Dana White, ‘Who Knows What Roy Nelson Could Achieve if He Applied Himself’

March 29, 2012
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If Roy Nelson ever decides to make the move to light heavyweight, it will be his own choice and not because Dana White is in his ear trying to get him to drop weight.

The UFC president has long rallied around Nelson cutting weight and getting in better shape, but his days of trying to convince the former Ultimate Fighter winner are over.

“I don’t know how that guy makes 205. He has enough trouble getting down to 250. I would be shocked. Maybe he just shaves and he gets down to 205, I don’t know, but I don’t know how he’s going to do it,” White said recently.

“I’m done. I’m done with it. I’ve encouraged him to shave his face and cut his hair too, but he doesn’t want to listen to that either. Whatever.”

White insists that he is still close with Nelson and there is no bad blood at all between them, but the UFC’s commander-in-chief just wishes he’d take things a little more seriously when it came to his training and preparation.

“I’m cool with him; I like him. Listen, he’s a tough guy with a ton of heart. He goes in there and he gives it his everything. My thing is I’ve always said to him, I’d love to see you take this thing seriously and rip off some weight,” said White. “When you’ve got a chin like that and a heart like that, you can’t deny the guy’s got a great chin, a ton of heart and he can knock people out. If he really could get to 205, he’d be a force at 205. He’d be a scary dude. He’s got great wrestling, awesome submissions, great chin, a ton of heart, and has knockout power.

“Who knows what Roy Nelson could really achieve if he applied himself.”

Check out the full interview with Dana White as he talks about Roy Nelson following the UFC 146 pre-fight press conference.

  • macgrubber

    maybe its just me but i dont see how cutting his hair and shaving his face have anything to do with the way he fights.

    • bajafox

      It’s just you

  • pooby

    I think Dana’s point is that it’s bad enough he’s a big fat ass, does he need to look like a homeless fat ass too?

  • D-rail

    And give up fried oreos & moonshine? Come on now, little baby Jesus wouldn’t want that.

  • D-rail

    Why y’all judjin?

  • I dont think the word “Light” should even be used in the same sentence as Roy Nelson. And Dana has no business telling him to shave or cut his hair….Tell Mayhem to get rid of the fruity ass stripe, or tell Ebersole to get rid of the gay ass arrow he shaves into his happy trail.

  • mmachoman

    All Roy Nelson needs to do is stop getting hit in the face or else he’s not going to have a very long career.

    The man’s got a great chin but sooner or later, everyone goes down for good.

    • Lesnardo

      Roy has received too much punishment.

  • bdono554

    Talent causes some to forgo effort. Look at BJ Penn he was so talented he won two titles and only was in the shape he should have been aginst Sanchez and Florian. If BJ had come into his last five fights in that kind of shape. One he’d still be the lightweight champ, two he might not have fought again at welterweight, and three had he not fought at welterweight he’d be getting ready to make Anthony Pettis look like a fool! Of course he didn’t because he’s lazy and is just a more talented less portly version of Roy Nelson.

    • Lesnardo

      u sound like a fool

  • dgs

    I’m with Dana on this one. Roy at 205 would be a huge threat to anyone in that weight class. Considering he is mostly fat at 250 rather than a solid piece of muscle like say Overeem (who has fought at 205), the weight cut would hardly be dangerous. He would go from a fat 250 to a shredded 205.

    No one can deny Roy is very talented, does have a great chin, and does have great determination in the cage. Maybe someday Roy will believe in himself and do the right thing. He could easily be champion if he took himself and the sport more seriously I believe.

    • Lesnardo

      I don’t think Joe Rogan and Dana White understand that cutting 65+ pounds saps away power.

      Go look how Ignor Vovchynchen did after cutting down to 205. He couldn’t even finish Yuki Kondo.

      So all this talk about Fedor cutting weight or Roy Nelson cutting weight is unrealistic.

      Roy has been fighting 10+ years as a 265lb short fat-arse.

      You think he could just cut 60+ pounds and start fighting at LHW where they rely more on speed?

  • Lesnardo

    Alistair could probably still cut down to 205. So…he should be destroying everyone in that weight class right?

    It just doesn’t work that way.