Dana White Would Like To See Anderson Silva Make Run At Light Heavyweight

February 1, 2013
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Anderson Silva

UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson “The Spider” Silva is expected to return this spring to defend his 185-pound title, but UFC President Dana White would like to see Silva make a run in the light heavyweight division.

“I’d love to see Anderson at 205,” said White at the UFC 156 media day on Thursday.  “If Anderson moved up to 205-pounds, it would be so fun.  I mean, people would go crazy over that, if he started to work his way up in the 205-pound division, take on a number one contender and if he wins he fights for the title.”

Silva has fought as a light heavyweight three times in his career, racking up first-round finishes over James Irvin, Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar, but Silva has shown no interest in making a run at the UFC light heavyweight title.

On a media conference call prior to his last fight in October, Silva said he won’t make the move to light heavyweight.

“There’s always been a lot of talk about me moving up to 205,” said Silva, “I know Dana (White) has talked about it and all the fans have talked about me moving up and facing Jon Jones. But it’s something I’ve never wanted.”

While it seems unlikely that Silva will abandon the middleweight division to pursue light heavyweight gold, White believes a super fight between Silva and Jones is a possibility.

“What we’re looking at is probably a super fight with him (Silva) and Jon Jones or something, eventually,” said White.

Silva is currently in contract negotiations with the UFC and is targeting a spring return to the Octagon, but who his opponent will be is not clear.  Chris Weidman and Rashad Evans appear to be the front runners.

  • kennybro

    this article goes out to all the people saying dana white is protecting anderson and won’t let him fight anyone dangerous.

    205 is a dangerous division.

  • dan

    I’m a huge Silva fan but I’m not a hugger. Silva would get ragdolled by Jones. White’s not an idiot. He knows Jones is the future of the promotion and what better way to build him even further by beating the best fighter in the UFC. I know alot of ppl will disagree with me but these superfights are nothing but a waste of time. Bendo wont beat GSP, GSP wont Silva, Silva wont beat Jones, and Jones wont beat top HWs. Its that simple. Fighters should stay in the weight class the comfy in

    • Bob Sapp loses to smaller guys

      • Moded

      • Joey

        Bob Sapp loses to EVERYBODY. He gets knocked around more than .

        • Joey

          well that was supposed to say Chris brown and Rihanna joke but that didnt go so well.

    • bajafox

      You just said “comfy” on an mma site, haha

      I agree though, looks like Anderson wants his legacy to stay in tact and I doubt he’ll want to fight Jones

    • drkdisciple

      I agree with everything you said even if i hate the word “comfy”

    • Jenny

      Your lost! Anderson could very well hammer Jones on a good day and GSP could beat Silva too. These guys are separated by 15 to 20 pounds….they are not super heroes and anything can happen when you are talking elite fighters. Anderson needs to make a move but he is happy beating up losers at 185….WHAT A SH>T DIVISION. Georges has still got Diaz and Hendricks that pose some competition, Silva has who? Weidman, Bisping….get real.

      Btw I’m a girl and I would fight a guy 15 pounds heavier than me! Are you 150lbs Dan?

  • diazfan209

    Anderson Knows

  • Silva is the guy who really deserves an automatic title shot if he goes up in weight. The fact that he already fought there three times says it all.

    • Crashman

      Please look at the guys he fought ..” james irvin, forrest griffon (took a dive) and Stephan bonner (on his LAST fight looking for cash) NOW seriously which one of those were top rated fighters? .. Forrest had his day in the sun before he was Champion for those 4 months he had the belt, and Bonner was a constant under achiever, .. and james irvin is a B level fighter, .. you put A.S against Glover Tiexiara or someone with some devastating wrestling, and we may see a different outcome.

      • Now we all our opinions but what your doing is taking away the credibility of Silva’s wins and disrespecting the guys he fought. James Irvin has tons of experience and has KO’d some tough guys. Forrest was coming off losing his title and Stephan Bonnar was just a fight to help a card. Although he never had more then 3 wins in a row he was never finished before and was a dangerous fight. A.S vs Glover sounds like a nice fight, so good call on that one. But Silva has dealt with Chaels wrestling and there is no shame in being taken down or held down by Sonnen the guy is an olympic caliber wrestler. I just think he should get a shot b/c he has taken fights already up in weight. Not to throw anyone under the bus but c’mon Frankie Edgar got a title shot coming off a loss and never fighting once in the FW division.

  • Darin

    “Make a run”??? Are you kidding me? Anderson will snatch the belt from Jones within 2 rounds. Having him fight any other LWs is pointless.

