Dana White: Winner of Shogun vs. Vera Gets Next Title Shot

Mauricio Shogun Rua vs. Brandon Vera
When UFC on Fox 4 ends, either Mauricio “Shogun” Rua or Brandon Vera will have earned the next shot at the UFC light heavyweight title.

It came with some shock during a media conference call on Monday that UFC president Dana White backed up an earlier statement by saying that the winner of the main event at this weekend’s UFC on Fox 4 show would indeed get the next crack at the 205-pound belt.

According to White, the winner between Rua and Vera will face the winner of the upcoming UFC 151 main event between light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones and Dan Henderson.

“Yes,” White answered when asked the direct question about the main event fight crowning the next No. 1 contender at light heavyweight.

“Shogun Rua just came off the fight of the year last year and he’s probably one of the greatest fighters in the world in the last decade. This guy knocked out Rampage (Jackson), knocked out Chuck Liddell, knocked out Mark Coleman, knocked out Lyoto Machida, knocked out Forrest Griffin, knocked out Alistair Overeem twice, submitted Kevin Randleman. A win puts this guy right back into position, and he’s probably the No. 2 guy in the world.”

The scenarios in this situation seems mind boggling to most, especially considering the ramifications if Jones defeats Henderson in early September.

Jones mauled Brandon Vera via first round TKO when they met at UFC on Versus 1 back in May 2010, and then did very much the same thing to Shogun when he captured the light heavyweight strap in March 2011 at UFC 128.

Should Jones get past Henderson, it appears he will be set for a rematch against one of the two main event fighters at UFC on Fox 4.

Since his loss to Jones, Rua has appeared twice in the Octagon, defeating Forrest Griffin in Brazil, and losing by decision to Dan Henderson at UFC 139.

Meanwhile, Brandon Vera has gone 1-2-1 over his last four fights, but a win at UFC on Fox 4 will earn the UFC veteran his first title shot since joining the company in 2005.

“Brandon is a guy who burst onto the scene, was gonna be a 205-pound champion, a heavyweight champion, was running through guys left and right. I don’t know what happened, but it’s about opportunities,” White explained about Vera’s surprising position in the title picture. “He accepted this opportunity to fight one of the greatest fighters of this decade and we’ll see what he does with it.”

White also stated that it doesn’t matter how impressive either Ryan Bader or Lyoto Machida were in the co-main event of the evening, the winner in the main event would be the one challenging either Jones or Henderson for the title next.

UFC on Fox 4 goes down Saturday night from the Staples Center in Los Angeles and broadcasts live on Fox starting at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT.

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  1. Why in hell would Vera get a title shot if he wins which he won’t
    He hasn’t won in for ever did his wife blow Dana or something the dude is done

  2. Granted the likelihood of Vera winning is small, to even think of giving him a title shot would be embarrassing. The man was not just beaten by Jones, he broke his face. He beat Vera like he was a nobody. Shogun getting a shot with a win is easier to stomach at least or a number one contender fight between the winner of this fight and Bader/Machida. Jones is running out of new contenders in this division he was run out of worthy challengers. Any other ideas guys, besides Silva/Jones?

    • im thinkin gustafsson could fight glover (assuming he looks good against rampage) for the next shot

  3. This doesn’t make any since. Neither one of these fighters deserves a shot a Jones. He destroyed both of them and Shogun has only one fight since then and that was a loss to a 41yr old Hendo. Vera isn’t even a top 15 fighter at lhw. It makes more since to give the dragon or Bader a rematch. I know Jones beat them as well but Vera or Shogun have little to no chance of beating Jones. Shogun wouldn’t even fight Grover so the UFC awards him with a number one contenders match? It just doesn’t make since.

    • Exactly. These guys weren’t just beaten by Jones, they were completely dominated. And neither has done much since that loss to show they are an improved fighter, whereas Jones has only gotten better since beating these two.

      Vera, in particular, is miles from deserving a title shot.

      The only way the match up would even be worth watching is if Hendo beats Jones and Shogun beats Vera. Shogun v. Hendo was an entertaining fight, I would watch a rematch.

