Dana White’s Double-Duty UFC Berlin and TUF Brazil 3 V-Blog: Behind the Scenes at UFC 173

May 29, 2014
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(Courtesy of UFC)

In UFC president Dana White’s latest video blog, we go behind the scenes at UFC 173 with Jamie Varner and his broken leg, Robbie Lawler, TJ Dillashaw, and a crazed crew of happy Alpha Males!

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  • Ben Kane

    Wow!!! is Dana high much??? lol

  • Ben Kane

    Always actually been a fan since he brought UFC to the mainstream (been watching since 2003) but man!!!!…. forget who’s headlining you’re cards much!!! haha dear me. poor.

  • Ben Kane

    By the way, while I have my opinion (that it counts for much), Please, retract the amounts of cards you have, I’d rather 1 a month (What I was used too) that was really stacked, now its just all over the place! that’s why the UFC (which I love) is loseing credibility! because they’re banging them out 2 or 3 a month with losing contenders headlining at best! I am bitter by the way because when I got my friends into this we paid top dollar to see UFC..70, 75, and 80!!! all amazing…..since then its kind of like…. who’s from near them??? chuck them on the card!!!! by the way! Joe Silva?!?!?!? F*ck me, best job/easiest job in the world yet you still screw up potential Cach cow by failing to mach them up right??? Dana/the guys above you must surly see this??? surly? please don’t ruin the sport i’ve stayed up into the early hours and watched since UFC 49! please. Thank you.