Dana White Weighs in on Anderson Silva’s Loss, Claims of Throwing the Fight, and More (video)

July 7, 2013
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UFC president Dana White at UFC 146There was a lot to talk about following Chris Weidman’s upset of Anderson Silva at UFC 162 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

There was talk of rematches, lost superfights, the upset, and even chatter about Silva throwing the fight, all of which UFC president Dana White addressed at the post-fight press conference.

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  • System

    I like when reporters were asking his opinion about the fight and he kept calling it a ”great” fight.

  • Milosc

    “I’m [going to] make Chris Weidman famou$$$”

  • Raymond Gonzalez

    Well, if Dana White says Anderson didn’t throw it, it has to be true. I give up. Weidman is a better fighter.

  • Maddawgmar

    I think it is seriously unlikely that Silva threw the fight. He stands very little to gain. Big paydays out the window, his legacy would be tarnished, and Fans would leave him. Silva did exactly what he did in most every fight he has fought in the UFC, the difference this time was he made the mistake before he caught the other person making his. Bottom line.

    • Cptmats

      “Big paydays out the window”
      He just sighned a ten fight deal, he gets his payday no matter who he fights with or with out the belt !
      Dana push for a ten fight deal and Silva only wanted four ! He wanted out of his contract !

      • Maddawgmar

        By big paydays I mean the supposed superfights, higher PPV draws and the portions of those PPV draws.

        He wanted out of his contract? Why in hell would he sign a ten fight contract if he wanted out?

    • blotto

      People self-destruct under pressure all the time. You’re thinking rationally and this was probably not a rational or “business” decision.

      Instead of “threw the fight”, how about “allowed himself to be defeated”?

      • Maddawgmar

        He fought this fight the exact same way he fought many of his fights. The only difference is he lost. You live by the sword, you die by the sword.

        • Frankie

          Not sure who you have been watching but silva does not normally fight like this. He has only once and got booed for it. To me it’s obvious silva lost on purpose. The ufc wasn’t in on it, I think it was more of a FU to Dana white from silva. Lets look at facts here. Silva does NOT want to fight Jon jones. He has always been against it. Dana does not care. He told silva that if he wants them to fight, then they will. Days before this fight, white says that if silva loses, then any chance of the mega fight between him and jones goes out the window. That right there tells me that silva wanted to lose on purpose just so he doesn’t have to face jones. Now he can continue to fight at 185 and not worry about the politics of being the champ in the ufc. Also listen to his speech after the fight. That was definitely rehearsed. As tho he knew he was going to lose. And last look at the fight. He was scared to hurt weidman. Throwing punches with open hand. Not using his knees on a wide open weidman body in the clinch (first time I’ve ever seen silva not throw knees in that kind of clinch). To me, silva is pissed at Dana and fans for that matter for keeping on the “mega fight” with jones. This was a buisness decision for silva I believe.

          • silvas daddy

            What you are going thru is denial of your hero failing. To be cured, you must quit worshipping a man

          • Maddawgmar

            Your right, he absolutely didn’t fight like that against Forrest Griffin and knock him out. He didn’t toy around w/ Maia and Cote. Lates fight he was aggressive the entire fight and finished him quickly. I must have been high and hallucinating this.

        • marcus miles

          Everytime he fights like that is when he knows he has the fight in the bag, Maia fight was in the bag, third round on, anderson was acting a fool, Cote…. anderson was winning the fight so he started acting a fool, Letis fight…. anderson was winning an thalis wasn’t engaging, just trying to pull guard so anderson just had a good time in there, Griffin fight….Anderson schooling Griffin from the get go and dropped him repeatedly. None of those fighters Anderson had fought had the hype and dangers like Wiedman. I think Anderson knew he was gonna loose and thats why he was so casual in pre fight interviews about not caring about the belt anymore. He was more reckless than normal. I do believe Anderson have lost either way because Weidman is that good, but if Silva were more confident we would have seen a fight not self destruction. You can’t say in every fight he would eat that many punches. A few yes but not combos one after another no way.

    • Frank

      This must have been the first time you have seen silva fight. Bottom line

    • Frank

      Silva has money. He couldn’t care less about a big payday. That is the point. A big payday is him and jones. Which he has made clear he is not interested in. And his legacy won’t be tarnished over this. That’s just stupid to say. Even if he admitted to throwing the fight it wouldn’t matter. You can’t change the fact that he is/was the most dominant fighter and champion in ufc history. He fights confident in every fight but he def does not normally fight like this. Only one other time. If you think that all of Silvia’s fights are like this one, except with anderson winning, you are clueless.

      • Maddawgmar

        I’m clueless? You just said Silva could careless about big paydays. Who would turn down big money. No person in this world. And I did not say his legacy is tarnished, I said that it would tarnish his legacy if he threw the fight. And it most certainly would, Pete Rose most hits in MLB history legacy tarnished by betting on a game. Lets see he clowned around w/ Maia, Cote, Griffin, there is a point in every fight that he puts his hands down and bobs and weaves. Okay he didn’t do it to Sonnen (didn’t get the chance), Irvin or Leben.