    • Are you spelling “sense” wrong on purpose?

  4. I agree that Vera is miles away from a title shot. But Shogun does deserve a title shot more than any other 205er. The only other is Gustafsson, but hes on the shelf, plus he really needs one more big fight before he deserves a title shot anyways, but the talent is there. But regarding Rua, maybe he has only two fights since his fight with jones, with one of those being a loss. but it was a controversial loss to the guy who is fighting jones for the title now. And you cant deny that shogun along with evans and machida are the top three lightheavy weight contenders, and that being said, the other two fought him more recently, and Rua is the last champion so therefore he should get a chance to redeem his loss. And not to make excuses on why shogun looked to get destroyed from start to finish, but shogun got hurt early in that fight and against jones, its hard enought to fight him without being hurt for the duration of a title fight.

    • agreed. even before all of this, how does Vera deserve to face Shogun? he hasn’t shown any relevance for being a title contender since he was a HW 5+ years ago, and all of his LHW fights were pretty lackluster

    • shoguns coming of a loss how does that justify a title shot.. one win over vera? give me a break..

      • it does not.

        Is this a joke?

        I just don’t want to see Shogun get killed again.

  5. Way to make that title meaningless dana.

  6. I want to see Gustafsson fight another contender than fight jones

    • Yes, gustaf should get a shot soon. I am fine with either machida, shogun, sonnen or Anderson getting a crack at jones next.

  7. This just shows the lack of depth in the LHW division at the moment, I’d say there’s even less realistic challengers for Bones than there is at MW for Anderson. Also, Silva hasn’t beaten any of the current 4 main contenders for his belt (except for Vitor) whereas Jones has already beaten his supposed 4 main contenders and beaten them well too. I also fear that the HW division may be in this situation in a year’s time, although I think JDS is a little closer to his challengers than the other two.

    On a different note, how come when Weidman beat the supposed no.1 contender in his fight he doesn’t get a title shot, yet if Vera wins then he does? This after he’s been battered in his last few fights in the UFC too? He only decisioned Marshall and even then he was damn lucky. This just makes no sense at all, Dana must be praying that shogun wins so he doesn’t have to justify a Vera title shot.

  8. Is there anyone good at heavyweight who has a realistic chance of firstly making 205, and secondly having a chance of beating Jones? I can’t think of any. Also, if they did put on jones vs silva, what happens after that fight is over? We’re back to square one with the divisions.

    • daniel cormier talked about dropping down to face jones if cain beats jds

      • Ah yes, well said. Why wouldn’t he fight Cain? Is it the ol’teamates crap again?

        • For some reason Cormier is afraid of Cain.

          I remember when he got on the mic after the Bigfoot fight. The way he was nut hugging on Cain….

          • While I agree that Cormier seems to be somewhat infatuated with Cain’s prowess, the teammate vs teammate issue is the official reason.

  9. Wow, Dana usually makes some good matches but this is horrible. Starting with Vera fighting Shogun. And winner gets Bones? Thats a joke. I rather see him demolish someone he hasn’t already.

    VERA IS A BUM!!!

    • Couldn’t help but laugh when I saw “VERA IS A BUM!”

      I agree!

  10. I believe that if Vera some how wins this fight, Dana still will NOT give him a title shot. Won’t happen

    • I agree. Perhaps this is just a little booster to get people a little more interested in this fight and tune in on Saturday. Controversy sells. Hell just look at the comments on this article. Dana and the UFC brass know what they are doing, and the LHW division doesn’t look too deep right now so let’s “shake things up”. No way Vera get’s a direct route to the title here with a win unless perhaps he beat’s Rua in a very very impressionable way… then again look at Weidman.

  11. Who ever wins is going to get beaten AGAIN by Jones. I think the way Dana White originally announced it, who ever looks best out of Shogun, Vera, Michida and Bader, will get the shot. Bones has beaten all of them. But I think this is just buying them time to figure out how to get a Jones vs Silva fight to happen @ 205. Otherwise they will both be sitting around doing nothing…or fighting idiots who don’t deserve title fights. *cough* Nick Diaz, Brandon Vera *cough*

  12. Vera just got cut and then got lucky silva got busted for steroids and he beats one guy who’s not even in the UFC know more and if he wins this fight he gets a title shot that’s crazy good luck trying to sell that fight

  13. The UFC is going downhill…and fast. I don’t care what Shogun has done in the past, he hasn’t earned another crack at Jones yet. And Brandon Vera….REALLY?? Is this really what the LH Division has come down to?