  • Prince James

    Wait…Chael and Frankie get instant title shots coming off losses but Silva has to fight for no1 contender. Makes sense to me.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Dude are you stupid? Apparently you are, why is Edgar getting a title fight? BC he replaced the injured #1 contender who was suppose to fight Aldo (also Edgar was robbed by the judges twice, but especially the 2nd fight vs Ben Henderson). Sonnen is getting a title shot bc NOONE not even Silva would accept a fight vs Jon Jones on 8 days or 4-6 weeks notice, so the UFC are giving Sonnen a shot bc he stepped up on very very short notice, while no one else would and he’s a MW fighter. But the main reason the UFC’s giving Sonnen a title fight is bc …….. It will show fighters in the future that it pays to help the hand that feeds you. Sonnen is not “deserving” but he’s by far got the biggest nuts in both the MW and LHW divisions, and he proved that by wanton to fight Jones with 8 days notice and having to move up in weight. Silva only fights 1 dimensional bums at LHW with no wrestling, and you expect him to want to fight Jones?!? Bahahahaha.

      • Me

        r u really that naive? – edgar is getting the shot because it’s good money for the ufc – his replacement of an injured contender was for a fight that was scrapped n an entirely different card – the same goes for sonnen but even more so – and only a nuthugger with serious fanboy goggle would think edgar won that 1st fight much less that he was “robbed”

        • Kris-tyahn

          “Naive”. – Ughhh doesn’t matter what card it was for, dummy, it’s the fight we’re talking about. So if the Champ gets injured and doesn’t fight on the original card, then Edgar doesn’t get the title shot anymore?!? Like I said in my 1st comment, apparently you are an idiot. Not my fault my comment made your comment look uneducated, sure it’s a good money fight, but NOT the reason Edgar was given The fight, it was bc Koch got injured. But according to your “logic” bahahahahah, Edgar shouldn’t get the fight bc Aldo got Injured and couldn’t fight in the original UFC event. So ur saying Edgar only deserved it before Aldo got injured and before they had to move the fight a few months down the road?!? WOW!!!

        • Kris-tyahn

          Hence the reason I said especially the 2nd fight, the 1st fight was 50/50. I’m. It a “fan” of Edgar, I do t dislike him, but he’s not one of my favorite fighters. Apparently your idiotic comment about “only” Edgar fan boys think he won the first fight. Which is funny, bc many people believe he won the 1st fight, but he definitely won the 2nd one …… But he doesn’t deserve a fight vs Aldo?!? Okay noob, whatever you say.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Exactly what I was going to say. Absolutely ridiculous that Chael can get wooped and get an instant title shot, but the longest reigning champion in history has to work his way there? Anderson should get an instant shot against Jones, or he shouldn’t even bother with it

  • I would think that Anderson Silva already worked his way to the lhw title shot. He is 3-0 at lhw, all wins in the first round, including 1 against a former world champion.
    When a great fighter like Anderson Silva comes around, mma fans should be grateful to be able to watch him fight at all. Hell, I would pay to watch him fight a bag of potato chips .

  • WhatTheChuck

    I dont see GSP beating Silva but Silva vs Jones could def go either way as long as it happens fairly soon. Not a huge fan of any of the three listed but Anderson has to be best of all time. (atleast up til now)

  • WhatTheChuck

    Silva/Jones is without a doubt the fight I wanna see but Im pretty sure there’s a few 205ers that could give the Spider a potential ass whoopin. Machida would be a fun one to watch but I doubt that fight will ever happen considering the relationship

    • Ronald Nearns

      Actually if Silva moved up to fight Jones at LHW and won the title I could see a real possibility of Machida putting that aside to fight Silva seeing as how Silva would have 2 belts and Machida would not have any.

      Other than Jones, Machida is prob the only LHW that can prob beat Silva.

  • mike

    I think Jones is great-one of the best ever!*

    I think Silva IS the best ever. The win over Sonnen in the first fight just goes to show you: he was on his back the whole fight, got the sh*t kicked out of him for 4 rounds, never ever lost composure, still bloodied sonnen from the guard, and submitted him while sweaty/bloody/beaten.

    Silva has got an iron chin, fast hands, more creative than most, walks around at +200lb.

    I’m not saying he would pick Jones apart, but I do think he would win.

    *although I’ve loved all of Jones’s fights (extremely gifted) I don’t think his championship fights have seen the contenders at their best.

  • Here’s the deal:

    Anderson DOESN’T WANT to fight Jones. Dana knows this. Anderson doesn’t mind fighting 205ers OTHER than Jones or Machida. Dana knows this. Anderson has very few legitimate opponents at middleweight (Weidman & *maybe* Lombard). Dana knows this too.

    So what does Dana do? He trys to sell you guys on the idea, that fights with more guys like Bonner at 205 are meaningful, because the Spiders “working towards a title fight”. That’s a joke. According to Dana, he’s the best fighter on the planet. The “best fighter” doesn’t HAVE to work towards a damn thing.

    EVEYONE else is booked, but the Spider wants a spring fight, and Dana’s gonna feed him a weak-ass, bottom of the barrel light heavy. This is Dana trying to justify that bum. Transparent.

  • justin_e

    Not gonna happen now that Nog beat evans.