Dana White Would Rather See A Fight Stopped Too Early Than Too Late

October 2, 2011
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At UFC on Versus 6 Saturday night there were a mixed bag of refereeing decisions, with some being deemed good and some deemed bad.

UFC President Dana White answered the question about the referees that were working at UFC on Versus 6 and admitted there were some good and some bad decisions made.

White specifically pointed to two fight as very questionable decisions, while praising referee Mario Yamasaki for a keen move when he stopped the fight between Anthony Johnson and Charlie Brenneman.

Check out this video of Dana White talking about the referees that worked at UFC on Versus 6:

  • sgilliss

    Following Rumbles’ kick-ass kick to Brenneman’s face, the Spaniard did land on his elbows suggesting he wasn’t ‘out’. But Brenneman was a sitting duck for a dude that seemed destined to win that match anyway.

    Let’s face it. Brenneman’s only chance was wrestling, but Rumble is no slouch in that department. In fact, I thought Johnsons’ sprawl looked awesome. Not only did Rumble stop the takedown, but he also held Brenneman’s face against the canvas thus preventing him from getting up.

    Let’s examine that last comment more closely. Rumble kept Brenneman “trapped” on the ground via his head. The dude couldn’t wriggle free or get up because his head was being pressed down against the floor. Wow. That’s some amazing strength from Rumble.

    So what’s a wrestler to do when his opponent is, well, out-wrestling him?

    Nothing … well, except get face-planted by Rumble’s foot.

    Doesn’t matter if Brenneman was ‘lucid’. He was going to get his ass (or face) kicked eventually.

    Agree with Dana. Better to stop too soon than late.

  • shakejunt

    Agree as well. Roller and Brenneman were both getting wrecked prior to the stoppages. You don’t verbally show signs of pain when your face is covered… it seems like you’re tapping… and Brenneman’s eyes rolled and hands dropped as soon as the kick hit. Rumble was called off before he even hit the ground, he would’ve swarmed him anyway.

  • EliotDodd

    how about we just stop the fights when they should be? i was at this event and was appalled at the refereeing. I thought Miragliotta did the best job and I like the fact that he gives the fighter the benefit of the doubt if they are in trouble. These guys train their asses off and a bad stoppage should not be able to happen.

  • Who knows if Brenneman would have thrown up an amazing triangle or something. If the fight had been stopped when Barry rocked Kongo people would have said it was over anyway. Kongo knocked his ass out. The fight shouldn’t be stopped until it is a conclusive finish. And even if the Brenneman fight should have been stopped, Johnson sure as hell didn’t deserve a KO of the night award. He didn’t knock anyone out.