

    • VegasResidency

      Stop watching

      • Milosc

        Stop reading

    • Milosc

      Nail on head

    • shakejunt

      when you think about how little the fertitas are present in the media, someone has to be the face.

      we get that you don’t like dana, and you’re free to think that, but you need to mask your bias a little better.

  • Ian Price

    I thought it was funny and honest