Dana White Weighs In on Ronda Rousey and Mackenzie Dern

(Video courtesy of TMZ Sports | Viewing may be limited by broadcast rights restrictions)

UFC president Dana White weighs in on the futures of Ronda Rousey and BJJ ace Mackenzie Dern.

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  1. Mack who????
    She’s delusional in thinking she will even be a 1/10th of what Ronda was.
    Dana is trying to create another promotional tool. Good luck with that lol!!!

  2. No other woman will ever create the attention Ronda did.
    Mack will disappear into oblivion soon enough.

  3. Every word out of Dana White’s mouth is empty hot air. As a carnival barker, Dana speaks volumes of B.S. Now, we’ve got a NEW Golden Warrior to talk about. But, whatever happened to those “OTHER” Golden Warriors like Paige VanZant, Sage Northcutt, Holly Holm etc. who were going to be the Saviors of MMA? The UFC is dying because Dana White does not run the organization like a real professional sports organization. Dana runs the UFC on a whim for whatever will bring him the most money even if that includes minimal fines for PED use and bringing in former champions, street-fighters or athletes from other sports for immediate prime time fights. The UFC is nothing more than the old Toughman Contests that was on TV years ago. And, like the Toughman Contests, the UFC will soon fade away from poor management. The UFC IS NOT a professional sports organization any more than the WWE.

  4. No one will create the buzz RR did especially some no name like mack who???