Dana White: “We’ll See What Happens With Joe Stevenson”

December 12, 2010
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Joe Stevenson’s night at UFC 124 didn’t go at all how he envisioned it.

A quick punch from Mac Danzig left the former “Ultimate Fighter” season 2 winner flat on his face, and the knockout was his 4th in his last 6 fights. Prior to the fight, his opponent Mac Danzig felt it was a “win or go home” type situation for their match-up in Montreal.

Now with Stevenson on the losing end will he get a pink slip for Christmas from the UFC?

UFC president Dana White says not so fast, but some tough decisions have to be made.

“We like guys that fight, we like guys that come in and lay it on the line. Joe Stevenson’s had a bad run, it’s so tough to cut a guy that comes in and does what he’s supposed to do, and he’s one of those guys,” said White to MMAWeekly.com following the event. “He got knocked out trying to knock (Danzig) out tonight. That’s what happened.”

From a promotional aspect, only two winners of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality show have ever been cut. Travis Lutter, who won his spot back in the company after the “comeback” season of the show, and Efrain Escudero, who was released following his last loss in the Octagon to Charles Oliveira.

If Stevenson gets cut, he would be the third, but White isn’t fast to react following a loss.

“We’ll see what happens with Joe Stevenson,” White commented. “I respect him, Joe (Silva) respects him, we like him and I wouldn’t say he’s getting cut, no.”

Look for more fighters from the UFC 124 card to face some releases in the upcoming week however. Pat Audinwood and Dustin Hazelett are almost sure to have to look for work after the UFC 124 weekend, as well as Joe Doerksen, but official word won’t come for a few days.

  • andreas

    cut??? man u crazy if u cut joe.. at least if its down 2 feather.. MAN he would be a machine!! but gettin cut goin 4 the kill and gets koed is just pure unluck and throwing a fighter out 4 that is just sad.. but the HARRIS and EFRAIN cut seemed reasonable cus they both where loosin while still being boring and on defensive mode thats what u dont wanna see agn as a fightfan u know..

  • andreas

    but the time has come 2 MIRKO CROCOP…If i ever see a cro cop highlight 2 promote him today its making me LOL.. the guy is stiff and his mindset is on the takedowns so he wont throw a highkick which is the only thing u wanna see from him.. if u give mirko a bum he will still use boxing only and grappling.. and thats not what u wanna see.. give him that option 2 cut down 2 lightheavyweight… just dont like the way he was acting the last time against mir.. SO GIVE HIM AN OFFER HE CANT REFUSE!