      • Drew

        SIlva fights like this in most of his fights….

    • Cptmats
    • Cptmats


    • Sir_Roy

      The fight was fixed. As were a few of his other fights (Forrest & Maia come immediately to mind). The betting odds against Silva losing via KO were next to nil. Betting odds that are very hard to pass up. The odds of Maia going 5 rounds? Almost equally “bankable”. Re-watch that fight bud. It puts things in perspective.

      Silva, I believe, is good enough to fix a fight in such ways.

      Damn we are collective innocent suckers sometimes. The fights, the interviews, the not so subtle innuendos … they all speak very clearly and point to a “fix”. I get why we don’t want to believe it, because our love of the sport is by default diminished. And that’s, well, that’s not fun at all.

  • Cptmats

    Silva threw the fight !

    • silvas daddy

      Silvas gorilla kung fu is outdated

      • Marcus Miles

        Silva will beat anyone in that division EXCEPT Weidman. He isn’t outdated. You just don’t like silva.

        • Cptmats

          Even Weidman Couldn’t beat Silva , Silva had to do it for him !

          • Sabrina Alcaraz

            Exactly awesomely said

        • Sabrina Alcaraz

          He’s a hater, bet he wouldn’t make it 5 seconds in a round with the great Anderson Silva

      • Sabrina Alcaraz

        Your a moron pure and simple

        • silvas daddy

          And what are you? Look in mirror, now look deeper, deeper, look into soul, there it is. Now what are you? Are you a moron as well?

    • Manuel Lopez

      Step away from your keyboard and bang your face against the wall real hard. Let reality sink in now. Silva got beat, defeated, knocked out! Weidman was the better man.

      • Cptmats

        Silva threw the fight, its obvious. Not my fault if you can’y see !

  • silvas daddy

    Silvas gorilla kung fu finally failed him.weidman defeated that boy with pressure, pressure …

    • Frank

      Chael sonnon is a much better wrestler than weidman can ever be. If silva didnt throw this fight, (for obvious reasons, read my post above) weidman wouldn’t have made it through round 1. Even fighting at 50% silva is better than weidman at 100%. Watch the fight again. Silva had opportunity to throw serious knees at weidmans body. The same knees he normally uses in every other fight. But he doesn’t use them. Plus all his punches were open palmed. Pressure you say? The only pressure is that of Dana white pressuring silva into fighting his “mega fight” against jones. Weidman will get beat fairly easily by other top 10 middle weights.

      • silvas daddy

        Silva did throw knees, one was blocked, the other weidman made him miss.weidman is the exterminator.he got rid of that pesky spider problem. Silva got so dominated he dont want a rematch but they will make him go thru therapy and hypnosis to make him take rematch.weidman will win again.pressure is key, and silva gorilla kung fu is lacking

  • Blotto

    The reporter asked the wrong question. The fight was not fixed, except maybe in Silva’s head. The better question is “Do you think Silva’s heart was in the fight?” or “Do you think Silva was off his mental game?”

    Remember back when White said he didn’t care if Silva was champ or not, if he saw him run around and not fight, he would fire him. Silva has quit in fights before, but still managed to win.

    For whatever reason, he can’t handle the pressures of being the champ and called “the greatest.” I’m sure he’d be happy still fighting, but being relegated to “co-main event” status.

    • Sabrina Alcaraz

      He couldn’t handle it, seriously? Dude he’s been handling it for 7 years. And doing it better than anyone else ever. Please haters are sad

  • Sir_Roy

    OK. I’ll take some sh!t saying this, but here it is;

    ANDERSON SILVA THREW THE FIGHT. You’re F’n blind & dumb if you disagree that Anderson plays with the cards at this point. C’mon people!!!

    Considering what Silva said before this fight … It all kinda feels like a set-up – because it is. I think he threw it. I think he’ll bank on a come back, make much more money doing it … etc. etc. etc.

    I think Anderson has done this before too … he took Maia 5 rounds when that should have ended in the first. No one’s wanted to say it, but Silva worked HARD to make that fight go 5 rounds. He runs after the money. Period.

    F’n FIXED fights like this make me less and less an MMA fan. Boxing made the mistake … it thought short term and saind “f” long term … it sucks for legitimate fans.

    Silva, you know what you did … you know what you DO. Cash your checks, but you still cheat the fans. Hope you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

  • Manuel Lopez

    You’re all in denial! Give Anderson respect and accept his loss like real men, like he did. He admitted his game plan didn’t work. Weidman wasn’t f****** around. Those two things equals: new middleweight champ!

  • supermarito79

    he allowed himself to lose so he can do other things with his life besides defend the belt. He’s about to make a movie with edward james olmos. you can’t do that if you are champ. he’s to old to be doing that now. he knows that and it’s time to do something else and if he wants to get back to it he will

    • the truth.