    Furthermore, if this fight is lackluster…how do you promote them in the next Championship for the title?


  14. Didn’t Jones DESTROY Vera?

    • No he didn’t completely destroy him…just all the bones around his eyes were destroyed.

  15. Does strikeforce still have a 205 div. ? There’s absolutely no way Vera will get a title shot, i don’t believe it.

  16. I wonder if Chris Weidman could fight at 205?

  17. It would be hilarious to see what Dana would do IF Vera pulled off an upset.

  18. one word: laughable.

  19. I think the ufc is looking for a new filipino star now that Munoz got knocked a few steps back from the title picture. That, and maybe the ufc is hoping to light a fire under Shogun so he doesn’t overlook Vera and have a lackluster performance.

  20. LOL

    This has to be one of the silliest decisions they’ve ever made. Brandon Vera might get a title shot? Really? 🙂

    Dana should get some sleep, he sounds like he needs it!

  21. This is embarrassing for the UFC

  22. This is Dana trying to cushion fights for Jones. He wants him to dominate for years so he has another Anderson Silva after Silva retires. Whatever the reason Vera just got the golden ticket. He better take advantage of it.

  23. ha ha ha ha … you all said everything I was going to. If Vera gets a title shot I lose half the respect I have for the UFC. When Shogun gets it I doubt he will do much better than the first time. Create a Cloned Chuck Lidell @ age 30!

  24. everything said here is 100% true. the thing is the ufc has invested so much money in jone that they need him to keep wrecking people. i like jone alot but i hope the h-bomb lands and we can get some other fighters in the mix. with the ufc showing so many events a year they are going to have to force fights to fight out of there weight class these fights are getting silly almost wwf style matches we need a tourney style system for this shit

  25. The only way this makes sense is that the UFC is desperate to promote their big Fox card. I mean this fight was already silly to be the headliner on the channel they most want to succeed on. Now in an effort to make it matter, it’s even more ridiculous.

  26. Dana being Dana and promoting the fight. Bunch of garbage. Jones already embarrassed them both bad. Getting sick of Danna and all his antics, lies and I guess he really thinks he is the smartest person in the world. Wish he would go away. Dana is the new Don King. Trash.

  27. They should put a Shogun vs Gustfsson , I don’t understand why Vera ?

  28. Shiogun scared to fight glover so gets an easy vera fight and if he wins hes getting another shot! Wow! Shogun shouldnr even be intalkes for a shot after he ducked an up in comer glover, champions dont duck.fighters and shogun said he rather quit than fight glover! They shouldve did glover vs gust for num 1 contentder! They r both the new blood on the scene beasting folk, glovers good nobody even wants too fight him lol except rampage hes the only one with guts. And gust is good and has the long limbs like jones ( not saying he would beat jones). But since they didnt book that fight for some reason, then if glover beats rampage who has fallen off yes but still a big name then id like.to see glover get the shot! But even worst case id rather see machida get the shot if he beats bader ( he will!) befor i see VERA get a shot, or even shogun getting another shot. Shogun was just destroyed he stands no chance ever. Not saying machida would.win but outta machida, rua,bader, vera, i think machida is the best chance for.an upset and atleast a good fight. But yeah shoulve been glover vs gust for the shot!

  29. Obviously the UFC can’t find a decent match up for Jones….

    Just the other day we heard that Anderson Silva is not interested in fighting Weidman..

    Dana, tell these guys they will fight each other.

    That could be the whole PPV right there. No other fights necessary. Goldberg could call it the biggest fight IN UFC HISTORY and it wouldn’t be hyperbole.

