Dana White Wouldn’t Mind Putting Vitor Belfort vs. Lyoto Machida in UFC 167 Co-Main Event

August 14, 2013
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Vitor-Belfort-UFC-126-Prefight_4683-478x270Vitor Belfort wants to fight for the UFC middleweight championship.

Lyoto Machida wants a rematch with Phil Davis.

Neither is going to get the fight that they want, but they may just get a fight against each other.

UFC president Dana White wouldn’t mind putting the two in a fight together, especially if it were at 185 pounds, according to a report on UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

In fact, White told UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani that he would make the fight the co-main event of UFC 167: St-Pierre vs. Hendricks, the promotion’s 20th Anniversary event.  UFC 167 takes place on Nov. 16 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Belfort is coming off of back-to-back knockout victories over Michael Bisping and Luke Rockhold at 185 pounds, and feels it should have been enough to put him in a title fight, especially after Chris Weidman upset Anderson Silva. At the very least, he believes he is the No. 1 contender at middleweight.

As such, Belfort’s wife, who is also his manager, has said that Belfort is willing to fight while he waits for Weidman and Silva to hash out their rematch, but not in a 185-pound non-title bout. He’d fight at catchweight, light heavyweight, or even heavyweight, but doesn’t like the idea of risking his place in the line for the middleweight title.

After losing a unanimous decision to Phil Davis at UFC 163, Machida wanted an immediate rematch, believing the judges scored the fight incorrectly, but Davis doesn’t appear to have any interest.

Machida went into that fight having defeated Ryan Bader and Dan Henderson in succession, so the loss was a huge blow to his hopes of scoring another shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Machida has toyed with the idea of dropping down to middleweight, and his camp reportedly told Helwani that they wouldn’t mind a fight with Belfort at 185, 205, or even a catchweight.

If the fight comes together at UFC 167, it would certainly help add some punch to a fight card that already is topped by UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre putting his belt on the line against top contender Johny Hendricks.

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  • Mark McDowall

    Belfort wont take the fight in Nevada. They wont approve his TRT license. Mark Ratner already said he wouldn’t ever approve Vitor for one due to his history of roid abuse.

  • Sick fight. Dangerous fight. Neither guy can afford to lose a fight right now. The machtup itself is awesome let alone what’s at stake.

    • Truth

      if at LHW, a loss would be more worse for Machida since Belfort is really more focused on 185.

      It’s questionable for Machida moving down to 185 b/c he’s never fought that low before.

      Machida didn’t even lose to Phil Davis anyway and should be 1st in line if Gustafsson pulls off a miracle upset.

      However, although Machida got robbed in the decision vs. Phil Davis, i still think Machida will eventually get a title shot if Bones remains champ b/c Machida should be able to beat every1 else at 205 (unless the refs decide to choose the winner before the fight begins again as they did vs. Davis)

      • Right, Machida earned that number 1 spot and he shouldn’t be set back due to a TOUGH loss. I don’t care if Vitor is focused at 185 an impressive win over Vitor puts him back in title contention just because Vitor is a beast. If Machida losses by decision again, I do believe it will be a big setback due to lack of aggressiveness.

  • Jack Sparrow

    Like to see this at 185

  • toom

    as much as I don’t like vitor I can’t see machida winning this I don’t see him avoiding vitors punches I think machida is going to sleep

    • Supaman

      idk… i think other way around… Machida’s kicks and movement should keep him out of Vitor’s range.

      The only way Machida gets caught is if he pays too much attention to the critics and thinking about this most recent bogus decision.

      That’s what happened the first time he officially lost in MMA, in getting KO’ed by Shogun. Machida paid too much attention to people whining about the decision in their first fight and came out much more aggressive than usual and got KTFO.

      If Machida tries to do that again, Vitor could catch him.

      • Werdoomb

        toom is a TUF noob that started following MMA only recently. Therefore, his MMA knowledge = recent vitor fights (against 185lbers) and old UFC clips (example, Wandy fight).

        Vitor lost to Tito, Chuck, Randy, Saku, Hendo, and Overeem at 205. Vitor moved down to 185 to avoid the competition at 205.

        Vitor will have a tough time cracking top 15 at LHW.

        Should this fight take place at 205, Vitor would get killed by Machida. Machida is better than any of the fighters that Vitor has faced, except JBJ and maybe..just maybe…Anderson.

        • TheCerealKiller

          Again with the “N” word. Does your every post have to start with this?

        • toom

          Dude I have been watching mma since vitor was beating people at heavyweight not to mention just because I pick vitor to win the fight I’m a tuff noob u should just change your name to dumb

          • Werdoomb

            I’m sorry. My mangina gets inflamed when I get hungry. I just started watching MMA because of Ronda Rousey. I try to call people names to make up for my little penis. Spinach is just like a n a l $ex, if you’re forced to have it as a kid, you’ll hate it as an adult. I hate spinach!