      Bulls***..he didn’t allow himself to lose you idiot. He lost that fight because he disrespected his apponent by underestimating him . Silva was fighting like a moron and didn’t take weidman serious. He was champion and shouldv acted like one. Fighting is serious buissness and not a place to screw around. Stop making excuses for that piece of s***. He lost, end of story.

  • Mike mckinney

    Just got back from Vegas. Crazy s***. Some really funny messages on these threads.

    There’s a few commen things being said, but I haven’t really seen anyone break down what really happened.

    Round 1 silva started a bit of his normal clowning. Got tagged a few times and then attempted a takedown and ended up in top position. It was a bit of an odd takedown. Silva actually defended it pretty well with the sprawl, tried rolling over the top and spinning off, but that didn’t really work out. Chris was quick to spin around and get too position. Landed some good shots, but lets be serious. It’s vary rare for a guy to really get hurt from a guard/half guard position, but kudos to Chris for not sticking head to chest and giving love taps to like Chael.
    Then Chris does some really ballsy s***. He gives up that position to go for a series of leg locks. Kudos to Chris for going for it. Didn’t pan out though. Silva works out and gets up.
    Round 2 silva starts “clowning” again, but to a degree in which we haven’t really seen. We’ve seen some similar, but the faking damage was really odd. Trying to get Chris into a leg kicking contest was odd. He took it to an extreme that he hasn’t before.
    He also stopped putting forth very much counter striking. It was starting to boarder on Abu dabi. Chris tried to start some grapples, but they were pretty impressively stopped.
    Then a series of mistakes, and good moves come at the same time. Silvas doing his matrix bit as weidman moves in. Weidman is able to cover a large amount of space

  • Captainindustry

    It was a nice exhibition fight. It was a promo for Weidman Silva 2.0. which is going to be huge. Silva is older, and he is now a business man. He has family and friends and he owes a lot of people and he is an honorable man and will pay his debts. He is a good man and a hero to millions. He will win the next one, or the one after that.

  • Captainindustry

    Has anyone asked Sensei Steven Segall about the fight? He’s the one who taught Silva everything he knows.. He will tell us the truth and the way…

    • bajafox

      He was in Weidmans corner

  • ForTheLolz

    As a fighter I can readily assure you this fight wasn’t fixed. A fighter would never fix a fight to end via getting punched, a decision or submission probably. Here’s why-once your button has been pushed by a few hard punches, it’s easier for your button to get pushed again in the future. I reference Chuck Liddell after his loss to Rampage as a proof point.
    Weidman was connecting with some hard punches well before the KO, and Silva had plenty of opportunities to counterstrike, but he didn’t; he continued to clown and got CLOWNED. My prediction—Anderson Silvas chin will never be the same, and if he rematches Weidman, he’ll get KTFO again.

  • Don Perkins

    Silva’s performance reminded me of Duran’s ” no mas” against Leonard. There’s an old fighter’s adage, “you grow old in the ring (cage), the mind is willing but the body is not.” Silva did not want to fight Weidman and simply gave up; let Weidman win. Silva let MMA fans down.

  • Slick Von Schwangle

    Silvia’s getting old and tired…. He said it himself.. He did not want the pressure of being the best anymore..
    He was done being Champion and that’s it… He wanted his time to be done.. He wanted to be defeated

  • Shaker911

    Chris Weidman is the new Buster Douglas!!

  • D_Tech

    Silva is a great fighter, but doesn’t deserve a re-match. You act like that in a fight you deserve to loose and not get a re-match period!

    Move up to light heavyweight and see how good you are Anderson.

  • Sabrina Alcaraz

    He threw the fight because he’s tired of ppl not worthy. He wants to fight ppl he chooses. There’s no competition. He’s tired. If you think Weidman won that match you don’t know Anderson Silva

    • silvas daddy

      Your worship of this man has made you delusional as well as gullible. Silva always talks about legacy so why would he throw a fight.why would he escape out of kneebar to be ktfo by a wrestler? So so very sad, your misguided worship. Come up for fresh air up off that sack.you feasting on a loser.it seems you are the hater

  • Baller31

    Not fixed. Silva got his ass kicked. Get over the childish conspiracy theories.

  • Jeff

    Silva threw the fight, plain and simple…. I’m not that big of a fan of either fighter, but I’m not dumb enough to be convinced that Wiedman is the superior fighter… It was just too damn obvious, if Silva wanted this fight, he would have taken it easily….

  • Jeff

    Lol, like I said, not a fan of Silva, I thought he was a rather disrespectful fighter, a fighter’s sportsmanship is what I look for. But like I said, as far as a far superior fighter, Silva was the man… Time will show… Wiedman will not last at the top for half as long as Silva did…. If Silva wanted him, he could have easily. Time will tell this story and you will remember this post.. lol