  30. Lmao yet everyone rips Silva for being in the weakest division… Umm this is gotta be the weakest, its the same guys as 5 yrs ago…

    • The division was considered deep until jones ruined everyone. Now they’re scrambling for contenders

  31. Yeah lwh so weak lol your dumb. There r former champions in ufc from pride n all over the the lhw. Jones has beaten former champions, pretty much all if he beats hendo (strikeforce and pride champion). Like jones or not (i dont lol) but him cleaning out a division full of studs and champions is more impressive than silva cleaning out a division of no champs just contenders lol. Franklin was the champ before silva so whats that say. I really like franklin too but hes not a spectacular fighter, well rounded but nothing like wow hes a beast. And he was the champ lol who was the champ before franklin lol exactly u dont know unless u google it, silva stepped into a easy division with no dangerous fighters or former champs in it. Jones stepped in a divisionof studs, machida, rampage, shogun, evans, thats 4 champs right there hes beaten and poss hendo nxt which would make 5. Silva beat franklin and belfort thats only 2 lol in how many yrs? Yeah mw is weak theuve only found silva 2 champs for him to have beaten. For the record i dont want to hear of some bs former champ from a lil league stage. Pride ufc strikeforce and wec the only belts that count! And ufc is.best followed by pride wec then strikeforce.

    • franklin beat Evan tanner for the belt, it was the 2nd time they fought and Franklin won both. Evan tanner beat david terrell for the belt, despite being a major underdog going into the fight. Franklin defended the belt against nate quarry winning by a clean KO and then defended the belt again against david loiseau. After silva demolished leben in his debut there was a vote on the website where fans got to pick franklin’s next opponent. Silva won the vote and the rest is history. The reason it’s easy to forget is because that was way back in 2005, when the sport didn’t have the popularity it does now. Ask people in 7 years who jones beat for the belt and who that person beat for the belt. Oh, and no, I did not need to google it.

  32. Personally I think Brandon Vera is a lot better than he’s shown recently. Does he deserve to be in line for a shot? No chance. However, the last time he really seemed motivated was against randy and he was robbed that fight, who knows if he would have gone on a tear had that decision gone his way. He seemed visibly crushed afterwards. It has to be hard to train harder than ever, win the fight, and have the judges take it away. Hopefully he shows up against shogun and it’s a great fight.

  33. One name no one is saying is Phil Davis. I would much rather see him fight Jones than any of the four guys who got stomped by Jones already

    • Davis got embarrassed by Evans. He still has to come back from that.

      • True but still think he’s a more interesting matchup for Jones than the four other guys. Styles make matchups not records.

        • Davis doesn’t have the style to beat jones, not yet at least.

  34. Like i said i think they shouldve did glover vs gust for the nxt contender! Shogun faild already badly so did vera so did bader, machida was looking good but got caught going in on the fense. Dont know y he was trying to put jones on the fence, he was doing good in the middle striking. I think ifvmachida got another chance hed fix that mustake but still not saying he def win. But fact is he just had a chance just like the rest of the 4, so ufc should move on atleast for a few fights and let bones and us fansee him fight some new contenders like glover or gust before we see redo’s!

  35. Originally, when this card was announced, and Machida/Bader on it, not only did I assume that to be the main event, I figured that was going to be the number one contender fight. Not a fight with BRANDON VERA on it. Not dogging Vera, but I honestly didn’t even think he was still with the UFC before being announced as the Shogun opponent.

  36. Only one choice. Bones vs Spider. No brainer Dana!!

  37. Then dana would lose the invinsability aspect on one of his.guys. He wont do that. I think the reason they havent announced silva nxt.opp is they waiting.to see if hendo can pull off the miracle. Silva wants to be the champ in two divensions he said a long time ago, well if hendo wins then i think dana will give silva nxt lwh shot since he knows silva can win that. That will be the perfect way for silva to retire it would be his last fight, and dana can say he was the greatest ever two division champion undefeated in ufc. If hendo wins bet silva gets the shot, jones wins then no. Silva jones will never happen! To risky for silva whos going to retire soon! Jones would destroy silva lol if he didnt like sonnen wrestling whooo wait till jones took him down. Elbows raining! Jones wrestling and strength is way to much for silva, plus that 84 reachspand lol.