          • toom

            Dude this seems like something an 8 year.old would post not to mention u called me a tuff noob pretty weak

        • toom

          not to mention vitor has elevated testosterone and.what way more aggressive because of it but because you probably sit behind your keyboard and have no testosterone I wouldn’t expect you to know the difference

  • Mudd

    I don’t know why Joe Silva is even employed with the UFC. Why would the UFC need a match maker when Dana puts together the fights he wants to see? There’s no need for a ranking system if Dana puts on the fights he wants whether it’s in the same division or not.

    • JDMMA

      I think Joe Silva has some shares of the company so he needs to have a title or a job

      • Werdoomb

        u are soo dumb. Owning shares has nothing to do which having a title at the company. WTF are you talking about. Shareholders of Apple are all executives at Apple??? Even for private companies, shareholders are not executives necessarily.

        U r dooomb.

    • bajafox

      Someone has to put together the undercards

  • Sir_Roy

    I really don’t care to watch another Machida fight to be honest – regardless the opponent. It’s exciting waiting for that one explosive moment where Machida sees an opening, lunges in and unloads. When he does that, he’s an absolute beast. The rest of the dance leading up to such a “possibility” is just not worth the price of admission IMHO.

    • Sam

      I think everyone is on to Machida now and will just sit back, score a few points and win due to Machida’s inactivity. No-one wants to get the Bader prize for engaging.

      • Ian Price

        Yeah, I agree. Looks like people are starting to figure out this whole Anderson-Lyoto counter striking gig. Gig’s up, guys. Sort of. Still pretty dang effective.

        • ElbowSlice

          Watch out guys, you don’t want to p*ss of the dragon lovers. They’ll start crying any minute now and tell you how great Machida is and how his last fight was stolen by the judges and he deserves a re-match with Jones and blah blah blah.

          • Fat Bloke

            Nobody ever puts the blame on Machida’s opponents. They are very apprehensive against him because they fear being KO’d like Evans and Bader, etc..Davis was clearly scared in the last fight. They all talked up taking Machida down or not being scared of standing with him, and they all did nothing. I think it is time to put more emphasis in scoring TD defence. Why should a TD with no damage swing a fight, especially when some TD’s are because the opponent is too scared to stand and bang?

          • TheCerealKiller

            Points for defense? That would be the opposite of every sport on the planet! Offense scores points, defense stops your opponent from scoring points. The only difference is MMA gives points for aggression, which Machida doesn’t have any.

          • ElbowSlice

            U idiot. Thin I guess they’ll have to award points for every punch that you avoid. And then they’ll have to award points for kicking defense too. And if u avoid a knee or elbow, DOUBLE POINTS!!! Pretty soon we will have fights with little to no strikes landed at all. Wouldn’t that be a great fight to watch? DumbAss, it’s an offensive sport and should be judged on offensive scoring.
            PS – I know I was gonna p*ss off some dragon lovers.


    I love it !!! this match-up would be great,,, make it happen uncle Dana !!!!

  • TheCerealKiller

    Machida should be on the FX part of the card.

    • ElbowSlice

      Don’t stop there. Maybe he should slide to the facebook prelims instead. After his last 2 pathetic performances (yawn!!!) he shouldn’t waste our time with a prime-time spot.

  • Milosc

    I think it’s obvious at this point, that Dana White is going to try anything to keep Chael Sonnen from being punched into obscurity by Vitor Belfort

    The guy is a bigtime face for the company, now, and one more loss is going to make him look pretty funny sitting next to the newly retired Brian Stann each week. Vitor doesn’t play

    • Mike mckinney

      I don’t think that you would ever “take care of a guy” by putting them in the cage with shogun. If you have friends like that, they really don’t like you.

      • Milosc

        Who’s the worst ex-champ at 205, with the best name recognition?

        Tito and Forrest are gone..

  • The Best Eva

    Would be awesome, hopefully Vitor with good agression and a KO.

  • Matthew Stone

    I agree that Vitor has struggled against top 205 guys but that was mid point of his career, don’t think he lost the fight to Tito and was beating Overeem second time around until he got lazy, the rest I agree he lost but he wasn’t the same guy then, didn’t have the hunger and passion he has now and when he first burst on to the scene. tough fight to call though as both great and explosive – would love to see Vitor do it but Machida could be so fast at middle weight. If Belfort fights smart he will grapple Machida and tire him out then knock him out as Machida gets winded when grappling for a long period.

  • Adam

    Why would you put an aggressive fighter like vitor or anyone else for that matter in there with a guy that runs didn’t the UFC come down hard on clay what’s his name for runnin in his past few fights this matchup is goin to suck